Pseudo Spiritual Blindspots

See if these pseudo spiritual tools are keeping you stuck.

Psychics, healers, and Shamans developed a great many pseudo spiritual tools to survive and protect themselves.

Today we start taking back our power from the pseudo spiritual tools to rediscover our intuitive knowing and thrive.

October is Spiritual Myth Busters Month

Spirit360 Fellowship exists to bring Spiritualism to those who don’t have a local place to be spiritual not religious.

quasi spiritual meaning and secrets
October 23, 2022

Pseudo Spiritual Blindspots

Spirit360 Sunday Gatherings Agenda:

  • Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship
  • Opening Spiritual Lesson
  • Stillness Meditation Practice
  • Guided Spiritual Healing Visualization
  • TOPIC: Pseudo Spiritual Blindspots
  • Q&A | Ask Me Anything
  • Announcements
  • Spiritualist Absence Healing Service
  • FREE Psychic Messages Service
  • Intention Setting and Closing Circle

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Quasi and Pseudo-Spirituality and Survival

Today’s topic is quasi or pseudo spirituality.

For old souls and spiritual beings everything in life are spiritual because you’ve got a spirit body or self.

All of your experiences are spiritual, but not everything is of Spirit.

What does pseudo spiritual mean?

Pseudo-spiritual means that over time, a great many things have been created, crafted, and invented that are spiritual from a personal perspective and part of our tribal truths, but not objectively of Spirit.

Here are some Pseudo-Spiritual Examples:

  • Astrology
  • Tarot & Oracle Cards
  • God & Scripture
  • Omens & Signs
  • Lithomancy (Runes)
  • Pendulums
  • Crystals
  • Scrying (crystal balls)
  • Dowsing
  • I-Ching
  • Tasseography (tea leaves)
  • Palmistry
  • +++ many others

pseudo spiritual meanings, examples, & blindspots

Today we discuss the necessities that forced the evolution of pseudo-spirituality to protect the spiritual messengers.

The Spiritual Messengers helped us answer questions that are unexplainable mysteries of life, things that happen that don’t make sense, the existential questions of life, often at great risk to themselves (from people not the metaphysical).

The story begins at the dawning of humanity’s consciousness when the survival strategies emerged for our earliest ancestors. Those strategies are DO, EXPLAIN, KNOW.

Prehistoric Survival Strategies

  • The Doers – Who killed or be killed. This is the warrior class, the hunters the doers. The strongest and fittest, the protectors if you will.
  • the Explainers – The next strategy was to create the explanations and reasons for what happened and why it happened. These are the truth keepers, teachers & historians.  These storytellers made the stories of our lives to be passed down to future generations.
  • the Knowers – The final survival strategy was to listen to your knowing. This group watched and observed the animals, and they knew what to eat, what medicines to create. They knew kind of things that were gonna happen before they did. They were able to connect with this unseen world with wonderful accuracy, wonderful results. These were the Shamans,  Healers, fortune tellers, and holy men.

Pseudo Spirituality Protected the Messengers

But there became a problem, especially for the storytellers and the shamans. And that problem was, The warrior class and the hunters often killed the messenger.

For the storytellers and shamans to survive, a scapegoat was needed. The scapegoats removed them from harms way. It’s not me, it’s the legends, omens, scriptures, the word of God, the stars.

So they didn’t own their own intuitive knowings but rather created mechanisms and tools that explained what happened or was to happen.

Don’t kill me. I’m just a messenger. I’m just telling you what God said. I’m just telling you what the omen predicted.

Eventually the Tool Became the Power

So these tools worked so well that people started to seek out the truth, seeker the truth, sayer, the, the storyteller.

Historically every court in medieval times had a jester. You could get away with telling the king and the rulers things that no one else could. So these tools became good, but over time what happened is the tool became the, the source of the power, not the intuitive knowing, not the integrity of your own spirit self.

So we created these scapegoats to distance us, but with each passing generation the tool, not the intuitive knowing became the power, which causes some problems.

The tools helped keep us alive, but we get stuck with astrology and numerology and your horoscope and the zodiac, and all of these Tarot cards that served as scapegoats and became focal points, but we forgot that the source is within, we give the credit to the tool ignoring that source.

The Horse’s Mouth

At Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy, we skip pseudo-spiritual proxies and tap directly into the source.

That source is our own intuitive knowing from your own spirit, your own extension of your awareness outside of you. For Spirit communication, where we focus our attention on the different vibrations and frequencies of our spirit guides and teachers.

Once you allow yourself to own being the source of your own intuition, the source of your own knowing, the source of your own happiness without jeopardy or fear or concern of how you share it, because we learn to share responsibly, then you can start to see the tools for what they are. Tarot cards, astrology, and numerology are the hammers or saws of the trade.

How to Get The BEST Free Psychic Readings

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Spiritualist Churches: are known for providing the best FREE Psychic Readings. Technically they’re not free because you are asked to make a donation, but at Spirit360 Fellowship, the donations are not mandatory.

  • Public Psychic Messages: The messages offered are delivered in public so they may seem a bit cryptic or vague because your Spirit Guides and Teachers will never deliberately embarrass you.
  • Many Ways To Benefit: Because Spirit360 Fellowship is a tight-knit community of like minds and kindred spirits, many of whom are on similar paths and managing many of the same life’s problems, our spirit guides and teachers will often have the medium share a message in such a way that many people can benefit from their insights and wisdom… Indeed a Win/Win Environment.

Independent Spiritualism (a simple way that works)

Spirit360 Fellowship is an Indie Spiritualist Church that practices Spiritualism as a philosophy rather than a religion.

We are not Bible based, or Pseudo-Christian (although we study and honor Jesus as a teacher and excellent healer). 

We find the practices that work, regardless its origin, to help us walk our paths toward Nirvana (individual, personal spiritual perfection) while experiencing what we incarnated to learn this lifetime. 

Join us live to see for yourself...

The only way to know if the Spirit360 Fellowship is the right place to take the next steps along your Spiritual Journey this lifetime is to join us live.

There’s some good news if you’re into FREE Psychic Readings, you don’t have to wait for our next All-Messages Service to get a Free Psychic Message. We offer free messages at each of our live Sunday Service.

To join us, create your FREE Spirit360 Seeker account and we’ll send you the details how to attend our Sunday Services Live via Zoom. 

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Pseudo Spiritual Blindspots

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