What Is Spiritual Bypassing?

spiritual bypassing definition
January 05, 2021

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Spiritual Bypassing is a Survival Skill?

We’re all smart rats hardwired to survive at all costs.¬†

A funny thing happens on the way to enlightenment. You begin to see with the spiritual eyes of your soul instead of your physical eyes.

Once you’re Spiritually Awake with Spiritual Eyes Wide Open, you become aware of some very interesting things about yourself, life and your place in the universe.

This spiritual lesson discusses spiritual bypassing, or how smart rats learn to adapt and survive

Spiritual Bypassing Is New To Me

I’m new to this concept of spiritual bypassing, but when I heard about it and found out what it was, it made perfect sense.

Many people have seen it done countless times in their spiritual growth. You see, as human beings and animals, we’re smart rats. We know how to fit into a community. We know how to find and say the correct answers. We learn how to do what’s required to survive and thrive within whatever ecosystem we find ourselves.

spiritual blogs + spiritual bypassing + empaths superpowers - survival + spiritual experiencesBut the problem is too many times. It comes at a cost. And that cost is our emotional health, well-being, and psychological. Fitness, if you will, because we do what we have to to survive, but we ignore what we want to do this lifetime and what we incarnate to bring about.

Spiritual Bypassing Definition

Spiritual bypassing bypasses the self-awareness process found within spiritual growth and development practices.

The best way I can explain spiritual bypassing is to look at some other area. And consider nutritional bypassing, fitness bypassing, financial bypassing, or relationship bypassing.

You are pretty darn good at one of those areas.

Look at the areas where you excel, like nutrition, fitness, finances, or relationships. What makes you suitable in these areas?

Mostly, it’s because you have done the work needed to get results. You have learned the distinctions. You have mastered the skills in that area. The same goes for spirituality and spiritual growth and development. Something happens when you do the work.

You master whatever stands between you and get the results in the three-dimensional real world you want for nutrition.

You have a healthy vibrance. This is because you understand what your body needs nutritionally to survive with fitness. You have demonstratable skills in your yoga, tennis, weightlifting, or running practice. In the domain of finances, you’ve got money and assets or you don’t, and relationships. Your relationships work, or they don’t.

Spiritual Bypassing Examples

  • Toxic Positivity
  • False Hope
  • Delusional Fantasies
  • Faking Life, Not Mindset
  • Magical Thinking
  • Disconnected from Reality

It’s apparent. The same is true in the area of spirituality. While you start with a theoretical, speculative understanding, and that understanding either feels right to you and you’re drawn into a community or you’re drawn into a a philosophy or it doesn’t, the key is whether or not you’re willing to do the work to get the.

And most people I’ve seen in the realm of spirituality, like the idea of spirituality. But unfortunately, they approach spirituality the way most approach religion for many religious people. They think simply going to church on Sunday gets them forgiveness from God and grace, and they can do whatever they want to when they’re not in church.

It has always struck me as hypocritical, but for many people, that’s how they approach their religious and spiritual life. But to have a direct spiritual experience, to rediscover spirit, to find the true essence of your spiritual self, to connect with your spirit guides and teachers, and to see that spirit and verb for life requires.

Different from the discipline of nutrition or fitness or finances or doing the work in a relationship, you must do the work to grow spiritually.

Spiritual growth work is pretty simple. First, meditate. If you’re not meditating, you’re not allowing yourself to transcend the physical experience and open your spiritual senses (the Language of Spirit) to connect with your Spirit self.

what is the god frequency old souls find answers at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistAt Spirit360 Fellowship, we recommend the following spiritual practices, the work, if you will. The first part is stillness meditation, allowing yourself to quiet your mind on command so you can reach that eye of the storm. Then, you can find the threshold between your body and spirit where you can see things as they are.

Once you get there, we recommend you extend that experience by developing your psychic and healing abilities in displayable, verifiable ways.

Spiritual Bypassing Remedy

Develop your psychic and healing skills privately and eventually share them publicly.

When you learn to display undeniable proof of your psychic gifts, the spiritual bypassing ceases to be a problem.

Once you’ve developed confidence in your psychic and healing skills, you will start integrating these sensitivities into your day-to-day life to consciously walk the path you came here to experience.

Life’s physical results are easily measured. For example, you can weigh your body and calculate body fat percentages. It’s easy to monitor your blood pressure and analyze blood samples. Financially you can check bank balances and list assets.

Measuring spiritual growth progress requires result monitoring as well. The better your psychic results, the more confidence you have in consciously creating spiritual solutions to life’s problems.

Spiritual Bypassing is impossible when intuitively knowing replaces instinctual delusions.

We call this opening the spiritual eyes of your soul. Once open, you start to see things entirely differently. You begin to find a sense of fulfillment, a sense of satisfaction, a sense of happiness.

Regardless of your outer circumstances, you allow yourself to be as appropriate authentically. As a result, you bring a level of awareness, calmness, a knowingness to every moment of every day.

You always know what your next step will be and where it will take you. You are never surprised; for most people, that’s the downside of spiritual awareness.

First, you must be willing to give up drama. And too many people are addicted to the dramas of life. You can get spiritual results if you’re ready to give up drama and do the work.

You work through many of the things that spiritual bypassing points out. You find answers. You find solutions to life’s problems. That is sustainable, allowing you to start transforming the other areas of your life. You can become healthier, lean, fit, and financially wealthy. Your relationships become, um, partnerships and places of unconditional.

Is it worth it?

Only you can decide to avoid spiritual bypassing. You do the work, the meditation, the psychic, and the healing abilities development. I think you’ll love the person you find as you begin to master these simple practices. To develop real-world displayable on-command psychic skills in every circumstance, every part of your life.

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I remind you of this simple Koan. “Spiritual is as spiritual does.”