November 18, 2023

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Old souls are typically empathic and highly sensitive beings who unconsciously attract toxic people and relationships into their lives.

Our compassionate and accepting nature has us look for the good in others, ignoring overt signs of trouble and ignoring the five-alarm intuitive maelstrom begging our attention.

This holiday season, let’s stop starting any more “fixer-upper” relationships.

You can start the process during Thanksgiving.

Learn how below the image…


Let’s get busy.


🫶 This Sunday's Gathering

The Empath’s Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner — Thanksgiving is an anchor to your past and the tribes that trained you which is the key to deciphering why you attract toxicity.

By learning to be powerful, free, and fully self-expressed during Thanksgiving you can survive virtually any circumstance.

Join the fun via zoom at 07:30 or 11:30 AM, PST

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🫶 Live Development Circles

Old Soul Academy Live Circles resume this week with an our emphasis on

HIPTHigh-Intensity Psychic Training,
to EXCELerate the development of your Psychic and Healing Abilities.

Weekly Live Circles Schedule:

  • Tuesdays at 4:30 PM, PST
  • Wednesdays at 11:00 AM, PST
  • Thursdays at 6: 45 PM, PST

🫶 Your Probable, Almost Certain Future

Have you noticed how our relationships seem to always play out the same way with very few plot twists>

You’ll need to fill in your particulars, but I’m willing to bet they go something like: 

  • Constantly healing, fixing, teaching, or saving the other(s) with little progress and with no end in sight.
  • Waking up to a lonely feeling and emotionally drained next to yet another narcissist.
  • Walking on eggshells, never knowing what “catastrophe” you must devote your full attention to resolving.
  • Always being the butt of some joke that isn’t funny and makes absolutely no sense.
  • Never feeling heard or acknowledged for your contributions.

🫶 Breaking Recurrent Patterns

It’s difficult to break patterns with the problem we attract, which always appears in different packaging. Often quite attractive packaging, maybe even hot. Awareness Tools Box
  1. Master the 3Rs: Right Meditation, Right Thought, and Right Action as a self-awareness and discernment tool for your Spirit’s Intent and making actionable decisions on command.
  2. The 11-second test: Learn to tap into, hear, and TRUST your intuitive knowing within 5 seconds, touch the vibration of others in 5 seconds, and make a yes or no decision in 1 second.
  3. Mental Rehearsals: After meditating, practice “right thought,” which can include journaling, affirmations, visualization, future-now causation, and self-healing. This mental work in the safety of your personal space allows you to recognize the non-toxic people and relationships these practices will have you start attracting.
  4. Boundaries and Agreements: Empower yourself with non-negotiable boundaries and agreements, both private and mutual, that provide you with exit strategies that honor and protect you. 

🫶 The Proving Ground

Going into the holidays, we connect with our various tribes. These connections provide vital information to decipher the programming and unveil the blindspots keeping you stuck. Become a non-judgemental observer of anything that triggers deep emotions, then debrief your feelings and experiences to learn what to replace with your spiritual growth and development work consciously.

🫶 The Funny Thing Is..

As we learn to forgive, love, and accept the person we see in the mirror, we soften the grip of our need to be needed.

This surrendering opens the door to your Spirit’s Intent in such a way that it illuminates the path before you but also becomes a homing beacon for like minds and kindred spirits to find their way into your awareness.

🫶 Knock. We answer.

We created Spirit360 Fellowship as an online spiritual community, a school for the psychic and healing arts, and a metaphysical church for people ready to heal without a spiritual or metaphysical church in their backyard.

November 🫶 Potpourri Month

November we entertain the rantings of a bald man…
by pondering some of the hings that have been on my mind.

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