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This is the 07:30 AM Spiritual Church Services at Spirit360 Fellowship, from January 30, 2022 when we look at Making 2022 Your Best Year Ever – Spirit Integration.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares why we are returning to connection and intimacy during our Spirit360 Fellowship Sunday Services.

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship I’m TS Hall @theStoicMedium, and I’ll be leading your service today. Spirit360 Fellowship is an online community of like-minds and kindred spirits. We practice spiritualism, but not your grandma’s a spiritualism.

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Opening Message from Spirit

Some people call this channeling. At Spirit360 Fellowship and the Old Soul Academy, we call it trance. Today, I will be using a light level of trance we call Inspirational Speaking.

I will shift my awareness slightly aside, and my spirit teacher steps into my vibration just a little bit. I focus on just repeating what they ask me to say.

This message is shared for the group’s highest and best good to help set the tone for our time together this morning.

Tau Chaun Ling steps forward.

Good morning, my friends. We meet again, but alas, it is not the last time we will connect, whether this side or on the other side.

This idea, this concept of its spiritual integration, is a concept that you probably knew when you were a small child before you were taught how to survive.

Your training to survive for this thing called life, this three-dimensional reality, this animal experience is what I want you to revisit.

To see how you can look newly at the topics you will hear today, at the healing you’re going to do, at the message we will offer you in a short while.

As Jesus receives credit for saying for us to see life through the eyes of a child, and that my friends, is spiritual integration.

We allow nothing from your past, no fears, no anxieties, no preconceived notions getting in the way of you being here in this moment.

By allowing your mind to stand at the threshold between your body and your spirit, you see things as they are, both with your physical and spiritual or psychic senses.

Your psychic senses see and read the energies around you uninfluenced by your preconceived notions.

My highest blessings.

As they’ve been doing recently during inspirational speaking, he showed me an image of the spot I hold during my concentration practices. Just focus on the spot. Pay attention to the spot.

That’s important because it gives us an anchor, a touchstone, if you will, to focus our mind, to train our body, to be still.”

That was Tau Chuan Ling, my highest spiritual teacher standing on my right-hand side. He wears green robes, has a chubby little face, little bitty, Chinese mustache, and tiny whiskers on his chin that he hasn’t shaved in decades.

Sometimes, I don’t want to come back when I connect with spirit in such a deep, effortless, and pure way.

Stillness Meditation Practice

Stillness meditation practice is our next part of the service is a 10-minute practice we ask you to do twice each day.

If you are sincere and interested in developing your psychic and healing abilities, this two-part practice is the quickest way to quiet your mind and calm your emotions.

We practice a ZaZen style of meditation. What we do is we hold a spot or a single thought to the exclusion of all others. After that, we release that single thought then drift down into silence or absence of thought.

In a moment, we will say Reverend Bradley’s request.

And if you don’t know it, listen to the words and allow them to set the tone and inspiration for your message. If you do know it please say it along with me.

After Reverend Bradley’s request, you’ll hear a bell. On the first bell, I want you to hold a spot in your mind’s eye to the exclusion of all other thoughts for five minutes.

When you hear the second bell, I want you to release that spot, release that image and drift into silence or no thought.

When the wood clap sounds, stay quiet and calm, and I will lead us through a guided self-healing.

Open. Oh, blessed Spirit,
the spiritual lives of my soul.
That I may be released from
the darkness over spreading me,
by the delusions of the outward senses.
That I may perceive and understand
those things Spiritual.

Guided Self-Healing Visualization

Spiritual Healing is a cornerstone of our practices at the Spirit360 Fellowship. As an Online Spiritual Church we share healing every service.

Best Year Ever part 4

Ask Me Anything: Q&A

  • Gypsy asks:
    How will I know that I am reaching stillness during my meditation?

    Gypsy’s Full Comments:
    Hey, um, so this is going to sound crazy. Ah, I haven’t been able to get totally silent in the meditations and I do other kinds of meditations. They’re all sound meditation. So, and I’ve followed you, I dunno, since maybe sometime in the fall besides January. Wasn’t great. But, um, my question is, I’m not exactly sure what I’m reaching for because my mind is like very ADHD and I’ve been able to slow it down for certain, especially with music and things like that.

    Is there when I get into silence, still things going to be going on in my mind, or is there a place I’m going to reach as I continue to practice that I know I’m in silence and I know what it is because I feel like maybe I’m not understanding what that experience will look like.

    Terry’s Reply: No, you understand that absolutely perfectly.

    Here is why we practice a 10-minute meditation instead of a two-hour meditation practice.

    FIRST: We drop from many thoughts to one thought or thought-form. We hold an image, struggling to keep that image there.

    Instead of all this other stuff like music, breathing, and counting, we practice focused concentration.

    After 5-minutes, we let go of one thought and go to no thoughts.

    On a scale of one to 10, 10 being totally conscious, aware, doing what you’re doing now and zero being complete silence, total stillness, absence of thought.

    During our concentration and focus, we only have one thought we’ll get down to a five or six on our scale of 10. So with all of our attention focused on this one thought-form, we keep it there when it wants to go somewhere else.

    Other thoughts come in, but our focus remains on that one thought. Our level of stillness remains at a five or six out of ten. We’re pretty much quiet with calm emotions. We’re pretty much here now, and there’s very little activity. We’re strictly focused.

    After five minutes, we let go of that single thought and drop toward silence hovering between two or three on our scale of ten.

    We hover in this quiet, receptive space. Then as thoughts float by, we don’t follow those thoughts. Meditation trains us to not follow our thinking down the bunny trail.

    We’re floating between two or three on our scale of ten, then something is different. You realize that you’re back at two or three. In hindsight, you will realize that the moment before, you were not at a two or three. You were someplace else.

    In a five-minute silence practice, if you touch stillness two, three, maybe four times in that five-minute practice.

    Touching silence restores your vital energy and cleans the blackboard of our mind, allowing us to consciously pick and choose what enters our consciousness.

    We learn to think about what we allow ourselves to think about, moment-by-moment.

    We choose what enters our awareness and where to go next after entering our consciousness?

    The intention is not to go down to stillness and be entirely still, at a zero for five minutes. Remember that professional meditators like Buddhist priests sit in meditation for several hours every day. Yet, even with all this practice, they rarely hold total stillness more than two or three minutes at a time.

    Remember that if you’re looking for silence, you’re not there. So it’s one of those things that you’re kind of going along then, all of a sudden you drift down and you notice you were there when you come back up. And that’s the part I want you to realize that all just touching the silence, absolute silence several times during a five-minute practice is perfect.

    Thank you for asking this question because it’s gold.

    The reason it’s gold is that being able to stay at a level of two or three on our consciousness scale is what I call the “eye of the storm.”
    Being able to dwell in that place between a two or a three (quiet receptivity and thinking tranquility), you’re in control of your mind with direct access to your knowing.

    My bellwether to test if we’re in the eye of the storm are our playing cards.

    The accuracy of our practice reflects how well we’re staying at a two or three by keeping our mind in this place of thinking tranquility and quietly receptive.

    In this place, we see things as they are to do your journaling, to do your affirmations, to do your psychic development.

    Understanding that your mind is actively engaged when you’re doing guided forms of meditation like listening to music, counting your breaths, or saying a mantra.

    Realize that active meditations work on the physical body, getting you calm. Perfect for getting you ready to do the work of the stillness meditation we practice.

    If your mind is actively engaged, it’s not silent. Two things can not occupy the same space. So you can’t have silence and being not silent at the same time/space.

    Silence is binary. You’re silent, or you’re not.

    The practice is to remain in a state closer to zero than a five or six for longer and longer periods.

Announcements – 00:59:11

Spirit360 Fellowship: We will send you an email with an offering plate for your donations to help us pay the operating expenses of our online spiritual church.

Old Soul Academy: Classes begin February 1st. Details to follow. In addition to a Spiritual Church, we are an online psychic and healing arts school.

ZenResults: A business master mind group for Spiritual Entrepreneurs start in February.

Absence Healing Service – 01:04:25

Each Spiritual Church Service we hold an Absence Healing Service to send healing energy to several your friends and loved ones.

Psychic Messages Service – 01:09:04

We attendee at our spiritual church service is offered a psychic/mediumship message for their highest and best good.

  • Psychic Message for Jeanie – 01:12:07
  • Psychic Message for Fred – 01:15:40
  • Psychic Message for Hope – 01:17:28
  • Psychic Message for Gypsy – 01:19:28
  • Psychic Message for Craig – 01:20:51
  • Psychic Message for Cheryl W – 01:27:25
  • Psychic Message for Margaret S – 01:30:05
  • Psychic Message for Louise – 01:32:42
  • Psychic Message for Jeff K – 01:34:53
  • Psychic Message for Robin S – 01:37:15
  • Psychic Message for Robin H – 01:39:20
  • Psychic Message for Britany D – 01:42:21
  • Psychic Message for Beverly – 01:48:02
  • Psychic Message for Cynthia C – 01:50:01
  • Psychic Message for Susan C – 01:51:57
  • Psychic Message for Linda W – 01:54:39
  • Psychic Message for Michelle A – 01:58:14
  • Psychic Message for Rosamaria – 01:59:04
  • Psychic Message for Yvette – 02:00:33
  • Psychic Message for Lizbeth S – 02:02:06

Intention Setting and Close – 02:04:33

We connect across time and space with our spiritual church community with the assistance of our spirit guide and teachers.

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