Spiritual Meaning

How to Find Spiritual Meaning in Life

Spiritual Meaning is in the Belief of the Observer – October is Spiritual Myth Busters Month.

Today we begin the process of Deciphering the da Vinci Code of your life.

Spirit360 Fellowship exists to bring Spiritualism to those who don’t have a local place to be spiritual not religious.

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October 09, 2022

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Church Service Archives

Spirit360 Sunday Gathering Agenda:

  • Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship
  • Opening Spiritual Lesson
  • Stillness Meditation Practice
  • Guided Spiritual Healing Visualization
  • TOPIC: Finding Spiritual Meaning
  • Q&A | Ask Me Anything
  • Announcements
  • Spiritualist Absence Healing Service
  • FREE Psychic Messages Service
  • Intention Setting and Closing Circle

There are three kinds of men. The ones that learn by readin’. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

In Search of Spiritual Meaning

  • Intent
  • Conveyance
  • Significance
  • Causality
  • Correlation

Spiritual Meaning Codex

  • Your Spiritual Meaning
  • Tribal Spiritual Meanings
  • Spiritual Objectivity

Deciphering Your BS – basic story(s)

  • Journaling Captures Spiritual Meanings
    • Personal
    • Tribal
    • Objective
  • Spiritual Meaning Making Machines
  • the Spiritual Meaning of Numbers
    • 1111
    • 1212

The Spiritual Meaning of Creatures

  • snakes
  • Black widows


  • The Spiritual Meaning of Dreams
  • Tribal Reinforcement

Deciphering Spiritual Meanings

  • Your spiritual meaning – placebo
  • Objective Spiritual Meaning
  • What Works
  • What Transferable
  • What’s universalSpiritual

How to Get The BEST Free Psychic Readings

Spiritualist Churches: are known for providing the best FREE Psychic Readings. Technically they’re not free because you are asked to make a donation, but at Spirit360 Fellowship, the donations are not mandatory.

  • Public Psychic Messages: The messages offered are delivered in public so they may seem a bit cryptic or vague because your Spirit Guides and Teachers will never deliberately embarrass you.
  • Many Ways To Benefit: Because Spirit360 Fellowship is a tight-knit community of like minds and kindred spirits, many of whom are on similar paths and managing many of the same life’s problems, our spirit guides and teachers will often have the medium share a message in such a way that many people can benefit from their insights and wisdom… Indeed a Win/Win Environment.

Independent Spiritualism (a simple way that works)

Spirit360 Fellowship is an Indie Spiritualist Church that practices Spiritualism as a philosophy rather than a religion.

We are not Bible based, or Pseudo-Christian (although we study and honor Jesus as a teacher and excellent healer). 

We find the practices that work, regardless its origin, to help us walk our paths toward Nirvana (individual, personal spiritual perfection) while experiencing what we incarnated to learn this lifetime. 

Join us live to see for yourself...

The only way to know if the Spirit360 Fellowship is the right place to take the next steps along your Spiritual Journey this lifetime is to join us live.

There’s some good news if you’re into FREE Psychic Readings, you don’t have to wait for our next All-Messages Service to get a Free Psychic Message. We offer free messages at each of our live Sunday Service.

To join us, create your FREE Spirit360 Seeker account and we’ll send you the details how to attend our Sunday Services Live via Zoom.