September 8, 2023

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Hello all,

ICYMI, Jimmy Buffett passed away on September 1st, 2023.

Like many baby boomers, I came of age listening to Jimmy’s tunes. While I don’t consider myself a full-fledged Parrot Head, I am a fan, and the Coral Reefers’ music accompanied many of my life’s journeys.

Here are the musings of an aging Spiritualist Minister…

See ya Sunday,

🔅 A Pirate Gets to Heaven

RIP Jimmy BuffettSpirit360 doesn’t accept heaven and hell as afterlife destinations but as here-and-now experiences. But I can’t help but imagine Jimmy standing before the pearly gates, barefoot, wearing a Hawaiian Shirt, being greeted by St. Peter smiling with a shark fin over his head, saying, “Welcome home, old friend, there’s booze in the blender.”

🔅 On The Other Side

Jimmy will be busy looking in on those who knew him best to see how the news of his passing impacts them and connecting with those whose vibration he knows already on the spirit side.

After completing his meet-and-greet and check-ins, Jimmy will review the Akashic Record of his immediate past life.

  1. Did he accomplish the lessons he intended to experience?
  2. Free from the delusions of his outward senses, he will review the events of his life (in real-time) to see what happened versus what he perceived to be happening while incarnated.
    1. Reviewing one’s life takes about the same time as we were incarnate.
  3. Eventually, he will decide to reincarnate to learn more lessons or remain on the spirit side to study and grow.

🔅 Life's Meaning

I had just learned of Jimmy’s passing when I felt Jeager staring at me, wanting to go for a walk.

While walking my four-legged friend on his morning emptying, I reflected on the memories, joy, solace, and comfort Jimmy’s music provided me and the fellow Parrot Heads I attracted by reciting some obscure lyrics in the presence of someone I had just met.

During my revelry, I recalled learning of the passing of Lewis Grizzard. Lewis was a satirist and humorist who wrote the book, “Elvis is Dead, and I’m Not Feeling So Good Myself.”

Reflecting on these two talented individuals’ impact on my life, I began looking at my life, asking, “Am I making an impact?”

My conclusion… Yes.

Then, I reflected on how I could make a more significant impact.

Now, the $64,000 question, “What impact will you make this lifetime?”

🔅 ICYI: My Jimmy Buffet Favorites

+ Pretty much the rest of his catalog, too… 😉

🔅 Momento Mori

stoic medium momento moriStoic Philosophy reminds us that our death is inevitable. No one gets out alive.

Momento Mori aligns with our Future-Now, Best Year Ever.

Instead of a December 31st timeframe, we create a journal account of our funeral service, beginning with our literal end in mind.

When we get there, I want to be able to say… “A lifetime of perpetual motion, some of it magic, some of it tragic, but I’ve had a good life all the way.” (Paraphrased from He Went to Paris).