The Lawless Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

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Your Path to Spiritual Enlightenment is being blocked by meaningless laws, beliefs and superstitions. Practices.

February is Empath Empowerment Month at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

Spiritual Enlightenment is your birthright and happens in time and on time.

the lawless path to spiritual enlightenment featured image

March 06, 2022 Online Spiritual Church Services

Our Spiritualist Meetings during March 2022 focus on EXCELerating the progress along your Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

The Spiritually Enlightened Outlaws at Spirit360.

the lawless path to spiritual enlightenment featured image

A Lawless Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

Your path to Enlightenment is much quicker when you’re an outlaw, breaking some rules, being lawless on your journey.

Today we look at how breaking all the rules speeds your journey to experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment, that moment of oneness and connection with everything, our spiritual birthright.

Experiencing oneness with everything is something our Spirit Guides and Teachers exemplify for us by sharing moments of complete and total awareness.

While we walk through life, trees are trees; mountains are mountains; lakes are lakes.

During our Spiritual Enlightenment, trees are no longer trees; mountains are no longer mountains; lakes are not lakes. Our experience transcends the perceptions of our physical senses. We become one, profoundly connected, and ONE with all things.

The Moment After Spiritual Enlightenment

The moment after our Spiritual Enlightenment, trees again are trees, mountains are mountains, and lakes are lakes.

We become transformed by these pure consciousness experiences, limitless energy, and “ONEness.” Our perspective changes, and the Spiritual Eyes of Our Soul open to perceive those things Spiritual.

We return to our lives with a greater comprehension of Who we are, Why we’re here, and Where we’re going, which the great spiritual masters taught—each in their way.

The only thing between you and experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment is the laws and rules limiting your experience of being alive, here, now, and connected.

What do I mean by that?

Natural or Pure Laws

Let’s talk about natural laws, and what do I mean by natural laws? Gravity is a natural law. It’s pure. Anyone who steps off the edge of a 20-foot building experiences the same result, regardless of who you are.

We move very quickly from the building’s edge to the ground. That’s a law. It applies to everyone, everywhere.

If you happen to be on earth, this planet, we fall at “32 feet per second per second squared” (in a vacuum).

The Law of Gravity affects everyone the same way. You can’t change it.

Spiritual Laws are not natural or pure laws but rather principles.

Spiritual Laws, Principles & Guidelines

So the Law of Attraction is not a law. It’s a principle best described as “like attracts like.” We attract to us those like us.

The trick is to become aware enough to perceive the likeness.

The Law of Reciprocity: I’m nice to you. Therefore, you will feel obligated to be nice to me, which is not a law. However, it is a possible guideline that may work sometimes.

We also have laws like posted speed limits, paying your taxes, etc.

These are societal laws created to help maintain some order amid the chaos of life.

Our spiritual laws are the laws that affect our spiritual growth and development and help us thrive and experience happiness.

What are the spiritual laws that apply to everybody, as does gravity?

There are very few pure Spiritual Laws that allow us to progress quickly toward Spiritual Enlightenment.

Speeding Spiritual Growth

Three Pure Spiritual Laws help us evolve spiritually.
1) Non-interference.
2) No distraction.
3) Moderation.

Interference is deliberately, willfully, intentionally, and maliciously causing someone to do something they would not have otherwise done. It’s a willful act and doesn’t happen accidentally.

If you deliberately manipulate someone else, that’s interfering with their Spiritual Progress.

Distractions are less black and white. Distractions are things that take you away from your intended purpose. For example, your neighbor distracts by playing loud music or using a table saw at six o’clock in the morning.

For many connecting with others are the distraction and the reason for monasteries, celibacy, and abstinence.

You lose your sense of connection with yourself. Distractions are up to us to manage and correct. Then my most favorite of all, my most difficult to enforce, is moderation.

And I was raised in the south, and I love to eat food. So I’m a foodie, and the more fried it is, the more butter it has, the better I enjoy it.

So moderation is the middle path. It’s not. It’s avoiding excess. The beautiful thing about moderation is that it includes moderation. It’s okay to eat whatever you want to on Thanksgiving day. It’s okay, now and then, to have a few too, too much wine, or if you’re in a brand new relationship, it’s okay to stay awake all night, every night, doing what you do in a brand new relationship.

Moderation is returning to the center path, the straight and narrow path of moderation.

Why Do Spiritual Laws Work?

When we adhere to these spiritual laws and principles, it is the most effective way to stay spiritually centered and connected, leading to an experience of Enlightenment.

Experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment is a profound connection with the Spirit in all things.

One can not describe Spiritual Enlightenment. It is something to be experienced personally.

Buddhist literature has done a pretty good job of documenting it. You can read many examples of what caused the moment of Spiritual Enlightenment, a blinding flash of the obvious and instantaneous connection with the Spirit in all things.

These moments of ONEness help us reexamine and redefine what it is to be alive.

Breaking the laws constraining your progress starts by identifying the regulations, the rules, and the principles by which you live your life.

Then ask the question: “Will my actions harm anyone else or myself?”

If your action will not harm another or yourself, the activity in question is almost certainly appropriate.

We connect with our inner knowing, our sense of internal purpose, and guidance to answer the question. Then, once we’ve opened the spiritual eyes of our soul to perceive those things spiritually, we are self-guided in the direction towards purpose.

Of Sex, Reiki & Enlightenment

With proper practice, you can experience Spiritual Enlightenment.

There are two people worth mentioning at this time. Each was spiritually enlightened and shared their experiences.

The first was the Buddhist monk and Zen master named Ikkyu Sojun (1394-1481).

Ikkyu didn’t play by the rules. Instead, he visited the fishmongers, bars, and brothels, thus breaking his vows as a Buddhist monk.

Despite his transgressions, Ikkyu experienced Spiritual Enlightenment while walking across a field was walking across a pasture (some say to visit a brothel).

As he walked, a Crow flying overhead cawed three times. In the silence between the caws, Ikkyu experienced Enlightenment.

At that moment, he became one with everything, and everything became one with him. Then, a few minutes later, he was again walking toward the brothel.

The point is that we never know when we will experience our Enlightenment. We can’t orchestrate, buy, or hack it by doing the practices while walking your path. Enlightenment is always possible.

The second person was Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926), the founder of Reiki.

After a lifetime of meditation and practice atop a mountain, Usui experienced a profound Enlightenment he connected with the Univeral Life Force.

He saw the connection that allowed him to have a spiritual healing experience. Then he was able to teach others this experience and became a Reiki Healer.

The part of Usui’s story omitted from those teaching weekend Reiki training is how Usui meditated 30-years before his experience, which only happened after 21 days of intensive meditation and fasting.

Many people feel high-priced weekend courses will make you a Reiki master.

In my experience, it takes a lot of deep work and profound mental control to heal oneself of others.

I am a Reiki Master and feel the Spiritualist Healing we teach our students, practitioners, and healers is more effective than the typical Reiki Practitioner,

Usui’s Enlightenment experience helped him understand and manipulate spiritual energy in such a way to allow him to heal miraculously.

Those are two examples of people who followed their own rules.

Each followed their truth and took responsibility for their life. Each did the work and the practices to train the body to transcend delusion and connect with their Spiritual Knowing to experience the ONEness of Enlightement.

Spiritually Enlightened Outlaws

You too are invited to follow “The Lawless Path to Enlightenment.”

You start by consciously observing the laws constraining or restricting your most total self-expression in fulfilling Who you are, Why you’re here, and Where you’re going.

Of course, some of these laws will be written and enforced by society, which has consequences if ignored. For example, if you choose to drive too fast or drunk or not pay your taxes and get caught, there are consequences.

There are natural laws like gravity, the first law of thermodynamics, and Boyle’s law. These pure and natural laws, if broken, have consequences as well.

But the magic happens in the realm of your life and spiritual beliefs. The spiritual principles and rules you adhere to once examined and tested with direct experiences, help speed your journey toward fulfilling your purpose with satisfaction and happiness as you accomplish what you incarnated to experience.

You have an excellent opportunity to one-day experience ONEness, that profound connection with the Universe mentioned by the Spiritual Masters, each in their way. Jesus called this state of being Spiritually Enlightened, sitting at the right hand of God.

Your challenge is to be lawless, then break the rules keeping you chained to the past.

Your next task is to consciously create new laws and rules that honor Who you are, Why you’re here, and Where you’re going.

The Right Action Test

Test each new law by asking:
Will my following action bring about harmony?
Will my following action harm me?
Am I deliberately manipulating another?
Am I distracting myself from my purpose?
Is this action moderate in nature?

Those are the laws that matter. All others can be put aside and forgotten. Your job is to consciously pick and choose what rules and laws best support your happiness to govern the next steps along your path.

My highest blessings.

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