Spirit360 Fellowship
2023 Spring Retreat

Spirit360 Spiritual Retreats

April 20-23 in North San Diego


  1. Except for Day Passes, registrations include 3 nights lodging + meals (breakfast & dinner)
  2. Full refunds will be available until March 21, less a $20 payment processing fee.
  3. After March 21, only a $125.00 meals refund is possible.
  4. Your registration is non-transferrable without Rev. Terry’s prior approval.
spiritual retreat in california

AGREEMENTS:  After Retreat Registration closes, we will have a zoom session for attendees to create a Retreat Agreement for this event. While some of the agreements are non-negotiable (the Spirit360 agreements, privacy, etc.), you will have input into the event specific agreements.

Spirit360 Fellowship
Last Day to Sign Up is March 20

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