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Making 2023 Your Best Year Ever

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February 05, 2023

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How to Attract Spiritual Connections and Relatedness

Today’s topic is causing relatedness, specifically Spiritual Relatedness and Connection.

This first Sunday of February 2023, we continue our quest to make 2023 our best year.

relatedness + spiritualist church home page background imageFebruary is Black History Month and has two significant events, the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

We begin each month in 2023 by walking through the Future Now Process in different domains of our life. For example, in February, we explore Spiritual Relationships and Connections.

Today we apply the Future Now process to attracting, manifesting, and materializing Spiritual relationships to experience a 360° consciously created life.

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Future Now Spiritual Relationships

The Future Now Process’s first step is clarifying your wants and needs.

Imagine it’s December 31st, 2023, and you’re experiencing life authentically, being yourself with each connection in every domain of your life.

Imagining your life with the spiritual relatedness or relationships you want and need:

  1. What would be different
  2. What would you do differently?
  3. How would your life experiences be different

Now express these feelings as a way of being.

In your Future Now Journal, make a December 31st, 2023 entry describing your connections, relationships, and relatedness in each domain of your life. Here are some prompts.

relatednessRomance & Partnership—How does your ideal romantic partnership look and feel

Work—What do you want and need from your work relationships?

Living—Seeing yourself wake up each day in an ideal living arrangement surrounded by a consciously created community, what’s your experience of being alive

Continue these thought experiments and creations for the connections in each domain of your life; family, self, and spiritual.

Once you’ve created a working model of yourself in your mind’s eye and translated the experiences into ways of being, the fun can begin.

The Art of Being Related

We now begin to bring these ways of being into reality by consciously creating them as actionable decisions to cause our desired results and outcomes.

The process of consciously making actionable decisions is the 3Rs:

  • Right Meditation
  • Right Thought
  • Right Action

First, we create actionable decisions through the “Right Thinking” process by assessing our Spirit’s Intent.

Knowing our Spirit’s Intent transcends delusion and cognitive bias to allow a consciously chosen way of being to illuminate the path before us.

And from that way of being. . If you had all the perfect relationships in your life:

  • What actionable decision could you make?
  • Who would you be being
  • What would you attract if you walked through life free and happy, in love
  • Who would you draw into your vibration?
  • What would be different?

You can’t control anything outside yourself, but we manage and control everything within ourselves if we consciously decide to do so.

This art of being related, the art of causing relatedness, is to be dialed into your spirit’s intent, who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going authentically, without any reservations, being related.

relatedness + online spiritual classes at the Old Soul Academy bgWe meditate to become present, to get grounded here, now, moment, body, mind, and spirit aligned, enter the eye of the storm.

We find Spiritual Relatedness and Connection by first looking within.

Assessing Our Spirit’s Intent

The beautiful thing about meditation is that once you learn to touch it on command, it’s easy to stay present throughout your day mindfully. The more you’re mindfully present and aware of what’s going on, the more you will be conscious that each action you take brings the results you want.

The Right Thinking process is how we, based on our way of being, of having the ideal relationships, authentically express ourselves, and it’s that authentic self-expression, nothing hidden, vulnerable, intimate that allows us to attract. Different types of people, opportunities, and situations in our life.

Once you tap into that way of being and that spirit’s intent, you take action to attract the possibilities, manifest the opportunities, and materialize the results you want in your life. Whether that is wedding bells, the ideal job, the ideal boss, the ideal business, the ideal living situation, or the family reunion, that is your wildest dream.

That’s what we’re creating consciously, and it starts with being related first with yourself, present to that beautiful state and way of being, and in walking through your life, being a self-expressed version of that and seeing what happens, enjoying each step of the way.

We then work on expressing your spirit’s intent, which isn’t the crossroads of authenticity and interdependence.

Authenticity and interdependence are at the core of Spiritual Relatedness and Connection.

What is interdependence?

I first heard this in Stephen Covey’s book, seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and he talked about how each of us is born dependent. After our birth, if someone doesn’t take care of us, we will not last very long.

We become more profound, independent, more independent.

When you go to the bathroom, you don’t need to call mom to help or dad to support you. You can take care of your basic needs. As we become more independent and able to take care of ourselves, we can start attracting others with whom we can create a relationship.

Many of these are from a physical perspective, physical attractiveness, and some are spiritually attractive.

Causing Spiritual Relatedness

The perfect relationship starts with you. Learning to be fully present (Right Meditation), mindful at each moment, and situationally aware of the vibrations of those with whom you cross paths, conscious of who is harmonious and who is not.

relatedness + the online psychic development school at Old Soul Academy background imageYour homework is to create a Future Now experience for the key relationships in your life (whether existing or being attracted.)

This Future Now process begins laying the groundwork in your mind so you recognize who you attract, manifest, and materialize to fulfill your wants and desires.

Two Minds Touching Briefly

Nothing is more intimate than momentarily connecting with the mind of another. Intimacy sets the stage for interdependence.

We create interdependent relationships through explicit agreements that ensure mutual love, respect, and support.

The best model for interdependence is our spiritual relationship with our Spirit Guides and Teachers.

These spiritual connections allow us to be authentically ourselves with nothing hidden.

What would life be like if the relationships in every area of life demanded you be authentically yourself with a context of mutual love, respect, and support?

Authentic self-expression is the possibility spiritual relatedness offers.

The quickest way to begin is learning to connect with your Spirit Guides and Teachers who exemplify unconditional love and know everything there is to know about you, and love and accept you despite what they know.

Take Away: Relatedness begins with Knowing Your Spirit’s Intent

Relatedness starts when you rediscover your spirit’s intent and reconnect with your”Spirit-Self,” which opens the door to Spiritually Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Teacher.

My highest blessings.

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