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channeled message from spirit with ts hall @thestoicmedium

ts Hall, @theStoicMedium’s Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling shares his thoughts about making intimate spiritual connections

So this is an opening message from one of my spirit guides and teachers. The intention is to set the tone and context for our time together this morning. What I invite my Spirit Guides Teachers to do is share with us a message that based on who all is here, listening to me live right now, will best need to hear, to have them take the most out of what they want to accomplish out of being here this morning.

So let’s see, who would like to share, this is a very light form of trance. Some people call it channeling We think trance is a little bit more accurate definition called inspirational speaking. And we teach this to our advanced students, in the Old Soul academy. Tau Chuan Ling steps forward. He’s on my right.

He’s a Chinese priest wears a green robe. It is my High Spirit teacher.

Hello, my friends and happy new year. It is again that time of year where everyone starts to try to pay for the sins of the past, tries to have a new beginning, a new lease on life, if you will. And so it has been since the beginning of. Since we realized that time is marked by certain aspects of the calendar driven by the phases of the moon, every new moon, every new, a year, every winter solstice, we would begin to rethink and recalibrate our lives.

And what’s important to us. But have you noticed that somewhere usually by February, maybe March, that you lose focus on what you thought was important in these early days of the year. And as this entity has decided to share with you during this next few weeks, there is a very simple process that allows you to begin to recognize and understand those things.

Spiritual. It’s a simple process that allows you to see things from your spiritual eyes rather than your physical lives. What’s interesting about how this entity has decided to put things together is that regardless of the goal or dream you have, by allowing yourself to go within, to find the answers that are right for you, you can then apply.

That information, that knowledge, that knowing to any endeavor and as he was fond of dancing to many moons ago, there was a song that was his favorite line was no matter where you go there you are. It was a country song. And he smiles even now, as he thinks about the memories of dancing to that song.

But I digress but isn’t that the way of life you’re set out with an intention and you set out to fulfill that intention, but something distracts you and you go down a path that you are not wanting to at the beginning of the intention. So bringing yourself back to now, every moment you catch yourself, not being in the present is the main practice I would have you consider for this year of 2022

My highest blessings.

So I used to, when I was single, right after I got divorced from my first marriage my mom said you should go down. I said guys, don’t dance. She goes, exactly. So if you want to meet girls, go to learn how to dance, because if guys don’t get dance and girls do there’s very little competition. So this was in orange county and there was a CA a bar called the country rock cafe.

And I learned how to dance there. And w at the time I, I listened to a lot of country music because that it was a country bar, country rock. And that song, no matter where you go there you are was a wonderful tie in with my spiritual growth and development. So he was showing me trying to learn how to do a line dance.

And every time I thought I had it figured out I would be facing this way and everyone else on the floor would be facing that way. So that’s about practice.

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