Is Reincarnation Real?

Consider this Spiritualist's Perspective on Reincarnation

Reincarnation, like gravity,
doesn’t care if you believe it’s true or not.

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It works just the same either way. Today we take a deeper cut into Reincarnation as the tool by which we evolve spiritually to reach perfection or Nirvana. We look at what reincarnation is, how it works, and its guidelines. At Spirit360 Fellowship, we believe science is good, dogma is bad, and 360° Awareness is the best path for creating lives filled with happiness, joy, and love. 360° Spiritual Awareness is possible when we transcend delusion, superstition, and dogma to rediscover Spirit.

    • Reincarnation provides the best fit.

    • There seem to be three broad categories for what happens after we die.
        • First: One and done. Nothing after death. Nope.

        • Second: One plus eternity. A judging God decides your fate for all eternity. I don’t think so.

        • Third: Reincarnation. The Spiritual Equivalent of Physical Evolution. Works of me.

But you have to decide for yourself what feels right,