Ohio: Rays of Light Spiritualist Church

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Rays of Light Spiritualist Church

4211 Maize Road Columbus, Ohio 43224 United States

(614) 831-1924


Rays of Light Spiritualist Church is a Columbus-based spiritual community that seeks to further the understanding of eternal life through science, philosophy, and religion.

The church’s core beliefs are grounded in Spiritualism and the idea that God is expressed through all of nature. They feel that gaining knowledge of natural laws and spiritual awareness is essential to understanding and complying with the physical, mental, and spiritual laws of nature, which are the laws of God.

This non-denominational church offers a pathway to spiritual awareness, spiritual healing, and spirit guidance through their services and classes. They hold Sunday evening church services that include a healing meditation, inspirational lectures, messages from the spirit world, and available hands-on energy touch healing by certified healers. The church’s founder, Rev. Siobhan Wolf, conducts these services.

Rays of Light Spiritualist Church also offers psychic fairs, where visitors receive readings from ordained ministers, certified mediums, and certified healers.

The community is welcoming and fulfilling, providing a space for individuals to grow spiritually. They are open to individuals of all sexual orientations, races, and religions who come together to participate in activities and celebrate their faith.

The volunteer-run organization hosts a variety of events that promote social activities and provide extra educational opportunities. These include classes, workshops, and forums on various spiritual topics, such as Spiritualism, trance, and mediumship.

Rays of Light also offers hospital visits and in-home visits upon request, and they have established themselves to share the teachings that have been brought forth through communication with the Spirit Teacher.

In conclusion, Rays of Light Spiritualist Church is a welcoming community that embraces individuals from all backgrounds interested in exploring spirituality from a scientific and philosophical perspective.

They offer a non-judgmental space where members can come together to participate in services and community activities, promote individual growth, and pursue a deeper understanding of the mysteries surrounding eternal life.

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