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An Empath’s Guide to Spiritual Awakening Journal Practices

Today, we wrap up September’s spiritual journaling topic with Spiritual Awakening Journal Practices. I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled with this topic, using my journaling to create a roadmap to the future. If you recall, spiritual journaling helps us rediscover our Spirit’s Intent. I am clear on my Spirit’s intent. But creating roadmaps for the Spirit360 and Old Soul Academy wasn’t working, never coming together.
September 24, 2023

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Spiritual Awakening Journal Helps Us Attract

I set about figuring out the next step, staring at a blank canvas and needing to create everything myself.

As synchronicity would have it, a Stephen King talk came across my news feed. I clicked.

Talking to a group of aspiring college students, one asked Stephen King if he kept a journal of his ideas and potential stories.

Stephen King said he doesn’t keep a journal and never found it helpful. Instead, he writes the stories that get stuck in his head and won’t go away.

The ideas stuck in his head act like a grit of sand in an oyster. If it keeps coming back, I take notice.

It’s more pearlescent and refined every time it resurfaces in his consciousness.

As this pearl continues to grow and I can’t shake it, it keeps coming back, and every time I look at it, it’s a little bit more pearlescent. That’s what my next topic, my next book, has to be about this week, and what I do is I do the, whatever we’re talking about on Sunday, I practice it the week before.

I’ve been writing and processing my thoughts about spirituality and journaling to improve and speed up my spiritual awareness and awakening to its fullest expression.

Spiritual Awakening Journal Reminds Us We’re Awake

If you’re here and keep coming back, you’re spiritually awake. Spiritual awakening is binary: you are or are not.

If you’re awake spiritually, now what?

The most straightforward answer is training your mind to unleash its almost limitless power.

Spiritual growth and development train your mind to begin seeing that parts of life exist and hiding from the physical senses.

Spiritual journaling helps you find and process that little grit, that pearl of wisdom, that resurfaces in your consciousness by paying attention to:
Your awareness, practices, and progression reveal your Spirit’s Intent for every area of life.

Remember, Spirit’s Intent is the signal from your intuitive knowing, which is the grit wanting to evolve into a pearl.

But we’re typically too busy and overthinking everything to notice.

A meditation practice starts to quiet the noise and calm our emotions, allowing us to perceive the spiritual signal.

We can discern between our mind’s constant survival thinking and our Spirit’s Intent with practice.

Spiritual Awakening Journal Reveals Spirit’s Intent

Once you make that differentiation, you’ll recognize that little grit calling you to live entirely on your terms in every area of your life, which we call this 360-degree spiritual awareness, hence Spirit360.

As I looked at my health concerns, I’m making progress there.

Journaling about my relationships, I feel good about their state and direction. Monday is my 19th anniversary with my bride Amy, who has put up with my crap for 19 and a half years.

The Spiritual Journaling I’ve done regarding my career and creating a living from my passion at the Spirit360 Fellowship teaching meditation teacher and spiritual growth and development has been rocky.

This week, I’ve found this little grit that has been percolating in the back of my unconscious and subconscious mind and rising to the surface from time to time that compels me and pulls me forward. Every time I revisit it, it has more of a Pearl surface. It’s bigger a little more valuable.

Spiritual Awakening Journal Reinforces Practice

So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. How do you take the parts of your life that you know and know that are pulling you forward, are being informed by your spiritual knowing, and begin to bring those into the world? And It starts with practice. The practice is you’ve heard it so many times.

It’s not even, so it’s the essential practices of the Three Rs: Right Meditation, Right Thought, and Right Action. Now, don’t be like me and think that means perfect. There needs to be a “perfect” meditation. There needs to be better thinking. There needs to be an ideal action.

Meditating quiets your mind, calms your emotions, and allows you to tap into this and get closer to listening to the spiritual signal, that Source of information.

The question, “Am I progressing?”

It sheds light on how effectively our practices are working.

If the answer is no, how much are you practicing?

If the answer is yes, I am progressing. Pay attention to how you’re practicing.

If you can’t tell, turn to practice because practice makes perfect. Not perfect practice makes perfect, which some people say—going through the motions, meditating, allowing yourself to tap into your intuition on command in verifiable ways.

Is your on-command ESP accurate in a verifiable way?

How about your mediumship abilities?

Spiritual Awakening Journal for 360-Degree Spiritual Awareness

If so, you can know that what you know is accurate in every area of life. We call this 360-degree Spiritual Awareness.

What I want you to focus on is what is going to be around for a while. What is it that keeps on coming back up?

There are two things about this: One is a manifestation of your instinct to survive, and that’s obsessive thinking.

That’s you thinking about your argument with that person in the fifth grade, and you keep playing it over in your head.

It’s that obsession with that person you met, and can you hook up? Can you meet them? Will they be the ones? There’s this overthinking, horriblizing what’s going on, this indecision ability, this inability to make a decision.

That’s all instinctual-based noise of an untrained mind as you start to train your mind with meditation, as you begin to train your mind to tap into your Source of information, your Source of knowing on command in a verifiable, reliable way.

You start to convince your brain that it can do all this stuff. You can hold that energy ball and feel it go through your body.

You can begin to sense your body recreating and reinventing itself. You’ll realize a few things not going away that are not in the obsession fantasy, fantasizing, imagination realm.

Those are the pieces of grit, the seeds we can use to create the pearls of who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going.

You want to cultivate, energize, and pursue those ideas by plugging them into your Spiritual Awakening Journalling and the 3Rs process to start creating the karma of a spiritual experience, a spiritual life.

Now, as you do this, the noise will get loud. Life’s distractions are getting loud. We’re going into America in the next election cycle.

Oh my God, it’s going to be noisier than ever. As you go through all of life’s noises, all of life’s distractions, all of life’s challenges, there are one or two things that keep on showing back up.

Spiritual Awakening Journal Makes Progress Real

And that’s what I want you to capture. That’s what I want you to do consciously. Deliberately think through the 3Rs process to express who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going. Here’s the thing I want you to take away from this.

You are awake. You can’t become any more awake. You make it, take some coffee, and feel more awake, but you won’t be any greater spiritually.

You will not have any greater awakening than you’ve already had, but your awareness is infinite in its possibility. And as you allow yourself to become more and more aware in more significant and in a greater proportion of your life experience, you’ll start to find that awareness, that light, that Source begins to guide you.

Harvesting these pearls will not go away in your experience and your consciousness. And that, my friends, when you get to the other side, will be a life well lived.

My highest blessings.

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