Online Spiritual Church at Spirit360 Fellowship

Spirit360 Fellowship (online only)
2772 Roosevelt #1024
Carlsbad, CA 92018

Spirit360 Fellowship is an online spiritual community that focuses on empowering empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), and intuitive old souls to grow in their spiritual journey. The community believes in the power of spiritual practices to achieve verifiable real-world results in life.

The church offers services, psychic classes, and readings, which members can access via its login page. Spirit360 also has an online Spiritualist church where people can access services that highlight the spiritual practices taught in the community. Through the church, members can connect with the community and find a supportive spiritual family.

Spirit360 teaches people to develop their psychic and healing abilities to help them live fulfilling lives by finding their voices and confidently walking their path. They provide classes and workshops that help members confidently display their abilities on command and in verifiable ways.

As people develop these skills, their delusions diminish, and they gain confidence in their abilities, allowing the underdog to live life on their own terms.

The church is the home of Spirit360 Fellowship, which is a free community where members access teachings, activities, and spiritual resources. Members can participate in free classes, workshops, and events.

They also have access to powerful empathic protection tools that help them master their empathic abilities and make them tools for paving the way for personal growth.

The community emphasizes the importance of spirituality in daily life and offers resources for personal development. One such resource is the Old Soul Academy, where members can learn the psychic and healing arts online.

Spirit360 Fellowship is a unique online spiritual community with a supportive environment that fosters personal development and growth.

It’s grounded in compassionate values, inclusivity, and community, providing members with a welcoming spiritual home to learn, connect and grow.

Anyone seeking a spiritual community that teaches verifiable results, psychic abilities, and empathic protection tools can find a home in Spirit360 Fellowship.

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