Spiritual Urgency

spiritual urgency - bending time to your will

♾️ Spiritual Urgency: Time Bending

In this week’s reflection on life and spirituality, I’ve been contemplating the profound impact that embarking on a spiritual urgency has had on my life. As a spiritualist, meditator, and someone who has developed psychic and healing abilities, I’ve noticed a transformation within myself. While certain core aspects of my being remained unchanged, I’ve experienced a subtle softening of rough edges that used to define my existence.

A recurring theme that arises from my work with others in readings and counseling is the temporal nature of our lives in this world and the struggle to stay present amidst the distractions of daily life.

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♾️ Spirit Urgency: Time Marches On...

Time, as we know it, can often be an elusive concept. In our physical realm, the passing days bring deadlines and distractions that pull us away from fully inhabiting our bodies and truly living the lives we were meant to lead.

Spiritual urgency reminds me of the famous joke: “God, give me patience, but I want it right now.” How do we navigate the relationship between the physical world and our spirituality?

How can we cultivate an intuitive connection with our spirit guides and teachers while acknowledging the unyielding march of time?

♾️ Spirit Urgency: Urgent Nothings

Within the tapestry of life, we encounter what I call “urgent nothings.” These tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines demand our attention in the everyday world.

spiritual urgency - timeless limitlessIt’s akin to a game, a Super Bowl of sorts, with strict rules and referees. Unfortunately, many religions attempt to assume the role of referees in our lives, imposing their own sets of rules and penalties that may not align with our values.

However, our spirit selves, our intuitive essence, extends beyond the grasp of time, lacking spiritual urgency.

♾️ Spirit Urgency: Bending Time

As we delve into the nature of our minds and consciousness, we discover the potential to bend time. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity offers a glimpse into this possibility. Imagine sitting with someone you adore; time seems to fly by effortlessly.

Conversely, time appears to drag on when faced with discomfort or a tedious task. Our minds possess the power to compress results and bring our intentions into materialization. Whether it’s achieving health goals, financial abundance, career milestones, or fulfilling relationships, we can manifest them swiftly.

♾️ Spirit Urgency: Spirit Is Timeless and Limitless

Spirit, the timeless and limitless essence within us, is key to unlocking our creative potential. Everything in the universe is energy, including ourselves. By honing our minds and reconnecting with our spirit guides and teachers, we can tap into the boundless resources available to us.

Spirit, represented by the yin aspect of the yin-yang symbol, encourages flow and allowance. As we journey through life, we must strive to be fully present and engaged, allowing our minds to shape our desired reality. Spiritual urgency closes the gap between idea and result.

♾️ Spirit Urgency: Body – Lab Project

Our physical bodies serve as the laboratories for our spirits’ experiments. Each lifetime provides an opportunity to learn and understand the lessons that elude us in the realm of spirit. Time, motion, and change define our physical existence.

spiritual urgency - spiritual growth and developmentFrom energy to solid matter, simplicity to complexity, awareness to physicality, our bodies navigate the ever-shifting tides of existence. Redeeming our souls involves embracing a new way of thinking and empowering ourselves to rewrite the story of our lives with miracles, harmony, and love.

♾️ Spirit Urgency: Your Mind — The Transformer

The mind serves as the ultimate frontier of transformation. Through meditation, developing intuition, and expanding our extrasensory perception, we gain mastery over our minds and shape our experiences effectively. By quieting the mind and tapping into our innate abilities, we unlock the true potential of our consciousness re-framing spiritual urgency into real world results.

We emulate the miraculous abilities attributed to spiritual figures throughout history in these moments. Our minds become creation instruments, shaping our realities as little gods in training.

♾️ Spirit Urgency: Start Doing YOU Now!

Embarking on the path of self-discovery and mind mastery allows us to attract like-minded individuals and forge fulfilling connections. When we allow our authentic selves to shine, we draw others who resonate with our truth.

spiritual urgency - transformationIn the chaos of a time-obsessed world, finding balance becomes essential. Embracing each moment, regardless of the task, becomes an opportunity for a beautiful experience. We can create our own experience of being alive – a life filled with empowerment, miracles, and love.

Spiritual Growth & Development

In a world governed by deadlines and urgency, it’s vital to find harmony between productivity and being fully present. The keys to this balance lie within our minds and spirits. By developing our psychic and healing abilities, we unlock limitless potential. Our thoughts shape our reality, allowing us to swiftly transcend time and manifest our aspirations. As we journey along the path of urgency, let us remember that from nothing, everything is possible. Embrace the urgency of living, and may your highest blessings accompany you on this transformative expedition.

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