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♾️ Creating Your Spiritual Healing Center

As we examine this topic today, I want you to allow yourself to learn more about spiritual energy healing and be open to possibilities. Last week, we discussed the healing journey. We asked you to create a plan, do some daily morning pages, and get clear about what it means to be healthy. That is the part that is so essential to creating the healthy life you want.

Having a plan inspired by your spirit’s intent from your spiritual side allows you to create actions in the physical world that will generate results or karma that is positive, good, and intentional, aligned with your spiritual reason for being here. 

… the three steps to wellness: attraction, manifestation, and materialization. Everything else is redundant, but your health matters and you exemplify that in how you walk this earth.

Table of Contents

♾️ Spiritual Healing Center: The Incubator

So, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? I don’t know who originally asked that question, but it has been around for quite a while.  

a step by step plan for creating your spiritual healing centerYour plan is the egg. The work you did last week is the egg, the potentiality.

The spiritual healing center is the place in which you incubate the egg. That’s where you nurture, care for, and allow it to express its intention, enabling you to act to actualize your plan.

Inside this healing center, we must address the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the essence of the being who is you. 

Now, the last thing is to materialize. And what do we materialize? We materialize in an actualized sense of self and wealth, and self and health,
Each one of us can create an individualized spiritual healing center.

So, as we start to do this, I want you to imagine a command center in your life, a place where you can go to do mental thinking and spiritual searching and create for yourself a place where it’s perfectly okay to be you.

We created Spirit360 Fellowship as an extension of this place, where you can find like-minded and kindred spirits to connect with and start training your mind in ways that will allow you to create the desired results.

Step one in creating a healing center is to start attracting to you what you need to be well. To do that, we have to reconcile the past, any stories that you have about who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going, what’s important, what’s good, what’s bad, what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s moral. Then, you create a space to develop and build a future.

Your Spiritual Healing Center: Manifestation

The second part is manifestation, and that’s your awareness in action. So, as you start attracting things around you, you must begin to see what you need to be well—what you’re attracting from a spiritual perspective, not an instinctual viewpoint. The last thing is to materialize. How do you actualize healing in your life and body to be well on your journey this lifetime?

spiritual healing center allows you attract possibilities, manifest opportunities, and materialize healing, wellness, peace of mind, and harmonyAnd here’s the part that is so challenging. And man, I bump up against it all the time: Allow yourself to trust what you know in an individual and personalized way to create and experience what you want genuinely, not what others wanted for you for your whole life, not what others think you should have. 

Attraction—step one is to attract possibilities, reconcile the past, and create the future.

Inside your healing center, There is a physical component for me. I bring my healing center wherever I go, so it’s fun whether n the bathroom, at Starbucks, or with you. I can access the Eye of the Storm everywhere. But first, start attracting your team to the real world and spirit teams.

Spirit side teams are already there, but you must learn to communicate with them consistently, reliably, and verifiably. Otherwise, you will have a thought, and you won’t know if that thought is really from you or a spirit guide or teacher.

attracting your dream team from your spiritual healing centerGreat, many people can collapse and confuse the two. Trust me; when you get authentic communication from spirit, it feels different.

But in a way, few of us will experience it. Then, in your real-world team, you’ve got your community, medical professionals, chiropractor, optometrist, and dentist—all these things that keep the body tuned up. These are all the mechanics. These are all the people who support you in life. You can be a partner, a business associate, or a co-worker, but you’ve got your real-world community. 

It’s consistent action taken from a spiritual context, with mind, body, and spirit aligned in a three-part harmony, which creates a mobile spiritual healing center with you at all times.

As you become more grounded and focused spiritually, some of those team members will get swapped out. Some people right now love you and accept you unconditionally. Some of them have very conditional relationships with you. As you begin allowing yourself to be grounded in your body, mind, body, and spirit, aligned in three-part harmony, with your spiritual eyes open, you can start to recognize people as they show up in your vibrations, show up in your life. Ah, that person “feels right.”

So that is the first part. The second part of the attraction is attracting your medicine. But let food be your medicine. As we become very cheap food sources for bulk calories, the quality of that food could be better.

So it’s finding for yourself and attracting a diet and a source of nourishment that works for you. For some of you, that’s vegan; for some of you, it’s carnivore; for some of you. You are an omnivore; some of you are vegetarian, but there’s a source of nutrition that can be your medicine. About 80% of my experience in life is not eating the proper diet because it affects my ability to focus and concentrate, my overall well-being, and the rest of my sleep. 

spiritual healing center incubates a healer's mindset
The next part of your medicine is motion. It’s a simple getting out of a stationary position and moving a little bit.

Then there’s the silence. Allowing your body a peaceful, quiet place to unwind without distractions is a great way to relax.

There is interference with your rest and well, and then there are whatever meds you need. Now, here’s the thing about most spiritual people.

There’s this myth—a superstition—that if you were spiritual, you wouldn’t need Western medicine or medication. But here’s the thing: you have a physical body. 

And just like you’ve got a physical car, if you don’t get it taken care of, if you don’t put the right oil, you don’t put the right fuel, if you don’t keep the tires pumped up, if you don’t keep the proper maintenance done, you’re going to have problems—same thing with a physical body. And one of the things that happens, we have a genetic predisposition to certain things. For me, it’s gout and blood pressure. I have gout issues.

I got that from my dad’s mom. I got blood pressure, which I got for about half of my southern roots in my family. But my body is hardwired that way. So, taking the medication to keep the symptoms under control while the healing works is recommended.

Western medicine is beautiful at being able to diagnose and figure it out. Out what the symptoms are. They’re not very good at curing stuff, but I can keep you alive long enough to be cured, and that, my friends, is the magic of your team and your medicine. Now, your therapy.

Here’s the most significant benefit of having a spiritual context, a spiritual awareness, a deepening of your ability to quiet your mind and calm your emotions: You confront the things that stop you from being present in the world.

Should you do talking therapy, psychological and psychiatric? 

Yes, absolutely. If that’s within your means and it works for you, great. Suppose you find a mental health practitioner who also comes from within the distinctions of mindfulness and meditation, allowing you to train and develop your mind. 

In that case, you can train and develop your mind by discussing your problems, identifying your blind spots, and recognizing the veils of delusion. That’s very good.

Whatever practices they give you, take them up on it. But here’s the most essential thing about attracting what you ned. It doesn’t feel correct or comfortable so because you’re so damn busy.

But here’s the thing about being busy: It’s a distraction that keeps you off the center path, the path of moderation. So, inside your spiritual healing center, you attract things like shiny little objects that a cat will chase. Some of those will feel right, and some of them won’t.

It’s only by practicing them, by taking them up, that you’ll start to experience wellness. So you have all these things around you. Information is everywhere.

Discernment is your job, and it is your job to figure out what works for you. So remember, the egg has potential. That’s the plan for a possible future.

You’re creating that from this command center, which could be a physical or internal place. The choice is yours.

You are now manifesting. This is where you incubate your eggs. The first place to look is the Three Rs: Right Meditation, Right Thought, and Right Action. Create a place and condition where you can open your spiritual eyes with no distraction or interference with you being you. Where you can let all of your guards down, all of your walls down, and breathe normally.

Some of us are so tightly wound that taking 20 or 30 deep breaths in a row is uncomfortable because we’ve never let those walls down.

That’s what I’m talking about: this incubating place where we start to create a condition that allows the egg the plan to develop in time and on time so we can then walk out into the world without having the walls up and protective.

Your spiritual healing center is what we call what I call the eye of the storm. Every one of them, every one of us, has a different place to relate to it. But to enter the eye of the storm within, you’ve got to have a safe space without. 

Whatever that is, if you’ve got young kids, it’s in the bathroom for some people. For some of you, it’s that favorite chair, couch, and place in nature where you can sit down and just let your guard down. Allow yourself to be present and not interrupted, distracted, or interfered with by all the energies, commotion, and chaos from others.

So, there is quiet receptivity, thinking tranquility, and a mindful presence. So, the essence of your healing center is:

…Being centered. 

…Being grounded.

…Being safe.

…Being you.

Then it is in this spiritual healing center, this egg, where you want to start counting that chicken before it hatches.

You create in your mind’s eye an experience of the future you want to bring. What is wellness? What does your body look like? What does your energy level look like? What does your experience of oneness feel like?

Then you experience that as a mental exercise. Then you go out in the real world, and you realize you start to recognize who you are attracting and what keeps you aligned on your path moving forward. 

As we leave the healing command center and enter the world, the most vital part is recognizing those we are attracting and allowing that community to begin manifesting opportunities around us, making the journey less lonely and more enjoyable. 

Spiritual Healing Center: Materialization

We’re creating an actualized sense of self, health, well-being, wellness, and purpose. Everything created in your mind’s eye is expressed in the world, being you. So, your spirit body is the blueprint.

harmonize your mind, healing your body - your spiritual healing centerYour spirit body is this kind of electrostatic energy field that houses your consciousness when you don’t have a physical body.

When you have a physical body you merge into, it takes on the shape of your genetic code. So you have genetic code donors one and two, and we have your body. Your spirit inhabits your body.

We also call this your etheric, your consciousness. So you have a physical brain in your body, and your mind is on top of it. Your mind is the observer. So you’ve got this genetic blueprint expressed in a three-dimensional holographic form through your spirit.

We start removing disharmony from the spirit, which begins to resonate in the physical body to restore harmony. So that’s the essence of healing actualized.

Then you’ve got your mind. Your mind creates imperfections in your spirit’s expression of the genetic code. You have had a traumatic experience.

You have some injury, scar tissue, emotional condition, or malnourished. Your mind is the control center that removes imperfections.

Imperfections from the expression of your genetic code in your spirit self, which then has your spirit self vibrate and harmony to remind your physical body of what that harmony is. Then you got your body.

Now, this is your proving ground, your experiment, your lab. So, as you look at your body starting to change over time because you begin the process of genuinely embracing this concept of a healing center and being the chicken that is the expression of the egg, the plan, and the incubation, then what happens is you genuinely have abundance expressed in your life.

Now, is this worthwhile? It’s a lot of damn work. Unless it’s not, and that’s the part I want you to look at next week as we go into the tools that help us bring forth this idealized version of yourself.

It takes about 90 days to have a transfer of the physical body, truly change your mind, and have everything flow through everything.

It can be done faster, but it takes about 90 days for a transformation to occur for the typical person in the Western world

And then most of us, when we get a good result, get too busy and stop doing what got us the result in the first place.  

your spiritual healing center is the birthplace of abundanceThat’s what happens with meditation. So, as you start to allow yourself to have the spiritual center within, and as this center ripples out into the physical body and the physical world, you begin to attract those things and people around you who support you being healthy. You then begin to manifest an expression of the opportunity to be well.  

Then you start to materialize from the inside out, from the spirit out, a direct result in your physical body. So here’s my question. It was mentioned that we had some whatever we call this. This gnome houses.

What does your spiritual healing center look like? 

Start with a simple location in your house where you practice regularly. The chair, the meditation cushion, the place outside in your yard, whatever it is, but a safe, comfortable, intentionally created physical space to sit down where you’re secure, not distracted, and not interfered with.  

Then, as you start to get safe and comfortable in your body, the walls start coming down. Then, that physical center allows the inner spiritual center to radiate from me to create health, harmony, peace of mind, and well-being for you. And that, my friends, is the second step in our healing journey during March.

 So that’s the three steps to creating and creating your individual and personal Spiritual Healing Center.  

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