California: Psychic Horizons — Church of Natural Grace

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Psychic Horizons — Church of Natural Grace

OFFICE: 970/972 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

+1 (415) 643-8800


Psychic Horizons Church of Natural Grace is an online school for meditation and healing that has been teaching students since 2016.

Their mission is to teach integrated meditation as a bridge between spirit and body, helping students attain clear inner communication, be the source of change in their own lives, and create the life, environment and relationships they most want.

The church’s philosophy is that meditation doesn’t just enhance performance, but is designed to focus attention, increase awareness, promote wellness, and develop a spiritual practice.

They teach tools to allow students to increase self-care, manage stress, improve relationships and create change.

A core principle is that energy creates life – by creating energetic boundaries, meditating to integrate spirit and body, and releasing past pictures, students can learn to direct their energy to create their lives.

The church also believes in the universal law that like attracts like, meaning our beliefs shape how free we are.

The Psychic Horizons community offers events like the Weekly Practice, an opportunity to strengthen meditation practice. Clairvoyant readings are available to provide insight into the energy, patterns and beliefs shaping one’s life.

The annual 40th Anniversary Gratitude Gala in San Francisco celebrates the church’s history of community involvement.

Under the leadership of Laura Hopper, the church embraces an energy of community, healing and gratitude. With a focus on developing displayable clairvoyant and healing abilities through meditation, Psychic Horizons provides an engaged online spiritual community for personal transformation.

The church’s unique approach empowers individuals as spirits to direct their own lives and healing.

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