Spiritual Madness: A path to enlightenment

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Spiritual Madness Causes your Path to Spiritual Enlightenment to be filled with experiences of Spirituality and Madness.

March is a month filled with madness which we explore from a Spiritualist Perspective.

One person’s Spiritual Madness is another’s Spiritual Enlightenment.

spiritualism 101: spiritual madness banner

March 13, 2022 Online Spiritual Church Services

Our Spiritualist Meetings during March 2022 focus on Spiritual Madness and Chaos encountered along the path to enlightenment.

Spiritual Madness: A Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

spiritualism 101: spiritual madness banner

Spiritual Madness: A Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

Spring is springing, and that means one thing, it’s time for the NCAA basketball tournament called March Madness.

It’s a big deal for many people who get all excited about the happenings.

I’m not a sports fan, but it’s fun to experience the energy around this annual tournament.

Also, in a few days, we have St Patty’s Day, where everybody gets to claim to be Irish for a day.

Adding to the madness, Spring is in the air. Change is everywhere.

In response to Spring, our physical instincts kick in. But, like the plants coming back to life, our biological clocks start generating a sense of restlessness.

Soon we will cross paths with baby bunnies, birds, and critters of all types finding their way in our world.

Stop the Madness

In addition to the madness of unprovoked wars, pandemics, and vaccines, talks of civil war, how do we find space to remember Who we are, Why we’re here, and Where we’re going?

The chaos surrounding us distracts us from the work of finding the within, inner peace, knowledge, and harmony. 

Life distractions displace our intention to cultivate harmony, peace of mind, wellness, and health that support us in accomplishing what we incarnated to experience this lifetime.

Today, I will share a simple process to help you see why we keep allowing the madness in our world as a distraction.

We are distracted by many things beyond our control. 

These distractions prevent us from doing the work needed to remain quietly centered and mindful of the thoughts that inform the actions that cause the essence of our life’s circumstances.

At the Spirit360 Fellowship, we embrace simplicity.

We don’t teach hacks, quick fixes, or short-term gains. Instead, we lead sustainable, spiritual lifestyles and ways of living.

Spiritual Madness = Hacks, Shortcuts, Magical Thinking

We teach practices that help you develop skills that allow you to transform your experience of being alive. By being fully accountable and responsible for your life’s results, your take control of creating your future.

You must follow the rules, not general laws and regulations, but your consciously generated playbook.

You’ve likely been too busy dealing with life’s madness to examine what works and doesn’t work. As a result, we forget the most crucial aspect governing spiritual rules, free will.

We are free to choose which rules we abide by in life. We’re not talking about the laws and regulations of man. But, if you don’t pay your taxes or speed, there are consequences defined by society.

Spiritual laws are few and far between, each followed at our discretion. However, spiritual mastery demands we see things differently from the eyes of a child. So we start creating our experiences, transcending life’s madness, thus causing a happy and thriving life.

We develop a sense of power. Power is the time gap between thought and result by taking the right actions.

The million-dollar question is, “What keeps us spinning our wheels stuck in the throws of a maddening life?”

Answer: We’re addicted to drama because drama is riveting, isn’t dull, and is dynamic.

Some people’s lives are one big drama after another, with few ever realizing that their biggest dramas are not their own.

We so hate boredom. We engage in the dramas of others to feel alive.

Pop Quiz:

How much of the drama in your life isn’t your own?

How much time do you spend cleaning up other people’s messes?

Does your addiction to madness keep you from feeling bored?

Your Assignment:

Evaluate the madness in your life to determine how much is your own.

Happy, fulfilled, and satisfied people have boring lives.

Winning all the time is boring.

Spiritual Masters live boring lives.

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