Old Soul Test: Trump vs HHDL (His Holiness the Dalia Lama)

Who’s the old soul? Trump or the Dalia Lama.

The answer lies at the heart of Spiritual Evolution.
Let’s see…

who is the old soul, donald trump or the dalia lama?

What is an Old Soul?

Spirits are old. Souls are newly created as each conception
The old soul scale –

  • 1st Life as a Human to Last Life as a Human.
  • Soul profiling. Similar to personality profiling and more subjective than objective

The Old Soul Test

  1. Understanding, insight & wisdom beyond their years.
  2. Tend separate from the herd. A maverick. March to their own music.
  3. Self-Referential trusting themselves and taking their own counsel. Confident. Charismatic.

Who’s the Old Soul: Donald Trump vs Dalia Lama.

You be the JUDGE. Notice if you’ve already made a decision.

  1. Wisdom beyond their years.
    1. Each in different domains but Dalia Lama & Trump are both revered and hated by missions for what they represent and their leadership.
  2. Separate from the herd.
    1. Dalia Lama separated very young age and prepared for his role. Maverick is The Donald’s trademark.
  3. Self-Referential
    1. Both men exhibit keen belief in themselves.

Are You An Old Soul…

  • You can’t judge a spirit by it’s skin bag.
  • The essence of their spirit, their vibration.


Are you an old soul? You’re definitely are between your first life and your last one. Live life by your rules harming no one especially yourself.

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