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♾️ Creating Wellness with Spiritual Healing Affirmations

Healing Affirmations and Mastering Your Mind

 March is a healing month, and it is full of healing energy. This practice and a set of distinctions, practices, and understanding will help you fulfill your health and well-being goals and intentions for 2024, making this our best year ever.

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♾️ Spiritual Healing Affirmations and Tools

This week, we’re looking at Spiritual Healing Affirmations.

There are so many different ways to look at affirmations, and we will look at the most simple and what I found to be the most effective, which go hand in hand with your spiritual practices. As we go into March, we will declare and create the ability to be very clear on our healing intentions.

That’s the work we’ll be doing. Again, how do we develop our healing skills and augment those skills with affirmations?

Spiritual Healing Affirmations are little ethical lies we tell ourselves because if you’re affirming to be a millionaire and you don’t have a million dollars, it’s this little ethical lie, isn’t it?

♾️ Mastering Your Mind for a Better Life

Your mind is the final frontier. And as you learn to master your mind, you slowly master your life. And this goes way beyond, is your glass. Are you someone who perceives a glass as half full or half empty?

The wiggle worm Miss Kitty Jakey is in my lap causing all kinds of disturbances, but she’s, so if you hear a little purring, that’s her. It’s not me—not my tummy growling—it’s Miss Kitty purring. This goes beyond being a full or a half-empty kind of person. It’s not your perspective on life.

♾️ The Power of Thoughts and Actions in Shaping Your Life

It’s learning to trust and know that your thoughts are things. They are real. So you think, so you are, so you think you shall become, so shall you become. Your life today, exactly where you are, is a result of your past thinking, which informed your life. Past decisions also inspired you and got you to take your past actions.

Those actions gave you the results you have in your life right now. We want to begin having you control your thoughts, Align them with your spirit’s intent, and begin to have those thoughts and form actionable decisions. The action, the taking of which will have you create karma aligned with your 2024 goals, your spirit’s intent, and your life’s purpose for being here.

The way it works is you see it in your mind’s eye first, the thought, and then you transfer that thought to a way of being or a vibration. As you go through life, embodying that vibration, you begin to attract to you what you need that is in harmony with that vibration you are consciously creating.

attracting your dream team from your spiritual healing centerThen, you start to get results because you attract the possibilities. You begin to manifest opportunities, and then you start to materialize the results. So what is your It? You see it, see what? You have, you be it, be what? You have it, have what? So what’s your it? That’s what today is all about.

♾️ Imagineering Your Reality: The Power of Affirmations

We live in Southern California, my wife grew up a few blocks away from Disneyland. Disneyland created, coined, and used Imagineering when making its exhibits and whole plays. The Disney empire started with Imagineering, using your imagination and then engineering a result to bring that to life and into a three-dimensional world.

So we’re going to do a little Imagineering in 2024. You’re your muse expressing your spirit’s intent inside of you.

Your mind is the final frontier. And as you learn to master your mind, you slowly master your life. — Spiritual Healing Affirmations, March 17, 2024

♾️ Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Is this spiritual being trapped in this physical body? It’s not trapped. It’s in three-part harmony, perfectly aligned but governed by the mind-body connection, the primary connection between your brain and mind.

Your mind exists after you die. The brain dies with the body, so combined in this body, your brain and your mind are the grand architects of your reality, your experience, and what you’re going through.

♾️ The Art of Healing: From Thoughts to Reality

Healing skills are the source of the results. You can think all you want to, sitting there and thinking really hard.

And unless you’re Jesus or one of the other masters who could reach in the air and materialize man and things mentally instantaneously, you’re going to have to do some work. Then you’ve got your practices, which are actions with a specific intention that help you find and walk the path of attainment.

Spiritual Healing Affirmations train your mind — the final frontierNow, here’s the most beautiful thing about it. Everyone wins. When you get on the other side, we have a little powwow over there, and we’re connecting without any encumbrances of the physical body. If you Learn your lessons, suppose you fulfill your spirit’s intent and express your life’s purpose, accomplishing what you’re incarnated to experience and achieve this lifetime. In that case, you win, regardless of what it looks like on the scorecard.

That’s one of the things about golf. Suppose you have ever played golf. The only thing that shows up on the scorecard is the final result. It doesn’t tell what club you used or how bad your drive was. It’s about taking action, recovering from the result, and putting the ball in the hole.

And the one who does that with the fewest number of strikes on the wins. So how do we take action, recover from the result, and fulfill that intention in these 18 holes of life? And that’s what we’re creating now, which is that future. To see the shot in your head, swing the club and strike the ball. Have it go where you intended to and do so with this mental minimal effort on the middle path as possible.

Your Mind Is Imagineering Your Reality

So, your brain is this neurological computer. All it’s perfect for is processing all the information from our physical senses and interpreting what is the best way to have you survive this lifetime. Unfortunately, when we are very young, we are animals that our caretakers must train.

And in that training, we adopt, inherit, and are trained, and sometimes we are corrected if we do it wrong, into the tribal truths of those people who raised us. This training, imparting information from their experiences, creates our experiences, our reality, this tribal truth. We take all our different experiences from all the people who raised us, all the people who educated us, all the people who influenced us when we were a small child and growing into adulthood, into our majority.

That creates your truth. Your brain interprets things based on its ability to perceive what’s happening. So you’ve got what happened, the story you made up about what happened, and your truth. Sometimes, that personal truth has nothing to do with reality because you make sure things mean things about yourself, other people, and the world that are not aligned with an objective for every other person.

spiritual urgency - transformationNow, your mind, that’s the part of you that lives after your physical body ceases to exist. That’s your spirit’s conduit. It’s what allows you to connect directly with your spirit self, your ability to have your intuition, your ESP, and connect with other spirits. This is your direct connection to the divine you, the God within, the universal knowing, and the infinite intelligence.

If we train our mind and our brain, perceive and hear it. Now, the mind-body integration is proof of what you are accomplishing. So in the realm of health and being, have things that this physical body, think about the body like an automobile and depending on how well it was constructed, your genetic code, how well it was taken care of, How many accidents has been into all of these different back factors of this three-dimensional avatar that, that represents you, this vibration, this pearl on your necklace, that is what you are playing with this lifetime.

The question becomes, are you attached to owning this body? You’ve got it; you can love it or hate it. Which do you think is more harmonious? With health and well-being as you go through this life, though, there are two different philosophies of how to do things.

♾️ Healing Skills and Practices: Baking Your Way to Well-being

And if you’ve ever been in a kitchen, there are chefs, and there are bakers now chefs.

They are the Wild West. They are the renegades. They can dash of this, some of this, a splash of that, and a pinch of that. And you’ve ever read any of your great-grandmother’s recipes? Man, they were absolute shifts because they had to improvise with what they had to make something serviceable as a meal.

A baker, on the other hand, has to make precise measurements, precise temperatures, and precise controls and be able to adapt a recipe based on the weather, temperature, and many different cooking times and temperatures, depending on what oven they’re using. So, in healing, we’re bakers. We have to come up with the right mix of the exact proportions of what you need to be well, and it’s unique and up to you.

Being a chef is better because you mix what shows up in life into something delicious and appealing that will nourish your body. So that’s your mind. Your healing skills are the practical application of your spirit’s intent on your body.

Your truths, your tribal truths, trying to get to this objective reality. And if you’ve ever been someone who’s baked bread, I used to own a wholesale bakery, and we were known for our French bread. We also had pastries, croissants, and cakes, and they were perfect. And I was a quality control, and I was quite a bit heavier than I am right now.

your spiritual healing center is the birthplace of abundanceBecause every time I got tired of bread, we had cake. And every time I got cake, we had croissants. And every time I got tired of croissants, we had almond croissants. My partner was a Dutchman who was vocationally trained as a baker. I was more on the businessman distribution side of the house.

So, as we get the source of the results, You fine-tune and tweak based on the conditions you are experiencing right now, the feedback you get right now, which you sense with your physical senses. You apply that with the intuitive knowledge and experience of your skill set, and you turn out a beautiful product and result every time.

♾️ Affirmations: The Ethical Lies That Shape Our Future

And affirmations, a declaration in the first person singular of a positive result you want to have, a declaration in the first person singular. Of a direct result you wish to have had already been fulfilled, that rewrites your story. We tell ourselves that affirmations are little ethical lies because if you’re affirming to be a millionaire and you don’t have a million dollars, it’s this little ethical lie.

If you’re dealing with a health crisis and you affirm that you are well, whole, complete, perfect, and healthy, it’s a little ethical lie, but here’s the funny thing about your brain: It doesn’t make any difference. It can’t tell the difference between a vividly created thought form that is created strictly from your mind and the reality of the result.

If you stand on the edge of a cliff 500 feet down and that little, you get this little kind of vertigo, wooziness. The same result if you vividly imagine that in your mind or if you’re standing there. So affirmations are little lies that you tell yourself that pull you into the future you want to help you develop the skills and apply those skills to get the results.

And what’s beautiful about lies, whether they’re little ethical ones or big whoppers, is that if you tell a lie loud enough and long enough, everyone will begin to believe it—even you. And if you don’t doubt me, look at some of the lies and BS that the politicians spew. They keep saying it until it shows up for them, first in the crowds and then in reality.

♾️ Visualizing and Concentrating: The Path to Mastery

The next tool, the next skill to develop, is your ability to visualize what you want—see a clear-formed image in your mind’s eye. Now, if you’re like me and you’re nonvisual, imagine, pretend, and know it’s there. You play out the script in your mind’s eye, run it, run over it, and see the future you’ve just affirmed.

I am in it right now. You see yourself healthy, wealthy, wise, doing work that pulls and calls you forth. The last component of the skills essential to becoming a healing artisan is mastery of healing and its practical application, where you fully embrace an artisan’s way of life.

It’s concentration, crafting your reality by training the beast to do as you instruct instead of as it wishes. If you’ve ever heard a song and it doesn’t go away in your head for days or weeks, this little earworm, that’s an untrained mind. If you’ve ever overthought things and just can’t let it go, you can’t make a decision, and you strive for perfection, you’re guilty; that’s me.

That’s an untrained mind. If you rehash the, Jaeger,


The grandkids are meeting Gramy to go to Legoland today, so they have arrived. Jaeger, come here, bub. Jaeger, come here. Jaeger.

So, this is one of those distractions. To show up in life, come here, bub. Come here. Say hi to everyone. Come on. Come on up.

Visualize what you want. See a clear formed image in your mind’s eye. Being in it right now. — Spiritual Healing Affirmations, March 17, 2024

Yeah, come on. There you go. Nice little stretch. He does a perfect downward dog every time. Come here, bub. You know it? You’re going to like it. Okay. Come on. Come on. He goes, but there’s activity outside. Gramey’s outside. Okay. There you go. Let’s say hi to everyone. Alright. This is our little noise maker. He’s up.

He’s my favorite little poo machine that’s Yeager meister after the adult beverage made out of herbal to herbal stuff. He’s very medicinal.

The only problem with that, Rosamaria, is that he needs help understanding the affirmations. His affirmation is to Protect my people, and so he has to warn us every time it happens. And there’s a reason I don’t talk through the barking: it ruins my recordings. After all, it’s hard to hear me over the distortion of the dog barking on my setup.

So, as we begin to master our concentration and truly see the reality in our lives, we first affirm, visualize, and concentrate on the task at hand. The task at hand is the next step towards accomplishing what you want, training the beast to take that step no matter what.

You can produce consistently reliable results that move you in the right direction. of your intended outcome, whether health, wealth, or whatever, specifically in healing.

♾️ Embracing the Journey: Health, Wealth, and Well-being

What happens is that your physical body begins to adapt to the spirit body’s adaptation, adaptation to your thoughts, visualizations, and concentration.

attract spiritual connections by mastering the psychic and healing artsThen, you get aligned in this mind-body connection, where the mind, body, and spirit are fully aligned in three-part harmony. And every action you take is moving you toward the outcome. Here’s the only problem. Most of us get caught up in, especially in the Western world. We’ve become attached to when, and too many times, we have this expectation that I want to be a millionaire, but now I need to be a millionaire by tomorrow.

And then we get a little upset, and this gets programmed. How we deal with those upsets and things that don’t happen is based on our very early childhood training from the tribe, our tribal truth, and the tribes who raised us in our interpretation of it. So, these expectations take you out of the game, moving towards your intended outcome.

♾️ The Journey of Healing and Spiritual Growth

And that’s what we’re trying to undo through this healing skills process, my friends: short circuit those expectations, allow things to unfold in time and on time, be okay with when that is, and be aligned mind, body, and spirit on the journey there. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination.

All you can control is your presence in today’s moment and your preparation for the next step in the journey. At one point, you wake up in the morning and say, I’m here. You get that medical result. I’m here. You get the windfall. I’m here. And by that time, you’re already thinking about your next destination.

So enjoy the journey consciously, mindfully, and joyfully.

♾️ Practice Makes Perfect: Confidence Through Competence

Now, the last thing is your practice, and practice is the path to confidence. This is where most of us, as empaths, feel the experiences and thoughts of other beings and entities and seem to have a problem. We are, too; we lack confidence in what we know and feel, what’s suitable for us, and what works for us.

We become overwhelmed by this instinctual need to please and help others, take care of others, and save others with this intuition. We know and need to take care of ourselves to allow ourselves to thrive because the more we are thriving, the more we are healthy, the more we are confident in our abilities, the more others, the more we can, the more we can help others.

This may seem familiar to you, but you’ve got the Pathfinder. You’ve got to discover what you want and what works for you. Whether you eat a vegan or a carnivore diet, you’ve got to discover whether Spirit360 is the right place for you to take the following steps on your spiritual journey. If not, there are a million others out there.

Is this the right place for you to live? Is this the right place for you to work? Is this the right place to wake up next to this person? So once you discover what works for you, you realign your life. Set the correct course corrections to have your life and reinforce and reaffirm what works for you.

Then you start to blaze the trail through all of the past, all of the doubts, all the fear, all the worries, all the yeah buts. That is inherent in being sensitive, living in a physical world where everyone has an opinion about you. No one ever thinks about you as much as you think they do, but everyone has a damn opinion.

And unfortunately, you can sense that opinion when you are an empath. Many times, though, we filter it through our past, and we misinterpret the feeling we’re getting. That’s a different lecture. As you blaze a trail through your past, you start to see the light. That light at the end of the tunnel is your spirit’s intent, is your spirit self, is that light within that will illuminate your way on your journey to health and well-being, job satisfaction, life purpose, and creating the life you intend to make.

Didn’t you get it? Fast track. A fast tracker is someone who has a beeline to where they want to be. It unleashes your power confidently based on competence—competency-based confidence. Pardon me, some people are very confident. But they’re con people. They live out loud their affirmations and really try to pose.

They’re trying to; they have transferred fake it till you make it into a lifestyle, and they’ve never done the work to transform their results. So, as you start to unleash your power, the gap between the first initial thought, desire, and ambition then does the gap to accomplish, and it starts to close.

spiritual healing affirmations - life' flowJesus, as a healer, could powerfully heal others in a short time. That’s miraculous. That ties us back into the sainthood Tau Chuan Ling tapped into us: sainthood is always knowing your next step and where it will lead you and never being surprised. Now that’s boring as hell. It would be boring if you always knew about your future, but I don’t know about you.

That would be a glorious type of boredom because the thing is. You don’t have to be surprised because what you create is what you experience is what you have. And it starts by allowing yourself to have an affirmation you can see. I am healthy. I am well. I experienced peace of mind. That’s a good one.

I create harmony, especially when the dog’s barking and the cat’s eating your wires. So that’s the affirmation that’s in your mind. After that, you create that experience by being healthy. That’s where you find out what works for you, and what works for you is an alignment with your body and your spirit’s intent.

So you start to see the possibility of what you want to experience. You take those actions. You eat that proper diet. You accept that adequate exercise. You remove the distractions or become so detached from them that they don’t bother you. It’s water off a duck’s back.

♾️ Becoming a Miracle Worker: The Ultimate Goal

And you allow yourself to be the creator of your experience, a miracle worker.

I don’t know about you, but this world could use a few more miracle workers. The interesting thing is that, regardless of what you think is right now, the path to getting there reveals what that is. And once you understand and demonstrate what that is, something interesting happens.

You become the source of your reality. You are the person who creates your world in seven days—my friends, that is the healing skills, starting with the affirmations that bring about the experience.

My highest blessings.

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