Spiritual Relationship Through Connection

spiritual relationship and connections 101
February 12, 2023

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Spiritual Relationship Begins Within

The intended outcome of spiritual practices is a spiritual connection, first with ourselves, then with others.

Old souls and spiritual seekers turn to spirituality over religion for answers because we somehow know there is more to life than meets the eye.

The foundation of spiritual practice is stillness meditation to quiet our minds and calm our emotions allowing us to Reconnect with our Spirit Self.

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Spiritual Relationship Examples

One of the significant reasons we incarnate is to understand how to love unconditionally.

Love that we may experience loving ourselves and others unconditionally. We’re going to begin to explore this process today, and as we look at it, we have many relationships in our lives.

Most of our relationships are proximity based and defined by culture and society.

  • Parent-child relationship
  • Sibling relationships (brotherly love, sisterly love, sibling love)
  • A spiritual relationship with god, the divine, spirit, the universe
  • Spirit Guide and Teacher Relationships
  • Work relations
  • Your relationship with money, food, authority
  • Romantic relationship(s)
  • Your relationship with yourself
  • A connection with humanity and society
  • Kiwadine – a oneness with all things

You have a relationship with humanity as a whole. And there are a few romantic relationships out there. And then there’s this other type of relationship and experience of love called Kiwadane: this experience of oneness, this connection with everything and everyone. And the best way to describe kiwadane is you’re walking through a forest and seeing someone cutting down a tree.

Types of Spiritual Relationships

And as that tree falls, you have this sense of missing, the sense of loss, the destruction of this beautiful creature called the tree. So that’s this connection that most empaths and highly sensitive people are familiar with.

So how do we take all of these various relationships, most of which we are born into all of our different tribes and experiences, and begin to create each relationship spiritually oriented instead of a physical relationship?

And all of our spiritual relationships begin with a spiritual connection. The word namaste, my, the spirit me recognizes that your confidence is reflected in a spiritual connection. Before we can connect with another spiritually, we have to learn to become aware of our spirit self.

So part of our practice is to meditate. Meditation quiets the mind. Calm the emotions and enter that place of quiet receptivity, that thinking tranquility, which I call the eye of the storm. You can connect with your intuitive knowing in the eye of the storm. You can connect with your extrasensory perception. You can connect with your spirit, guides, and teachers.

All of these are  of the same experience. So we call it opening the spiritual eyes of your soul. So the moment we open the spiritual eyes of our soul, we can perceive those things spiritually, including our spirit selves. And it is this connection with ourselves and our spirit-selves that allows us to create a spiritual relationship, one based on a spiritual context rather than a physical one.

So all spiritual relationship begin with you, developing a spiritual relationship with yourself. They have a few things in common.

Unconditional Love

spiritual relationship + empaths find answers at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualist Unconditional love, again, that’s why we incarnate, is to master, for the most part, the giving and receiving of love, unconditional acceptance, and harmony. There are many different ways to describe this, but walking through life with no barrier between you and another, experiencing love unconditionally, and experiencing harmony and acceptance is a beautiful way and place to start.

Now, each spiritual relationship isn’t necessarily romantic, isn’t necessarily a partnership, isn’t necessarily this long-term commitment.

You can instantly connect spiritually with another person or entity without any other context besides a human mind perceiving and connecting with another human mind.

Here’s a part that is difficult for us in human form, we want to know why some people come and go into our lives. Life is temporary regardless of how good you are. Eventually, this shell, this physical body, will no longer exist. This spirit and this genetic form called Terry are going to quit.

It will no longer work. It will no longer be animated, and it is this transition that, in the grand scheme of things, causes a lot of upset. So people and vibrations cross paths with us for a specific reason, season, or duration of our lives: our spirit guides and teachers, those entities who have helped us with our life’s course.

You met them on the spirit side. They decided to be your prominent people to help you stay alive and accomplish what you incarnated to bring about this lifetime. So they’re here for the duration. They are the benchmark. They are examples of what I want you to touch on to understand a spiritual connection and relationship.

Other people cross your path for a season, a part of your life. It could be a, could be a teacher at a particular year in your schooling. It could be a friend during your college or your school years. It could be a person you date for a short while or someone you work with that they have a specific.

Connection with you to help you through and as part of part of your life. Then they have people who cross for a specific reason, which always happens on the spirit side. You have an entity that attracts you because you have something very specific to learn. They are interested in this, so they will step into your vibration for a short period, a couple of days, a couple of weeks, a couple of months, and then disappear to help other people and find things they’re interested in.

The key to this type of spiritual connection is to realize that the essence of you, the spirit part of you, is never disconnected from them. So even though the physical proximity changes, you can connect with any vibration in a single thought. And get a sense of what’s going on with them. We talked earlier about this experience at the end of the service, where we connect through our spirit guides and teachers to one another.

It’s as simple as that. It is not easy, but it is simple. So as we start to connect spiritually with others, it’s our physical senses and our reluctance to be detached. That causes a sense of loss that causes a sense of grief.

Accepting that each of us is a spiritual entity means there is no transition after what we call death. There is no transition beyond a reason, season, or duration we are connecting with another entity. So it is our intention of ours. Spiritual growth and development to become unconditionally loving in our presence in the world.

And what that means is you be, you understand who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going without any barrier, without any withholding, that as you walk through your life, you become the pure essence of love and acceptance that you want to see in the world, that you want to experience, in the world, that you want to connect with, that you want to relate with.

And as you begin to do this, you create a spiritual connection with every encounter. Now, here’s an interesting thing about spiritual relationships. It wasn’t a profound good one. But, you can connect spiritually with the hideous people in the world and understand them.

Romantic Spiritual Relationship & Connection

Romantic relationships make for interesting Spiritual Relationship and Connection. Here are several spiritual relationship types that you’ll need to pay careful attention and consideration:

  • What is a spiritual connection between a man and a woman
  • Spiritual relationship with a man
  • Spiritual connection sexually
  • Spiritual connection with partner

Relate to them. Find one little thing to fall in love with and accept in them, and still not have them in your life. So spiritual relationships and connection are not about creating a relationship, creating a connectedness, or creating a physical commitment. It’s about connecting mind to mind, spirit to spirit in a great, holistic oneness as though you were walking through the forest and seeing a tree being cut down.

You can connect with them profoundly. You can empathize with them. You can sympathize with them. You can experience what they are experiencing. And then you can choose whether this person is someone you want to get to know better or this is some person you have no interest in. And as you allow yourself to be appropriately assertive, Appropriately grounded in who you are while you’re here and where you’re going undistracted by those you encounter regardless of how profound the spiritual connection is, you start to find a sense of freedom.

With each encounter, you start to find a sense of connection, a love of, um. And it is this authentically loving, accepting part of you that, as you express it, creates the attraction of what you want in your life. The manifestation of what you want in life, the fulfillment and materialization of what you want in life, because you are being, you, attracting to you those like you and picking and choosing which ones you want to have an ongoing encounter with.

If they agree, and that’s the part that most of us don’t like, we see some beautiful. Person, whether physically or spiritually, and we want to connect with them, but for some reason, they don’t want to communicate with us. For some reason, they are on a different paths. And too many times, we become emotionally attached to that connection or loss rather than just being present to the beauty of that person, knowing that the beauty of you attracted them.

And for some reason, it’s just not. So the timing needs to be correct. And as you allow yourself to be fully present and engaged in the moment here and now, there is no loss from the past. There is no anxiety about the future. There’s simply you being, you here directly in this moment, connected with everything and nothing at the same time in love starting with yourself.

And having that spread around to the world you encounter. So the best example of this is our spirit guides and teachers. So now it takes a lot of work to quiet your mind to reliably and consistently connect with your spirit guides and teachers in a non-delusional way.

Each of us has a picture in our mind of what we think it can and should be. And just as we are in a few moments, we’re going to connect with them and through them to each other. Connecting with them is unique in itself. It can only be experienced. It cannot be described by anyone who has yet to have the experience.

And even if two people have had a profound experience, how they perceive it is. You can share ideas and ideals, but the experience is uniquely yours. So as we allow ourselves to connect with our spirit guides and teachers as we connect with their unconditional love, their acceptance, their approval, their enjoyment of who we are, knowing everything we did, good, bad, and different, every thought we’ve had, good, bad, or indifferent, they know everything about you and love you anyway, except you will do anything they can to support you.

Being Spiritually Connected to a Person

Whether you’re making the right or wrong choice, taking the right action or the improper action, the most you’ll experience from them is a profound sense of loss to the ordinate for whatever suffering that you have created and caused in your life. So being, uh, this authentic expression of yourself, as exemplified by your spirit guides and teachers, allows you to use that experience to connect with another physical being, to see whether or not you are willing to have them in your life.

And that, my friends, is the part I want you to understand about spiritual connectedness and relationship. The choice is yours. Once you’re fully grounded in the essence of who you are, loss disappears, suffering disappears, and any judgment and attachment disappear. And you sufficient unto, unto yourself can choose with whom you share time with whom you walk paths alongside.

And as you learn to connect spiritually with each counter, you’ll find you have more in common with others than you could ever imagine. And it’s this commonality, this namaste, this oneness that makes life most interesting. And am I going the right way?

You’re familiar with the three Rs process. We’re going to start to go within to get connected exempt, see your spirit’s intent and exemplify it in the world, and be an unconditionally loving presence. You’ll start to attract a lot of different types of experiences in people. And then the most critical part of your spiritual growth and development is to pick and choose with whom you will spend and share time.

Spiritual Relationships That Last

As an option, as a choice, as a creation that is empowering and freeing. Here’s a takeaway from all this. We start by learning to connect with our spirit self, then connecting with our spirit guides and teachers to experience their unconditional love and acceptance. And it’s through their acceptance and our perception of that acceptance that we can begin to model our interactions with others.

Where you can pick and choose with whom you spend time because of whatever reason, season, or duration you have in mind. And without any diminishment of who you are, connect with another to enjoy this thing called life.

My highest blessings.

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