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What is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual advice and guidance, including spiritual counseling and “spiritual life” coaching, describes how we can use the psychic arts to receive spiritual advice and support when making life decisions.

spiritual guidance + empaths superpowers teacher + energy healing superpowerFor Spiritual Counseling and Guidance to work, your spiritual beliefs can be something other than Spiritual Mediumship because most of us recognize our truth when we hear it.

Mediumship is a Learnable Skill

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with discarnate entities. In addition to spirit communication (connecting with the spirit world), psychic mediums can use their intuitive knowing and ESP to provide comprehensive spiritual and mediumship readings.

Mediums use clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the other “clairs” to provide holistic spiritual guidance and counseling as directed by our Spirit Guides and Teachers (both yours and theirs)

spiritual advice + mediumship at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistIn addition to mediumship, proper spiritual advice and guidance includes spiritual insights from our intuitive knowing and Extra-Sensory Perceptions which is essential because those on the spirit side will not defy the spiritual law of non-interference.

Professional Spiritual Advisors help seekers gain clarity on fulfilling their goals and intentions.

If You’re Seeking Spiritual Guidance…

When seeking spiritual advice, counseling and guidance the best place to start looking is at a Spiritualist Meeting place because of their ecclesiastic intentions they tend to be less commercial and more affordable.

spiritualism at the online spiritualist church at spirit360 fellowship site iconWe created the Spirit360 Fellowship as an Independent Spiritualist Church meeting online so those who do not have spiritual, but not religious resources within driving distance have a place to gather and connect with like minds and kindred spirits. from the safety and comfort of their kitchen or living room.

At Spirit360 Fellowship we practice and teach Psychic Mediumship and Spiritual Healing (the Psychic & Healing Arts).

These practices include pastoral care, spiritual counseling, advice and guidance.

How to Seek Spiritual Guidance

It’s best to start your quest for spiritual advice and guidance by listening to your inner knowing.

If you feel stuck, stranded, or trapped, then consulting a spiritual mediumship practitioner can help you start getting unstuck.

Spiritual advice can be an integral part of life for many people, providing insights, clarity, and life direction for those open to receiving assistance.

Finding adequate spiritual guidance can be challenging for empaths, “highly-sensitive people,” intuitive feelers, spiritual seekers, and old souls because, too many times, they’re more psychic than their readers.

infinite intelligence - intuitive feelers find answers at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistMost INFPs have difficulty finding competent psychic mediums for spiritual advice and counseling due to their heightened ability to sense what feels right and ring true.

How to Receive Spiritual Guidance

Receiving Spiritual Counseling, Coaching or Guidance can be an effortless effort. We recommend:

  1. Making a list of questions in order of priority (most to least important).
  2. Before your session and referencing your list, speak (out loud) with lefty and righty (lefty is the spirit entity on your life and righty the spirit guide or teacher on your right) to let them know your intentions and concerns regarding your question.
  3. If you’re so inclined, explicitly (speaking out loud) give your Spirit Guides and Teachers permission to work with me.

online psychic classes at old soul academyAt Spirit360 Fellowship, your Spiritual Counseling, Coaching, Guidance, or Instruction sessions are via recorded zoom meeting.

We send you links to download your sessions shortly after we connect.

Spiritual Guidance in Decision Making

Spiritual guidance, creative pastoral care, and counseling can be beneficial when making life decisions because old souls, HSPs, and empaths often can’t discern between what’s best for them and what others want for and from them.

By tapping into Spirit’s Intent, seekers can consciously make actionable decisions by considering all the facts (tangible and intuitive).

Psychic Mediumship is a learnable skill connecting mediums with the spirit world to gain clarity and insight. Clarity enhancement becomes possible because the shadows cast before future events are more recognizable and free from the delusions of our outward senses.

The Best Spiritual Answers Comes from Within

With proper training and practice, you can become self-referential and independent know your next best steps in life by looking within.

Until then, it’s best to seek spiritual advice and guidance from trained spiritual practitioners like those available at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

Spiritual Self Guidance

One of the best ways to get spiritual answers is through journaling and dreaming true.

Journaling helps you dump what is trapped in your beingness onto paper. Whether it takes a few days, weeks or months, you will eventually find that everything that’s been rattling around in your head is out on paper.

Once it’s out on paper, start noticing the patterns, stories, legends, and superstitions that have been running your life, often in a vicious circle of overthinking, procrastination and fear.

How to Start Dreaming True

Once you see the patterns, and stories, you can begin to “dream true” to access your subconscious and unconscious beleifs and attitudes that keep you stuck.

What you’ll find is that eventually an solution accompanies the belief and you have to  capture it and start taking actions to that change your life.

How to Get FREE Spiritual Guidance

Every Sunday, the Spirit360 Fellowship gathers as a community live, via zoom for Spiritual Practice, lessons, and guidance.

Attending our Sunday Gatherings is free with an invitation to make a love offering for the value you receive.

The Spiritual Advice and Guidance offered every Sunday is in the form of a psychic—mediumship message from our Spirit Guides and Teachers offered for your Highest and Best Good.

Meet Reverend ts Hall, @theStoicMedium

Rev Terry is the Spiritual Director at Spirit360 Fellowship and Headmaster at their teaching arm, the Old Soul Academy.

As a Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Rev. Terry uses his Intuitive Knowing and ESP abilities, to skills as a clairvoyant, clairaudient trance mediumship to help Spiritual Seekers rediscover their Spirit’s Intent, develop confidence, and thrive.

get spiritual guidance with ts Hall, theStoicMedium - spiritual director at spirit360 fellowshipOrdained in 2014, after a 25 year quest to find his spiritual truth, Rev. Terry created Spirit360 Fellowship to help you find your truth and create spiritual solutions to life’s problem.

Event though Rev, Terry was not taught at the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute and is not a member of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, most people find his direct and No B.S. Approach to Spiritual Advice and Guidance clear and actionable.

He calls this approach to Spiritual Counseling, Guidance and Coaching, “Stoic Mediumship,” which he teaches to the Old Soul Academy Students.

You can book private sessions with Rev. ts Hall, @theStoicMedium, on his website at – 


Get a private reading w/ RevT for a only a Buck-A-Minute (cheap). Ends Sunday.

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