Part 5: 2022 Your Best Year | Spiritual Integration

2022 your best year ever - spiritual integration

Imagine it’s December 31, 2022 and as you look back over the year you realize it has been your best year ever.

During this 5-Part series, we explore the spiritual tools and practices that will help you make 2022 Your Best Year Ever.

Below you will find the recordings for our online Spiritual Church Service from January 30, 2022.

You will find the recordings of your messages from spirit in the Full Service recordings.

2022 your best year ever - spiritual integration

Jan 30, 2022 Spiritualist Meetings: Spiritual Integration

How to Make Your 2022 Dreams and Goals Happen
– Part 5 of a 5-part series-

  • Part 1: Meditation, January 02, 2022
  • Part 2: Practice, January 09, 2022
  • Part 3: Display, January 16, 2022
  • Part 4: Evaluation, January 23, 2022
  • Part 5: Spiritual Integration, January 30, 2022

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Order of Service:

  • Welcome
  • An opening spirit guide message
  • A Stillness Meditation Practice
  • Guided Self-Healing Visualization
  • Applied Spirituality & Instructional Talk: Spiritual Integration
  • Absence Healing Service
  • Psychic Messages Service
  • Setting Your Week’s Intention

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Spiritual Integration Transcript

Spiritual Integration

Today’s topic, the fifth in our five-part series on How to Make 2022 your best year ever, is Spiritual Integration.

Part five of our series for Making 2022 Your Best Year Ever is Spiritual Integration.

Here’s a recap of the process.

Part one was meditation. We learn to find our way to the middle path, being present, here and now.

Part two was practice. What practices, when done regularly, will develop your skills and competencies to bring about the results you want.

Part three discussed displays. How can we display our skill level, progress, and intentions to keep your goals in the foreground of your awareness and know we’re on track. 

Part four, evaluate. We eliminate delusion from our lives by assessing our skill levels and progress toward fulfilling our goals.

The four steps in our process allow us to integrate our improved skills and sensitivities into our day-to-day life. So we integrate our spiritual experiences and spiritual awareness into what we do daily.

Close your eyes, and as you close your eyes, see yourself waking up on December 31st, 2022. 

It’s December 31st, 2022, New Year’s Eve, and you awaken into a reality where everything you wanted to bring about this year has happened.

On this last day of the year, you’re living in the experience of creating your best year ever.

What’s different? 

You plan a lunch with your best friend in the world. How do they react to you at the end of your best year ever?

How do the people you engage with regularly react to you? How do they see you? How do they interact with you?

You are your highest and best self, having caused and created your best year ever.

What does it feel like to have accomplished what you wanted to bring about?

What do you experience walking a path through the thriving life you’ve created?

Now, express the way you feel like a way of being.

For example, are you happy, relieved, victorious, prosperous?

Yeah. Hold this experience in your mind’s eye, in your vibration, allow yourself to feel it at a cellular level.

Every cell, atom, and molecule of your beingness resonates with this feeling. 

Creating your best year ever is real now in your awareness.

This future is now in your awareness as a possibility.

Take a deep breath in, open your eyes. As you open your eyes, consider that experience to be a ten on a scale of 1 to 10.

Looking at where you are today, where are you on this scale of one to ten? Are you a four out of ten, five, six?

Regardless of where you’re at right now, knowing what needs to happen next to move you up the scale by one is the only thing that matters.

If you’re a four out of ten now, what needs to happen for you to be a five?

Knowing what needs to happen for you to get to a five on a scale of 10 informs you about your next steps or “right actions.”

Create your next milestone. Then you plug that milestone into our 5-step process: meditation, practices, displays, and evaluations.

When you reach a five out of ten, repeat the process to get to a six out of ten. 

Doing so has you waking up on December 31st, knowing that 2022 has been your best year ever.

Then coming back to reality, knowing I’m at a five out of 10 now.

What needs to happen for me to be at a six?

What skills do I need?

What did I learn moving from four to five?

How can I apply that learning to get to a six?

What actions do I need to take?

What displays do I need to adjust?

How do I better evaluate my results in my successes?

And that, my friends, is the spiritual integration process.

And how can all of this doingness be spiritual (much less Spiritual Integration)?

It’s Spiritual Integration because meditation precedes every step in the process.

Meditation quiets your mind and calms your emotions, creating an experience of seeing things as they are in this eye of the storm.

When we do our spiritual practices (in the eye of the storm), we expand the time we stay mindfully present in the eye of the storm.

We mindfully experience our aliveness more and more each day.

When challenges arise, we quickly and consciously choose to see our spot, breathe out, drift toward stillness, touching it for the briefest moment.

We breathe in slowly, consciously entering a place of quiet receptivity and thinking tranquility, accessing our intuitive knowing, our ESP, open for spirit communication.

We’re fully present, here, now, at this moment, seeing things as they are, knowing our next step.

This process of Spiritually Integration informs us through our intuitive knowing and ESP. In addition, our psychic senses perceive the energy world, including our spirit guides and teachers.

We see things free from the delusions of our outward senses.

The more we repeat, practice, and master this five-step process daily between now and December 31st, we systematically move closer to our “ten on the scale of ten experience” for each goal. We consciously Make 2022 our best year ever.

Evaluating where we’re at with our ability to do these practices, our goals start becoming absolute in our awareness, reflected around our environment. 

This five-step process is too simple for most people. So instead, everyone wants to find the hack, buy the course, do something out there to get the results that only exist within.

And by going within, meditate to get fully present to Who you are, Why you’re here, Where you’re going, this simple process of mindfully walking every step of your way, just going to the next step, the next step, the next step.

That’s walking a spiritual path.

One of the questions I get asked during private counseling and reading sessions is, “Am I on my path?”

The answer: If you’re still breathing and on “this side,” you’re on your path. 

I can say this because, no matter where you are right now, as long as you’re on “this side,” engaged in finding that next piece of this master puzzle we have called spiritual consciousness, spiritual awareness, you’re on your path.

Your direction may need a few adjustments made using this five-step process we’ve discussed these past few weeks.

These adjustments set the course to creating your best year ever, every year.

This process helps you rediscover your purpose by revealing the answers to Why you’re here, Where you’re going, Who you are.

That, my friends, is that. Too simple for most, but I’m going to have you do one last thing as we wrap up this five-part series, ask yourself, does this simple process ring true? Does it feel right?

If you answer yes, I encourage you to go back in and watch the videos of this series.

Pay special attention to the first step, meditation. We practice meditation twice a day for 10 minutes each session.

You do our stillness meditation practice in addition to any other meditation practices you may be doing.

Our stillness meditation practice allows you to develop your intuition, ESP, healing, and spirit communication competencies quickly and accurately.

Not sure how to develop your psychic and healing abilities? No problem, we happen to teach them at the Old Soul Academy, our online school for the psychic and healing arts.

In addition to your spiritual practices, you need to develop your goal-specific skills.

If you want a new job, develop resume writing or interview skills.

If you want a life partner, you may need skills that allow your inner radiance to shine through or to recognize those we attract that our physical senses ignore as ideal mates.

If you want a new home or more cash, we need skills trusting our inner knowing.

I think Tau Chuan Ling talked about seeing life through the eyes of a child. How do you approach everything newly, without bringing anything from your past into it?

Next, we create displays for our intentions and progression. Finally, we display our unbroken practice chains alongside our images of success.

You display skills improvement by getting more ESP cards right, more intuition cards right, more spirit communications cards right.

Then you evaluate where you are truthfully and without delusion, seeing and knowing “what’s so.”

Next moment by moment, you find out where you are on your scale accomplishments as you get closer to that “Ten experience.” 

You are slowly reorienting yourself to the next level on your journey.

That, my friends, is the five-step process for Making 2022 Your Best Year Ever.

Is it simple? Yeah.

And here’s the part I want you to get grounded in knowing.

If you don’t hear anything else that I say, please hear this…

 If you master these five steps, regardless of the outcomes you accomplish in 2022, it will, my friends, be your best year ever.

How can I say that? Because I said it, period.

The rest is up to you. 

My highest blessings.

Ask Me Anything Questions

How do we start to identify our Spirit Guides & Teachers

Ashley’s Full Question: “Hi. Yeah. I just wanted to ask, how did you sort of go about at the start of your journey, getting to know, and identify your spirit guides.

Spirit Communication is Evidence The Your Spiritual Integration Efforts are working…

The first step we teach is to know the difference between your intuitive voice, your thinking voice and your guessing voice. So it’s a process of developing your intuition in verifiable ways.

Once you develop your intuition in verifiable ways and you can accurately know that you’re getting ESP right and intuition right.

Then when you know the difference, and know that you know the difference, when your spirit guides step into your vibration, you will know the difference between their communication, what they’re saying, and your thoughts, you’re thinking, and your intuitive knowing.

It is a cumulative process of skills development. And the first skill is to quiet your mind, then to be able to predict the playing cards.

What’s the next card.

What’s the next card.

What’s the next card until you’re mostly accurate.

And then one day you’ll just pick up a card and you will know, and you know that you know that that card is a black seven of clubs.

You turn it over and it’s the black seven of clubs. And you knew that, and you knew that you knew that before you turned it over.

So that gives you your first milestone. And as you become more competent and confident in your ability to use your intuition to predict the next card, then we show you different ways to develop your ESP and interact with the outside world, the outside physical world.

Now, as you become more competent with your ESP, because remember all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics and mediums.

So as we develop our psychic abilities, and we’re open to spirit communication.

What is needed for spirit communication is a receptive mind in control, a receptive mind in control.

Our ability to develop our intuitive practices and our ESP practices and improve those skills, proves it to ourselves and to anyone else who’s observing your mind is in control.

Then all of a sudden, a teacher shows up and bam, you see their face, you see what they’re wearing, you know, their name and you connect with them.

And you know that you know, and you don’t need to need confirmation because you know that you know.

And then we show you how to test them and yourself to verify that you indeed are connecting with the spirit guide instead of your own intuition or your own ESP.

How to I calm my overactive mind during concentration?

Anna’s Full Question: “I have a very overactive imagination. And so when I focus on this spot, I see a lot of images around it and I have a hard time not having images, I guess I just need to practice with my own same abstract spot.

That’s it.

Because you remember your mind is like a three-year-old child.

It will get away with whatever you allow it to get away with.

When you tell it to do something, what does it say?

“Why?! Or No, you can’t make me.”

Tell your mind, “One spot, in the center of my field of vision for five minutes.”

It’s going to say, no, you can’t make me, watch all this other stuff. It’s more fun.

It’s less boring. And is that’s how your mind is because you’ve never trained it.

ANNA: Thank you.

Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. When in doubt, practice.

Practice is the shortest path to effective Spiritual Integration.

Is 10% accuracy for Intuition & ESP results good enough for spiritual growth?

ROSAMARIA’s Full Question: “Uh, actually, I just want to do ask if we get 10%, would that be enough for the cards?

50% is guessing on red and black.

ROSAMARIA: What are the other ones?

The Duke University ESP Cards?

Yeah. So the ESP cards are-there’s a square and a star and a little squiggly line and a circle and a cross.

So guessing out of ESP is 20%. So one in five. If you’re getting one in five on average, that’s the same as guessing. So with the ESP cards, I’m looking at probably getting you to 50%. So if you do 10 cards, if you get five right, statistically, something’s going on there.

If you’re getting cards at 10%, the thing you’re looking for is the difference of when you get the card right and you know that you got the card right and when you get the card wrong. Because what you have to first find out is the difference between your minds guessing in logic and rationale process for guests predicting the next card versus your intuitive knowing of what the next card is.

So that’s what we’re trying to do. This is the pushups and the training your mind of what to do, to recognize between a guess and an intuitive knowing. So 50% on the ESP cards. And you’re just doing red, black on the playing cards, we’re looking at a 85, 90% on that.

ROSAMARIA: “Is Tau Chuan Ling one of the original builders of Doc Tau Lou?

He hasn’t, he hasn’t said yet if he has. Um, and I haven’t really asked, so I’ll maybe I’ll have that conversation with him when I have time. It would be an honor to know that he’s around.

Well, it’s an honor to have him around anyway, cause he definitely is a member of the Green Jade Priesthood.

And, I’m humbled by his presence, every time he says something through me.

You can measure Spiritual Integration Efforts by improving your Psychic Ability Accuracy.

Do you have to use the abstract spot during our concentration practice?

CHERYL’S Full Question: “Well, when I’m meditating and choosing, I don’t choose a spot. I choose a little flower vase that I have. And when I have that with flowers and leaves, is it correct to keep that image? But I go through and look at each part of the plant and down into the glass and the roundness of the glass.

So the answer to your question is yes and no.

If you have your mind that well-trained, that you can create an image and you can kind of at–what do they say? What do they say in food, a deconstructed something so they take it apart. So you can look at focus on each individual part. Now you’ve got exquisite control of your mind to do certain things.

Now we want it to train it. We want to train it to do what you want it to do. So, if you want to hold one image to the exclusion of all others for five minutes, make it more simple. So maybe just take the flour. So hold the whole thing.

Then today I’m going to focus five minutes on the flour, or I’m going to focus five minutes on this aspect of the image.

Now here’s why this is important. And I don’t want you to hear that this is the, you-can’t-heal-unless-you-do-this, but this is why this is an important skill.

Let’s say you have someone you’re working with on a, as a healer, we have something in your own body you want to heal. And your teacher says to you, I need you to hold a white cloud, the size of a soccer ball on the left shoulder for three minutes.

Then you need to be able to create the white cloud, the size of a soccer ball, which I think is soccer balls like that. And then hold it and focus it and project that energy in that space for the amount of time he requested. And if your mind is used to, you know, because if your mind is used to stay in active, doing different, breaking down an image is different than holding a single image without falter for three or four minutes.

CHERYL Adds: “Okay. When we just did the healing a little bit ago, I had a concussion and I had to go to the chiropractor the other day to get everything loosened up.

And I’ve been in a lot of pain and I woke up with a headache and I thought, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sit and meditate, but the healing, honest to God, the pain went away because I did picture that ball of energy and held it and went over those areas.

And I am so surprised and so happy.”

Yay. Go ahead.

CHERYL Says: “I hope it keeps on.”

So that’s the part I was about to say. Now, your mind, you have an experience and that experience is like outside your normal realm of experience. You were present, you were listening to my voice. You were able to hold the energy ball this time instead of making your hands and put the ball in the middle.

I said, make the ball first and then grab it. So that, for some reason that’s what felt right to do. And then put the head and you start here and you release it and it’s like, ah, just what the doctor ordered. Now, here’s the part you had a success with that, your mind will try to remember how you did it.

Instead of doing it newly the next time. And this is the biggest problem we have with rote type of healings as our mind, the first time we figure out how somehow that worked, how did I make that damn headache go away? Cause it works the same thing that works with migraines, with other headaches and with other issues.

Once you get it to work right the first time, then your mind tries to remember how you did it instead of being present in the moment and doing it again. Because each day, you’re a little bit different, each day the symptoms are a little bit different. So as being mindfully present and doing what is needed right now to get the result right now you need.

As our Spiritual Integration Progresses, our ability to stay in the moment for our healing work improves and more miraculous results happen.

How do we navigate through and shield ourselves from the negative energy of others?

JULIA’s Full Question: “Hi. I don’t know. I guess my question revolves around kind of like involving other people or other people that kind of want to project, like kind of negative energy onto you in a sense that like you’re competing with them and you don’t really want to compete or you don’t really want to engage, but it’s like, whenever you’re around them, that’s kind of the energy that they’re projecting or what you feel.

And it’s kind of like, how do you make sure that you get centered back in your own energy. Like, I try to just put myself in a state of like I’m giving love and my intention is love in this situation, but it makes me uneasy and I’m guess I’m trying to navigate how to shield that.

Yeah. That’s one of the interesting things. That’s part of the process that’s kind of fascinating about being virtual so much of the time now. Some people are really thriving in it because they don’t get in the vibration or the sphere of other people that are negative. And some people are really having a problem with it because they’re extroverts and they need that energy, that competition, that experience to pull them forth.

So here is the best advice I can give you. As you become more and more competently grounded in who you are, why you’re here and where you’re going, you simply acknowledge where other people are at and stay centered and focused in your own vibration. And for empaths especially, this is difficult because most of us don’t really know is this my stuff, or is this their stuff what’s going on?

Is it overall, you know, vibratory rate of the space. And it’s only through spiritual growth and development practice, the meditation and really doing the work of developing in discerning your intuition, your ESP, and your spirit communication that you understand where you are in this whole spectrum.

And part of this process is especially in the ESP training, where you start to actively go out and perceive the vibrations around you. Then you can say, oh, this is not my stuff. This is their stuff. And this is the most important thing you can learn as a healer and as a psychic and as an empath, in my opinion.

And if you haven’t gotten my disclaimer about my opinion, my opinion plus five bucks will get you almost anything you want at Starbucks. So here’s the most valuable thing you can learn to do when you’re around anyone that is not vibing with you. I wash my hands and I bless you and I leave you. Come back to your focus, your center and carry on.

And I actually do many times I’ll rub my hands together as an anchor, as a real physical reminder that I’m washing my hands and I’m blessing. Because people are going to do and be what people are. And you mentioned you really kind of come from a place of love, what I do when I’m around someone who is really a pain in the butt, is I find one thing to fall in love with them about.

If I’m gonna fall in love with this person, this would be the one thing I would fall in love with. And I love that about them, regardless of all the other stuff. And trust me, sometimes it’s really hard to find that one thing for some people. It’s like I really work hard to find it.

So just find a way, for some people they just put their hands beside them. Beside them they’ll kind of shake their hands. Some people will kind of come back to here. That’s kind of weird though, if you’re in our space and you kind of started doing this all the time, it’s like, what are you doing?

Choking yourself. Yeah. And allow yourself to have something you can put your hand in your pocket or put your hand somewhere. You can shake it, snap your fingers a little bit. Shake them, let go of them. Let go of that energy, get grounded in your own vibration, your own intention.
That quiet place, the eye of the storm, keeping the chaos of their experience of the world away from you. And then you get regrounded and refocused and recenter mindfully choosing how you’re going to move forward. And that for me, helps with several things. It helps you be able to be appropriately assertive when needed. It allows you to be appropriately empathic and empathetic is a way to meet appropriately empathetic when someone really needs help and they’re just too noisy to ask and they don’t know how to ask. And it really allows you to, with exquisite eloquence define and defend your boundaries with certain people. So I will be quiet and see if that answered your question.

JULIA Responds: “Yeah, it does. It does for sure. I remember when I was practicing meditation a lot more and getting really really grounded in my own energy.

It was more easy for me to ground. And I’m realizing that whole just grounding myself in that moment. The only thing that’s difficult is it literally is my best friend. And it’s weird because I am an empath. So she’s more clairsentient. I’m an empath. So picking up on people’s energies is really confusing for me at times, because I’m like, this doesn’t feel right, but with her, she automatically she’s able to like distinguish.

But It’s just a matter of like separating myself and like keeping myself grounded. And it’s hard because I feel like we really rechannels where each other it’s like the weirdest thing. So like that whole situation is just, it’s sticky. It’s very sticky. I live with her.

And here’s the part that is the next step after you get really focused in, if you can really come to present and be present through your meditation practice, it’s through the ESP and intuition practice using the playing cards to know what the next card is. That you expand that into the real warrant. So meditation is beautiful, but meditation is individual and private.

And if sometimes when you have, you know, stuff going on around you, it’s hard to keep that centeredness because you can’t drop it and nothing and disappear in the middle of life. So it’s through the ESP practice, the intuition practice and the healing practices that we do, that you extend your ability, that quiet receptivity, that thinking tranquility into the real world.

So you can maintain who you are, seeing things as they are in a more complicated circumstance.

Spiritual Integration is a gift we give ourselves to better manage the energies and negativity most empaths experience.

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