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Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship

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Hi, I’m tsHall @theStoicMedium. We’re glad you’ve found us, yet not at all surprised you did. Welcome.

First Things First…

When you receive your welcome email, please click the “Confirm Your Email” link so we don’t get into trouble with the internet police. Thank you. 😎

What to expect from us: 

  • A weekly email on Friday evening or Saturday morning with the week’s agenda.
  • A Sunday morning “re-send” to anyone who appears to have missed the one on Friday.
  • A Sunday Morning Zoom Invitation for the service, if you registered to join us.
  • A monthly email inviting you to book a  3rd Wednesday Fundraiser mini-reading.
  • Class, workshop, or reading emails for the events you sign-up for.
  • An occasional random email when one of you reminds I forgot to mention something. This happens because I’m HUMAN AF and that something can’t wait for the next weekly email.
  • Class, workshop, or reading emails for the events you sign-up for.
  • If you signed up to receive updates by text, we will be starting text updates soon. We’re working out a few kinks in the system. 

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“Blog”: Announcements, fundraisers & articles.

You’re invited…

To join the private Spirit360 Fellowship Facebook group where you can ask your questions and connect with our community of like minds and kindred sprits.

Mentoring and Private Readings…

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To book private readings, counseling and mentoring visit Rev Terry’s personal website at


If you do social, you can connect with tsHall, @theStoicMedium here:

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