Why Do Old Souls make great healers?

Old soul – a person whose spirit has previously incarnated at least 30 times or so. Generally speaking they are born with deeper understanding, insight & wisdom; they tend to separate from the herd; and they more easily become self-referential.
why old sould make great healers

What is Healing?

  • Physical: Our inherent ability to repair damage to the body.
  • Medical healing: technological ways to assist and enhance our bodies ability to stay alive.
  • Spiritual/Energetic healing: Using the human mind to manipulate energy for the purposes of enhancing the bodies natural healing capabilities.

What is a Healer?

  • Medical Healers: Primarily treat symptoms as technicians, mechanics, analytical problems solvers.
  • Spiritual Healers: Direct energy to enhance the body’s ability to restore harmony. And may be able to provide insight into the source of the problem(s)

Old Soul, Healer Connection

  • You’re born, you seem a bit wiser, you may be a bit standoffish, and you somehow know what’s best for you.
  • You see things happening around you and somehow know what others are experiencing. You sense of feel what they feel, typically as an abstraction, but sometimes in a real physical sense.
  • You want to help others. You love others. You accept others.

Are You a Healer?

  • Yes. You’re alive, you’re a healer.
  • Do you feel compelled to alleviate the suffering of others?
  • Are you the one people always feel safe talking too?
  • You just may be a healer… If so, get trained.

Jesus, a pretty good healer gave the best advise I’ve ever heard for healers… Physician, heal thyself!

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