Spiritual Easter 2022 Services at Spirit360 Fellowship

spiritual easter 2022 - 1030 service: ultimate spiritual awakening

Thank you for sharing a Spiritual Easter 2022 with us at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

We are an independent Spiritualist Church that does what we find works and shows you how to use those techniques. So you can find spiritual solutions to life’s problems.

0730 Spiritualist Easter Service 2022

Spiritualist Easter 2022 Full Service Video: 0730

Opening Message from Spirit, April 17, 2022 – 0730 Service

Our opening message is a Spiritual Teaching from one of my Spirit Guides or Teachers.

To deliver this message from Spirit, I use a form of trance we call “inspirational speaking” where I step my awareness slightly aside to allow one of my spirit teachers to step into my consciousness to communicate directly with you.

Inspirational Speaking is a topic we teach our advanced students in the Old Soul Academy, our online Psychic and Healing Arts Institute.

Let’s see what’s on the agenda for today who would like to share

Gene Larr, the gentleman who trained me, steps forward. He would like to talk today.

Hi, ho… Happy Easter.

Easter is my favorite holiday, mainly because of Cadbury eggs.

We don’t have Cadbury’s eggs on the Spirit Side. We can imagine them to be authentic and taste them, but it’s not quite the same.

As you walk your path during this lifetime, your physical bodies allow you to enjoy many things and experience many earthly pleasures that surround you.

There is no coincidence the Easter holiday happens at the beginning of spring, a time of rebirth, renewal, and planting, sowing the seeds of your future.

So that in the future, you may reap what you’ve sowed, the main intention for you to listen to today, from the context of this entity’s, words are the actions you’re taking right now, preparing you for what you wish to reap in the future. So today’s actions have a ripple effect on your future.

And the more you prepare consciously for that harvest, the more you will be pleased with that you have abundantly around.

The million-dollar question sows doubt:
What about the weather?
What about this, that, those, or them?
What about the conflict going on in the world right now?

I want you to take a deep breath and ask yourself, “How that conflict directly affects you?”

Not from a callous point of view, but from an honest and pragmatic point of view. There is an old harsh saying expressed many years ago that has lost favor. “and life goes on.”

It always has been, and it will always be the case that you prepare what you want. So if you’re not distracted, you will take care and prepare for a splendid future.

When you know the best actions to take, you ensure future is one of your creation rather than one into which you stumble.

I hope the Easter bunny was good to you and your plans for the rest of the day are magnificent. You deserve it, my friends.

Why? Because you are the only you in the Universe, and there is no one more perfect person than you in existence.


So that was Gene Larr. He was my earth plane teacher and very fond of old wives ‘ tales.

He showed me holding a hoe digging up weeds along a long row in a vegetable garden. I was carefully working the soil and removing weeds.

My work was preparing for a bountiful harvest. I was hoeing a long row.

1030 Spiritualist Easter Service 2022

Spiritual Easter 2022 Full Service Video: 1030

Opening Message from Spirit, April 17, 2022 – 1030 Service

Take a deep breath as you take a deep breath, get grounded here now at the moment, and become present.

Why are you here with us today? What information, insights, and understanding are you seeking.

What experience will you walk away with from today’s service?

What will make your time here today time well spent?

During our opening message and teaching from Spirit, I will be using a light form of trance we call “inspirational speaking.”

Inspirational speaking is a way of communicating directly with our spirit guides and teachers. In addition, we teach inspirational speaking to our advanced students in the Old Soul Academy.

For our opening message, I ask my teacher to share something to help us get the most out of our time together.

Gene LARR steps forward. He was my earth plane teacher, and wants to share something with us.

Gene also shared a Spiritual Teaching at today’s 0730 Service.

Let’s see what Gene wants to share…

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Church we go.

But what is “Church?”

This entity struggles with this term. When Terry stepped into the Church I started in Encinitas, he worked with the concept of Church and still struggles today with the Church he’s begun.

We’re a community drawn together by a common interest, a commonplace, and a common topic of study.

But that is indeed what it is. Of course, many of the ideas of the Church, uh, like most things in life, uh, get altered to serve the personal agendas of others.

However, in this organization, we intend to create a gathering place. As he likes to say, a spiritual community where everything is on the table in the context of spiritual growth and development.

And as you well know, this entity is far from perfect, but who is. Even the man you celebrate today, Jesu Christi, was not perfect.

He has not attained Nirvana yet, with a few lessons yet to learn.
Yet even without being perfect, he set out with an intention to fulfill the Jewish prophecy of the Messiah, but that did not happen.

Instead, his followers created a new religion, Christianity, based on his works. So the part of the story to pay careful attention to is to do what works.

It’s during the accomplishment of minor efforts that can create the most significant rewards when properly applied, at the right time, with the right intention.

Whether it be healing or an endeavor such as the Spirit360 Fellowship or any other endeavor you undertake. The choice is yours.

If you allow yourself to pick and choose your next step, when done correctly, that next step will help you walk towards the place you want to go. But here is the problem. Is it not?

Where do you go when you can go anyplace? And that is the question for you to ponder today.

Where will you be? Next Easter, both physically and symbolic.

And spiritually for indeed, through that goal, intention, and direction, you choose the destination of your choice. That creates a greater context for the actions you take.

And the one thing I can share with you with absolute certainty, if you never pick a destination, you most assuredly will never arrive.

My highest blessings.

Thank you Gene.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares Jesus’s Ultimate Awakening during today’s Spiritual Easter 2022 Service.

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship I’m TS Hall @theStoicMedium, and I’ll be leading your service today. Spirit360 Fellowship is an online community of like-minds and kindred spirits. We practice spiritualism, but not your grandma’s a spiritualism.

spiritual easter 2022 - 1030 service: ultimate spiritual awakening


So that was Gene Larr. Uh, he was my teacher and taught me spiritualism and meditation. He showed me the image of a,

I don’t know if you remember back in the dark ages when we had a. The first GPS systems came out, you had a CD ROM in your trunk, and the GPS would keep track of where you were, but it would map it against the CD ROM in your truck and somewhere in your car. So your map was only as accurate as of the latest update of the software or the data.

And he was showing one of those circles on your computer of things, updating that. If you never take the time to update the information that informs your map, how can you possibly know how to get there? And that’s the spiritual solution?

Gene was talking directly to me in that image, and it’s about our fall retreat.

Stillness Meditation Practice

We practice a zazen style of stillness meditation as part of every Spiritualist Church Service so we can share this experience as a community.

Guided Self-Healing Visualization

Spiritual Healing is a cornerstone of our practices at the Spirit360 Fellowship. As an Online Spiritualist Church we share healing every service.

Jesus’ Ultimate Spiritual Awakening

You can watch the talk in the video above or find the transcript here.

spiritual easter 2022 - 1030 service: ultimate spiritual awakening

Practicing Spiritualism 101 is a key to Being Spiritualist.

Ask Me Anything: Q&A


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