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the Online School for the Psychic & Healing Arts

the Old Soul Academy

Old Soul Academy is an Online School for the Psychic and Healing Arts.

We offer four types of Spiritual Growth and Development training:

  1. Courses: Lecture-based classes defining the philosophy, principles, and practices needed to master the Psychic & Healing Arts (the Spirit360 Way).
  2. Circles: Interactive skills development instruction and coaching classes (like Yoga Classes, but for mastering the Psychic & Healing Arts).
  3. Distinctionary: A spiritual knowledge base of terminology, definitions, and explanations used at Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy (our Tribal Truths).
  4. Workshops: Applied Spirituality Programs showing you how to integrate Spiritual Philosophy, Principles, and Practices into real world results. 

Enrollment & Tuition Options

There are two tuition options for Old Soul Academy Training.

  1. Ala Carte Tuition grants you lifetime enrollment and access to any courses or workshops you choose to take.
  2. Tuition Plans grant you access to all Old Soul Academy Courses, Workshops, Development Circles, and Distinctionary during your active enrollment. NOTE:  Tuition Plans provide discounted tuition for any Courses or Workshops that you want to have lifetime enrollment.