North Carolina: The First United Metaphysical Chapel

north crolina metaphysical church

The First United Metaphysical Chapel

9602 Roxboro Rd.,
Bahama, N.C. 27503

(919) 471-0351

The First United Metaphysical Chapel (TFUMC) is a spiritualist organization dedicated to teaching and practicing Divine Metaphysics, a science, philosophy, and religion that acknowledges an infinite intelligence and the existence of an afterlife.

The Chapel believes in the existence of spirit guides and the ability to communicate with the spirit world through mediums that are sensitive to vibrations from that world. Sunday service commences at 11:00 AM and includes guided meditation, worship, spiritual messages, fellowship, and healing.

The chapel offers classes including Spiritual Development, Understanding Biblical Symbolism, Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible, and Mediumship Development.

In addition to the spiritual services, TFUMC provides several community activities such as a Sunday brunch, spiritual counseling, prayer requests, community service, and outreach. There is also a bookstore that provides books on metaphysics covering topics such as healing, meditation, and self-improvement.

TFUMC hosts workshops, seminars, and conferences, including the Spiritualism Summit and the annual Summer Conference. Both events provide opportunities for spiritual growth and networking with like-minded individuals. The chapel also offers a Spiritualist Certification Program for those interested in becoming ordained ministers.

The website has a well-structured section on “Definitions” explaining the terminology used throughout their teachings, including the definition of a Medium.

The Chapel has canceled some events due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the Coronavirus pandemic. However, a check on their website for events and information is recommended.

In conclusion, The First United Metaphysical Chapel is a community-centered, spiritualist organization offering a wealth of services and information on Divine Metaphysics. They provide extensive classes, workshops, conferences, and spiritual counseling.

The Chapel’s core beliefs are based on an understanding of the existence of an infinite intelligence and the ability to access and communicate with the spirit world, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a spiritual community. Their website is easy to navigate, and potential members can reach out to them through a variety of means to learn more about joining.

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