November 25, 2023

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Self-Gifting Permission

Holiday Self-Gifting Ideas for Empaths, HPSs, Intuitive-Feelers, and Old Souls because…

Resist that nagging voice in your head that’s saying I could never… That is precisely why you need to start now.

These self-gifting ideas are seedlings you’re planting to reforest the wasteland of despair we seem to find ourselves…

Emotional reforestation creates a sustainable source of self-acceptance, appropriate assertiveness, passion, joy, and confidence.

Hokey, I know, but sometimes the best gifts are romantic and silly and warm our hearts with possibilities.


🫶 This Sunday's Gathering

Powers of an Empath — How to finish 2023 strong by leveraging your powers as an emapth to boldly and confidently walk your path into 2024

Join the fun via zoom at 07:30 or 11:30 AM, PST

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🫶 Live Development Circles

Old Soul Academy Live Circles resume this week with an our emphasis on

HIPTHigh-Intensity Psychic Training,
to EXCELerate the development of your Psychic and Healing Abilities.

Weekly Live Circles Schedule:

  • Tuesdays at 4:30 PM, PST
  • Wednesdays at 11:00 AM, PST
  • Thursdays at 6: 45 PM, PST

Gift 1 🫶 Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are like guidelines or barriers we set to safeguard our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. They help us communicate our expectations, needs, and limitations, shielding us from potentially harmful situations or individuals.

Establishing healthy boundaries to maintain harmonious relationships with others is crucial while upholding our values and self-worth.

GIFT 2 🫶 Making Alone Time a Priority

Carving out regular alone time for relaxation and meditation is vital for empaths.

Empaths resist having adult discussions with their loved ones about how much they need solitude and negotiating time and space for privacy.

Setting self-care boundaries helps us practice appropriate assertiveness while shedding our latent guilt or selfishness that may arise from prioritizing our alone time.

Creating and honoring time in our busy lives for electronics detoxing, self-care, and healing helps us recharge and remain grounded.

Please take a few moments to visualize yourself engaged in your preferred detox activity: reading, journaling, or nature baths allow empaths to set the stage in your mind for prioritizing your well-being.

GIFT 3 🫶 Forgiveness & Self Compassion

When empaths learn to acknowledge and accept the limitations of others, it becomes possible to be free from anger and resentment.

Developing empathy and cultivating generosity of spirit helps release past wounds, “Right Action” (positive self-talk, mindfulness practices, self-care, and establishing healthy boundaries) lower stress and anxiety levels in ways that get us unstuck and walking our life’s path purposefully.

GIFT 4 🫶 Like Minds & Kindred Spirits

Empaths become very attractive when they start walking their path with purposeful intent. We begin attracting like-minded and kindred spirits that we typically overlook because we’re too busy overthinking everything.

When mindfully present, empaths radiate love and positivity, first in autonomous ways, eventually opening the spiritual eyes of our soul to the outside world to recognize the beauty we naturally attract.

One of the first signs that we’re on the right path happens when we enter communities aligned with our values and interests to find ourselves feeling safe and that we belong.

GIFT 5 🫶 Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship

We’re so glad you found us, yet not at all surprised we did.

Take a few minutes to recall the path that led you to this place at this time.

Smile. Enjoy the gift of belonging.

Stay as long as it feels right and rings true to do so…

All my Love,
Rev. Terry

November 🫶 Potpourri Month

November we entertain the rantings of a bald man…
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