1030: Psychic Empath Shutdown Remedies Tools

psychic empath shutdown remedies

Today we learn how to re-awaken from a psychic empath shutdown for making 2022 your best year ever.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares the Spirit360 Empath Test, or a psychic empath test.

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship – 00:00:00

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship I’m TS Hall @theStoicMedium, and I’ll be leading your service today. Spirit360 Fellowship is an online community of like-minds and kindred spirits. We practice spiritualism, but not your grandma’s a spiritualism.

psychic empath shutdown remedies

We are an independent Spiritualist Church that does what we find works and shows you how to use those techniques. So you can find spiritual solutions to life’s problems.

Opening Message from Spirit, Feb 20, 22 – 1030 Service

For our Opening Message from Spirit, I invite one of my spirit guides and teachers to teach the group (our live zoom attendees) a lesson that will set the context for our time together.

To share this message from spirit, I quiet my mind, stepping my consciousness slightly aside to allow one of my teachers to step in and share their teaching through me.

Christopher steps forward. Christopher is my joy guide, about six and a half years old. He’s missing a front tooth next to an adult tooth.

When Christopher smiles, he’s snaggletooth and looks like Alfred E. Neuman but dressed like Buster Brown.

Christopher shares this teaching for our highest and best good.

Let’s see what Christopher wants to share.

Hi, it’s been a while since I visited with you, but I had to share today. Because over the last couple of days, I watched this entity be around little children, short people.

His grandkids are my age and younger. It’s always fun to watch this “old man’s” discomfort around young children.

He struggles with the differences between his upbringing and the upbringing of young people today.

You know, too often, we bring stuff from our past into our future. So you kind of already know who’s going to win the game before you start.

That’s where I want you to focus your thinking. When I watch adults who are very serious, respectful, and mindful engage. Too often, they already know the outcome before they start.

So why even play?

Too many times, they play just because they’re supposed to. But are they playing or pretending to play. That was this entity’s struggle.

He was fascinated by these young people. He saw the sparkle in their eye, their innocence, and their lack of presumptions about how things would turn out. Also, how quickly they would forget something told them just a few moments earlier.

As you experience today’s talk, listen to what’s happening inside of you, some people call this your inner child, but it’s you.

Pay attention to when and where you think things will happen. Then rather than worrying about making the future happen a certain way, watch and see things and hear them through a child’s eyes.

How fun will that be?

Bye-bye for now.

Christopher shared the opening message in the first service. Then, just as he did in the first service, he showed me a time, from his perspective, of me playing jacks with my sister at my grandmother’s house.

In the first service, he showed me my dad’s reaction when he walked barefoot across a floor and found one of the jacks. So naturally, he was not a happy camper.

This time, he showed me playing jacks and attempting “allsies,” when you try to scoop up all the jacks. The first time I did that and got them all, Christopher showed me the look on my face, total wonderment, and joy at being able to do something so complicated as scooping up all the jacks in one swipe.

That was a message from my Joy Guide, Christopher.

Stillness Meditation Practice

We practice a zazen style of stillness meditation as part of every Spiritualist Church Service so we can share this experience as a community.

Guided Self-Healing Visualization

Spiritual Healing is a cornerstone of our practices at the Spirit360 Fellowship. As an Online Spiritualist Church we share healing every service.

Psychic Empath Shutdown Remedies Transcript

You can watch the talk in the video above or find the transcript here.

empathic protection tools

The psychic empathic test we teach in the Old Soul Academy will empower you to create a thriving life

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