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June 19, 2021

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What is a Spiritual Alchemist?

A spiritual alchemist has mastered the process of spiritual alchemy.

But what is Spiritual Alchemy?

Spiritual Alchemy is the process of transcending the delusions of our outward senses to perceive the world with the spiritual eyes of our souls.

But how do we do that?

Let’s see…

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An Unconditional Expression of Being

A Spiritual Alchemist’s gold is their awareness. Awareness of self, others, and situations.

Spiritual alchemy transforms your experience of being alive by recontextualizing your experiences from strictly physical to include your Spirit’s Intent.

When we are aware of our Spirit’s Intent, we can know Who we are, Why we’re here, and Where we’re going, which empowers a sense of purpose.

The Spiritual Alchemist’s Process

The 5-Step Spiritual Alchemy lays at heart of what we teach in the Old Soul Academy for the Psychic and Healing Arts.

Step 1: Knowing what you want

Know what you want in each domain of your life (Career, Personal, Spiritual, Wealth, and Well-being).

Then test the waters by closing your eyes and declaring, out loud, your actualization of that desire while listening for any yeah, buts.

I am enjoying a healthy, lean, and fit body… Yeah, but that’s a lie. You’re a lard ass (my inner dialogue) who overeats and loves peanut M&Ms.

At this point, notice what the inner critic says with particular attention to any attitude.

Step 2: Unpack Your Beliefs

Spiritual Alchemists learn to balance their beliefs’ nature with their life’s reality.

What happens when we shine the light of awareness into the darkest recesses of our unconscious mind?

Typically we trigger a stress response (fight, flight, freeze, or fawn).

Our brain’s protective barriers have been breached, not unlike revealing the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz.

Spiritual Alchemy demands we determine if this belief, mindset, or attitude still serves us.

If so, get better at executing its intent.

If not, we access our Spirit’s Intent to create a purposeful context for your journey this lifetime.

Step 3: Implement the 3Rs

We call the process for accessing our Spirit’s Intent the 3Rs.

The 3Rs are Right Meditation, Right Thought, and Right Action.

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Right Meditation quiets your mind and calms your emotions allowing your mind to dwell at the threshold between your body and your spirit to see things as they are instead of how you perceive them.

Right Thought is the process of making an actionable decision aligned with our Spirit’s Intent, Who we are, Why we’re here, Where we’re going. We can cultivate Right Thought into a real-time mindfulness practice.

Right Action causes karma by producing results. Desired results, good karma. Undesired outcomes, bad karma. Karma creates a feedback loop for our life’s actions

Step 4: Disappearing Your “Yeah, BUTs”

Spiritual Alchemists are masters at Right Thinking in that they notice and include their mind’s unconscious beliefs as a natural part of who they are. Then, recreate them consciously informed by their Spirit’s Intent without judgment.
spiritual alchemist your spiritual purpose requires you survive long enough to fulfill your spirit's intent

Step 5: Transform Your Life

Spiritual Alchemy transforms our lives with consistently taken actions that cause good karma.

Each result we take that moves us toward our desires without harming others or ourselves creates a level of confidence based on competency that makes us authentically attractive and masters of our lives.

Become a Spiritual Alchemist and Thrive

Bold, confident, and alive is the best way to describe the qualities of a Spiritual Alchemist because they connect with their Spirit’s Intent, always know their next step, and are never surprised.

For some, this sounds boring and predictable; for others, it’s Heaven on Earth.