Online Psychic Classes: March 2022 Schedule

March 2022, Online Psychic Classes Schedule and overview,

Self healing using aura combing

The Old Soul Academy is an online school for the psychic and healing arts and the teaching arm of Spirit360 Fellowship.

march 2022 online psychic classes

Welcome to the circle work at old soul academy for February 8th through the 13th this week.

Aura combing and spiritual first aide.

This month, our online psychic classes focus is “Just Add Practice.”

Our March 2022 live online psychic classes schedule.

This month we focus on just adding practice.

It’s been said that practice makes perfect and indeed it does. Join us this month for practicing the psychic and healing arts

You will find our class schedule, By visiting the events page at

The week of March 1st, our online psychic classes focus on vibration matching in healing. The art and the science of matching vibrations. We’re talking about spiritual energy, not physical energy and vibrational matching is the key to harmony.

The week of March 8th is Intuitive psychometry. How do we accurately read people? What happens when we finish the sentences of others? But most importantly, how do we turn it off? When we need to,

The week of March 15th is our online psychic classes focus on vibrational discernment. Everything in the world is energy, and we perceive energy as vibrations. ESP (extra sensory perception) is perceiving the real world as vibrations. By Real World, I mean everything outside of ourselves. And some healing practices, the vibrations within our physical body.

The week of March 22nd our online psychic classes focus is verifying spirit communication. Each of our friends in spirit has our backs, but they cannot and will not live our lives for us. This week, we focus on sourcing the psychic information accurately and then verifying what we receive

The week of March 29th, the fifth week of March. We have no live online psychic classes, we’re dark. Use this time to go back and review any classes that you missed and really redouble your efforts for your practices.

You can find more information about the Old Soul Academy at

Take good care and we’ll see you in class.

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