January 05, 2024

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🫶 2024 Spiritual Goals: Future Now in Action

Dear Old Souls,


As we embark upon 2024, spiritual growth and development are the essential spiritual tools needed. Some call this awakening or actualization. We call it awareness.


Fulfilling Your Spirit’s Intent


Developing your psychic abilities opens a portal to your intuitive knowing, which “feels” different than your thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving mind.


2024’s Spiritual Goals begin and end with expanding awareness of self, others, the shadow cast before the future, and our spirit guides and teachers.


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Spiritual Life Coaching — Health

We begin 20224 with a moth of Spiritual lLfe Coaching to help you get unstuck in several key areas of life.

We begin the year with causing health breakthroughs.

Join the fun via zoom at 07:30 or 11:30 AM, PST

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Old Soul Academy’s core curriculum has been launched. Learn more under the “Classes” Main Menu Tab.

Spirituality 101 shares the timeless Philosophy, Principles, and Practices we’ve found to work to start taking control of your life by training your mind to do as you instruct, on command, to navigate your life’s journey after experiencing your spiritual awakening on your quest towards Nirvana.

It explores the idea of human beings as spiritual beings having multiple lifetimes, the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and the exploration of personal and tribal truths.

Spirituality 101 introduces the Three R’s Process to develop objective discernment and create positive outcomes in life.

Plus, HOMEWORK; the most critical aspect of taking control of your life.

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🫶 Live Development Circles

Old Soul Academy Live Circles is on Winter Break and resume 9 Jan, 2024.

🫶 Fulfilling Your Spirit's Intent - Continued

2024 Success Begins with Creating a 31 Dec 2024 Future Now Destinations. One for each area and project you’re committed to fulfilling this year.

After defining and articulating each destination, imagine yourself there. What does it “feel like” being there and enjoying that result?

The more you feel and express your accomplishments as ways of being, the more powerfully you attract the people to help you get there.

🫶 We Attract Possibilities

 When you can communicate your purpose, intent, and destination, as if you have already achieved your goal, you become an irresistible magnet who manifests the following steps and opportunities.

The feeling of arriving at your destination attracts resources. The clear articulation of your Future Now destination helps you clearly articulate where you’re going to others to help them help you along this spiritual journey.

It’s a spiritual journey taken in the 3-dimensional realm in fulfillment of your spirit’s intent.

🫶 Materializing Results

In the words of Thomas Edison, achieving success in 2024 will depend on one percent intuitive knowing and 99% taking the right actions. Intuition attracts, ESP senses and Right Actions fulfill, while spirit accompanies us, providing companionship, nudges, or signposts.

🫶 Between Then and Now

Life’s roadblocks, detours, and distractions will be ever present to blow off course. Our spiritual awareness provides an internal GPS to help us correct the course until we get there.

The delays in fulfilling our 2024 Spiritual Goals will mostly be unforced errors and self-induced sabotage. Mastering your abilities to concentrate, focus, and touch silence, you can sense your intuitive knowing on command to navigate 2024 to your chosen destinations.

Enjoy the journey, knowing you’re never alone. You have your spirit guides and teachers; we have each other within the Spirit360 Fellowship.

Our Sunday Spiritualist Meetings connect our community of Old Souls for fellowship, spiritual guidance, and practical instruction every Sunday at 9:00 AM, Pacific Time.

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Sunday’s Topic: How to Handle Passive Aggressive People

the Spirit360 Fellowship gathers Sundays at 9:00 AM, Pacific Time.