Spiritual Emptiness & Alignment

awareness overcomes spiritual emptiness

Spiritual Emptiness & Alignment

Awareness eliminates emptiness, but to get there, you need to go through emptiness.

the Inner Void

  • Your Ego’s Biggest Weapon
  • Emptiness is attachment
  • Feeling dead, a delusion
  • Learn to surf the wave of emptiness


  • Fueled by a sense of selfishness
  • Spirituality teaches you to transcend isolation by helping you Rediscovering Your Spirit


  • Life Ebbs and Flows
  • But is simply a biochemical roller coaster
  • Spirituality is a path to repurpose life, one domain at a time


  • A Spiritual Competency
  • the Gift of knowing and knowing that you know
  • Awareness > Presence > Purpose…
  • You discover it’s already in there

Takeaway: Awareness Matters

  • Silence begets stillness
  • Stillness unveils knowing
  • Knowing informs awareness
  • Awareness reveals purpose
May 21, 2023

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