Spiritual Guidance and Healing Sessions

Spirit360 Fellowship is an Independent Spiritualist Church. We practice and teach Psychic Mediumship and Spiritual Healing (the Psychic & Healing Arts).

Psychic Mediumship Sessions provide spiritual guidance from our spirit guides and teachers and the Intuitive/E.S.P. perceptions of your reader.

Spiritual Healing Sessions provide revitalizing healing energy and spiritual insights into maintaining your health and well-bring

We offer sessions virtually (via zoom) or in-person sessions (Oceanside, CA) to assist you with your spiritual growth, development, and healing journey.

Virtual Sessions (via zoom)

By default, all psychic mediumship and spiritual healing sessions are booked virtually via zoom.

After you pick your date and time, we will send you a confirmation email with the details you need to connect via zoom.

Your zoom session will be recorded and the recording will be sent to you shortly after your session.

In-Person Sessions (Private or Group)

If you are in Southern California, you can book an in-person at Rev. Terry’s home in Oceanside, CA. In-person sessions are offered for both Psychic Mediumship or Spiritual Healing. You may record your session.

You may HOST a group session in your home if you live in San Diego County, Orange County, or Riverside County (Temecula and south). Hosted group sessions will be considered on an individual, case-by-case basis.

All sessions are booked with tsHall, @theStoicMedium

get spiritual guidance with ts Hall, theStoicMedium - spiritual director at spirit360 fellowship

At this time, all sessions are booked with tsHall, @theStoicMedium, an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and Spiritual Director at Spirit360 Fellowship.

We are busy training and developing additional Clergy members.

Ways for you to connect with our Clergy for spiritual guidance or healing.

Connect with Spirit

Every Sunday

During each Sunday Service attendees are offered messages from our Spirit Guides and Teachers for their highest and best good.

We also conduct a self-healing practice and absence healing service.

Click the button below to join us live Sunday to connect with Spirit and enter a sacred healing space.

Mini-Session Booking

Book A 10-Minute Mini-Session for $10

This is a two-step process: Step 1: Buy a session. Step 2: Schedule your session.

NOTE: There maybe a 2-3 minute delay between buying a session and being able to schedule your session. This happens because of the time needed to process your payment.

All sessions are listed and scheduled in the Pacific Time zone (Los Angeles).

All sessions are setup as Zoom meetings and will be recorded.

You can join via zoom or phone.

We will send you links to download your recordings within one business day.

Get Direction w/

Spiritual Guidance

EXCELerate your spiritual progression.

Book a private mediumship session with tsHall, @theStoicMedium for Private Instruction, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Spiritual Counseling, & zenResults Coaching to speed your spiritual growth and development.

When you book a Private Spiritual Guidance Session you can choose to meet virtually via zoom of in-person in Oceanside, CA.

Make it a party

Group Sessions

If you’re in Southern California, you can book a group session with Rev, ts Hall, @theStoicMedium.

You can host a group session in your home or at your event. The arrangements for Group Sessions are made on an individual, cases-by-case basis with mutually agreeable terms.

Your group sessions can be private affairs (for your invited guests only). Or open to the Spirit360 Fellowship Community.

Group sessions bookings will be available beginning April 2022.

If you are NOT is Southern California, it is possible to host a group. Contact us for details.