Master Aura Combing as a Self Healing Technique

Spiritual Healing Classes Feb 8 - 13, 2022

In the Old Soul Academy, this week’s classes and circles show you how to use aura combing in your self healing to speed your healing progress.

Self healing using aura combing

The Old Soul Academy is an online school for the psychic and healing arts.

It is the teaching arm of Spirit360 Fellowship

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Welcome to the circle work at old soul academy for February 8th through the 13th this week.

Aura combing and spiritual first aide.

This week, our focus is self-healing techniques.

Our theme for this week is the old Chinese proverb.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The next best time is.

There is no better time than now to start to learn and master your healing techniques for your own health and wellbeing.

And eventually, so you can assist in the healing of others.

Our agenda for these circles:

  • A progress check-in. This will actually start next week after we’ve been in class for a week, we’ve been on hiatus for a bit.
  • Stillness meditation practice
  • Self healing practice
  • Absence healing
  • Followed by this week’s focus self healing techniques.

I reviewed the state of mind in right here, right now, putting anything that is not helpful in this time and moment in a box, tuck it away until after class. And you can take it up then if you choose are, as a reminder are still as meditation practice, we set a timer for 10 minutes with two, with a bell, every five minutes.

This week is aura coming in ourself healing for our progress. Check-ins you’re going to review how many times that you meditated in the last week. Remember our agreement is twice daily. Then we’re going to look at how many times during the last week did we practice ourselves healing, our intuition, our ESP, and our spirit communication practices and make note of the progress we’re making.

Then we hold a focused concentration, a single spot in their mind’s eye for five minutes, followed by absence of thought, father silence for five. Then we hear the in clap and we stay quiet and calm in the eye of the storm. If you will, then we reset our timer for three minutes. With one minute interval bells, then we will do our self healing technique.

Any technique we choose and coincide the end of our healing with three minutes. The next thing we have. Is an absence healing practice. And if you haven’t taken the ambulance healing course, you can do that.

So you can learn the techniques, reasons, philosophy, principles, practices that will help you become a better absence healer.

Then we will move into that for these practices, you will project both. And identify the person. And in an opening prayer, we will invite our spirit guides and teachers to take the energy we project and send it to the people we identify. This week’s topic is self-healing techniques.

And specifically we’re going to practice spiritual first aid in our self healing, using a technique called origami or combing one key reminder. We always adhere to physical first aid for. Western medicine. First, if you have a cut, stop the bleeding. If you have a cut, get it cleaned. If you have a bruise, put ice on it and after you’ve done the basic physical first aid, then we step in and start doing the spiritual first aid.

Remember, our body is a machine. It’s a biochemical processing machine that takes in water, air, and food, and converts that into energy to help us with our primary. Purpose as a three-dimensional bean to survive. So if you have an injury, tend to it physically first, then start the healing techniques spiritually.

There are two techniques we’re going to cover in class. The first is an combing technique for no infection. So you cut yourself, you get it stopped bleeding, and you’re going to immediately start combing. You’re going to come away from the whole. You’re going to detach from the trauma you’re going to comb into let’s move about a minute and a half.

You’re gonna do this once a day.

The quicker more quickly you do this after the injury, the better. And again, this is. Infection, no swelling, no edema. The second technique we’re going to do is if you already have an infection set in, so you’re going to quiet your mind. You’re going to comb the effected area back towards your heart, back into the lymphatic system.

So any of the toxins that are in your system will be flushed out of the body. You’re going to, again, detach from the disharmony. You’re going to come about a minute and a half, maybe. And then you’re going to do this practice twice each day. The week’s practices for our spiritual growth and development.

We’re going to do our spiritual, our stillness meditation practice twice each day. We’re going to practice the energy ball three times this week. Then we’re going to time. We’re going to practice aura coming on ourselves three times, two minutes away from the heart. Two minutes towards. I recommend you do different areas and practice different hands, sending the doing the oral combing.

That’s the basic practice. Our class schedule. If you go to spirit three, you will find the calendar page. Our current class schedule will always be maintained there. You can click on it and you’ll go to the the class for the day. And if again, you can sign up for live classes and join us live, or you can sign up for do it yourself classes and see the recordings the next day.

Next week’s focus is knowing the differences, and distinctions in differentiating between your instincts, your intuition, and ESP.

Have a good week.

See you around the Spirit360 Fellowship.

Bye bye for now.

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