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2024 Spiritual Retreats

Spirit360 Spiritual Retreats

Spirit360 Spring Spiritual Retreats: Getting Grounding in the FUNdamentals

You will leave the retreat knowing you are indeed psychic and a healer and knowing at least one of your spirit guides and teachers.
  • Six – 1 hours training sessions covering vibrations, psychokinesis, psychometry, intuition, ESP, and spirit communication.
  • Two Bootcamp style practices, one each for the psychic arts and healing arts.
  • Three mediumship dark circles (séances).
  • Also Fun, Food, Fellowship.
The retreats include lodging, meals, beverages, and training (unless otherwise noted).
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Spirit360 Fellowship
April 10 to 14, 2024

Escondido, CA

Spirit360 Fellowship
Rescheduled to Fall

Chicago Area

2024 Fall Retreat Dates

  • September 19-22, 2024
    • San Diego Area Spiritual Retreat
  • October 10-13, 2024 (tentative)
    • Chicago Area Spiritual Retreat
  • October 17-20, 2024 (tentative)
    • North Carolina Spiritual Retreat

Spirit360 Spiritual Retreats are spiritual growth training camps providing an intensive practice schedule intended to help you EXCELerate the development of your verifiable skills and competencies in the Psychic and Healing Arts.

Spirit360 Spiritual Retreats are NOT silent meditation, mindfulness, or nature retreats.

Our retreats provide in-person training, coaching, and feedback to help you take your psychic and healing abilities to the next level.

Whether you want to jump-start your spiritual growth practices or break through a plateau, we provide a safe, supervised space to improve your skills and expand your awareness while gaining confidence in your abilities.

Community Building

In addition to the psychic and healing training, our spiritual retreats include community building and connection centered around our meals.

Our meal times include:

  • Meal Prep
  • Eating
  • Meal Clean-up

During our meal time tasks and interactions, we learn to integrate our practices into our day-to-day types of activities.

Spirit360 Retreats are limited to
6 full-time participants.

Enrollment: Your retreat enrollment includes the costs of the event facility, meals, and lecture recordings.

NOTE: Instructor and event staff compensation is not included in your enrollment fee. The event staff is compensated by your donations.

Schedule: Rev. ts Hall and Amy facilitate our spring and fall spiritual retreats in the San Diego Area.

If travel to San Diego doesn’t work for you, use the form below to contact us about facilitating a Spirit360 Spiritual Retreat in your area.

Weekend Spiritual Retreat Agenda:
  • Thursday: Spirit360 Practitioner Orientation and Training
  • Friday: Mastering the Spiritual Healing Arts
  • Saturday: Mastering the Psychic Arts
  • Sunday: In-Person Spirit360 Service

Spiritual Growth Practices

  • Stillness Meditation
  • Spiritual Healing: vibrations, healing intent, and healer protection
  • Intuition: Trusting your intuitive knowing
  • E.S.P.: Differentiating a Chaotic World
  • Mediumship: Spirit Teacher ID and communication