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The Old Soul Survival Guide

Old soul – a person whose spirit has previously incarnated at least 30 times or so. Generally speaking they are born with deeper understanding, insight & wisdom; they tend to separate from the herd; and they more easily become self-referential.

Internal battle: simple but not at all easy. Your spirit-self knows. Your physical being struggles to survive.

How to survive loneliness & isolation

  • Love deeply | attracting kindred spirits
  • Survival Tool – A Spiritual Home: a community where everyone knows your vibration.

How to survive being taken advantage of and betrayals

  • You see, know, feel the best in others whether they deserve it or not.
  • Survival Tool – Spiritual Awareness: mental control that yields a reliable sense of knowing. The 3Rs.

How to survive the exhaustion

  • Empaths and hypersensitive – mental and emotional
  • Survival Tool – Spiritual Fitness: a set of routines and rituals to empower your resiliency to walk your path in accordance with your values and beliefs.

Surviving is your key to thriving

  • Ensure you accomplish what you incarnated to learn

The Survival Guide

  • Find Spiritual Home: a community where everyone knows your vibration.
  • Spiritual Awareness: knowing and knowing you know.
  • Spiritual Fitness: developing a routine, rituals, and practices

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