2023 Spiritual Assessment

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♾️ 2023: A Future Now Spiritual Assessment

As we approach the end of the year, it’s essential to take stock of our experiences, accomplishments, and lessons learned. In this week’s Sunday Topic, we will dive deep into a process called a spiritual assessment to evaluate the past year and set the stage for a remarkable year ahead.

By implementing this powerful practice, you can gain clarity, align yourself with your goals, and cultivate spiritual growth. Join us on this transformative journey as we reflect on 2023 and prepare to make 2024 our best year ever.

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♾️ The Value of a Spiritual Assessment

A spiritual assessment is a self-reflection exercise that helps us evaluate our progress and align our actions with our spiritual intentions. It allows us to examine what worked and didn’t work in our lives over the past year, helping us identify areas for improvement and growth.

By consciously becoming aware of our accomplishments, challenges, and goals, we create a roadmap for the future and manifest the life we desire.

♾️ Two-Minute Year-End Process

Spiritually speaking a practical and transformative two-minute year-end process that empowers us to create positive change in our lives.

This assessment involves evaluating each goal we set for ourselves and examining our performance and progress toward achieving them.

♾️ The Fly on the Wall Perspective

For each of your 2023 goals detach from personal and tribal judgements, by visualizing ourselves through the eyes of an observer (the fly on a wall), to our progress objectively.

For example, if our goal was to have a new car, would the fly see it parked in our driveway?

This exercise helps us gauge the tangibility and materialization of our goals in the real world.

♾️ Emotional Guidance System

The spiritual assessment also involves analyzing our emotions associated with each goal. Recognizing and understanding our feelings when considering our accomplishments, works in progress, and incomplete goals.

By identifying familiar emotional responses, we gain insight into our past experiences and can intentionally shape our future ones.

♾️ Causing Alignment and Adjusting as Needed

During the assessment, notice the feelings that arise regarding our performance. Pay attention as you discern whether your goals align with spiritual intentions and aspirations.

By identifying what has changed, what remains a priority, and what requires urgency, we better understand the path we want to pursue in the upcoming year. This process also enables us to realign our goals, adjust our plans, and ensure workability and sustainability.

♾️ Being Present and Spiritually Aware

Spiritual practices develop our ability to be mindfully present and spiritually aware as we evaluate our performance for 2023.

By connecting with our inner intuition and aligning ourselves with our Spirit’s Intent, we tap into the transformative power of living in the now.

This spiritual awareness helps us recognize the possibilities we attract and the opportunities we manifest around us, enabling us to take actionable steps toward our goals.S

♾️ Completing the Chapter, Creating the Future

In conclusion, Rev Terry emphasizes that the spiritual assessment process allows us to powerfully complete the chapter of 2023 and create a compelling outline for 2024, making it our best year ever.

We are encouraged to renew our commitment to our goals or acknowledge when some goals may no longer serve us. By undergoing this spiritual assessment; we set the stage for personal growth, fulfillment, and alignment with our higher purpose.

♾️ Confidently Causing 2024 Results

As we embark on a new year, let us embrace the practice of a spiritual assessment informed by your Spirit’s Intent. By reflecting on our experiences, emotions, and goals, we can harness our spiritual awareness to manifest our desires and achieve personal growth.

With this transformative process, we lay the groundwork for a remarkable year ahead, making 2024 our best year ever.

Remember, a spiritual assessment is not just about the outcomes but also about the inner journey and the spiritual growth that arises from the process. Integrate this practice into your year-end routine and witness its positive impact on your life. Let’s get busy causing abundance, joy, and spiritual alignment in 2024, our best year ever.

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