February 16, 2024

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🫶 Ending Over Stimulation with Spiritualism

Spiritualism and Psychology

Over-stimulation and exhaustion can be constant companions for highly sensitive people and empaths. You may never find a mute button, but there is a way to detach from distractions and develop your sensitivity into a superpower. Spiritualism and psychology go hand in hand as a life-changing journey to spiritual growth that encourages self-discovery and personal development. By exploring your spirituality and connecting with your inner self, you can better understand your life’s purpose and develop your natural psychic abilities.

GRAB BAG — Urgent Nothings

Your path to the middle path…

Bending time:

  1. the Forth Dimension
  2. the Transformer
  3. the Timeless

Walking your path in alignment with spirit’s time.

Join the fun via zoom at 07:30 or 11:30 AM, PST

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Sunday at 2:00 PM

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  • Everyone welcome – Application process will be shared Sunday.

🫶 Spiritualism's Benefits

Many people turn to Spiritualism because it offers them a sense of purpose and the comfort of knowing that their loved ones continue to exist in a spiritual form. But there are also many other benefits to exploring Spiritualism, including:

  1. Spiritual Growth: By exploring your spirituality, you can connect with your inner self and better understand your life’s purpose.
  2. Personal Growth: Spiritualism encourages self-discovery and acceptance, which helps you identify and rehabilitate limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  3. Psychic Development: Spiritualism can help you develop your natural psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.
  4. Healing: Spiritualism teaches that energy flows throughout the body and that illness and disease are often the result of blocked energy. By working with your energy system, you can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
  5. Connection: Spiritualism provides a sense of connection with something greater than ourselves, whether the divine, the Universe, or the spirit world. The Spirit360 Way shows you how to locate this greatness within our vibration.

🫶 The Fundamentals of Spiritualism

The exploration of Spiritualism begins with understanding its core principles and beliefs. 

The following are the fundamental principles of Modern Spiritualism followed by the Spirit360 principle:

  • The belief in a universal spiritual force that constitutes and connects all things.
    • Spirit360 calls this spiritual force energy or vibrations.
  • The belief in a divine Creator or higher power.
    • Spirit360 states, “God is.”
  • The belief that the discarnate spirits of the deceased continue to exist and can communicate with the living.
    • Spirit360 Concurs.
  • The belief in reincarnation is the mechanism for our spirit’s evolution to Nirvana or perfection.
    • Indeed so.
    • NOTE: Most bible-based Christainity-centric spiritualist organizations, such as NSAC.org, do not accept reincarnation.
  • The belief in personal responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences of those actions.
    • Spirit360’s definition of Karma.
  • The belief in self-discovery and personal growth as an individual responsibility.
    • The Spirit360 Framework’s outcome.
  • The belief in spiritual and psychic development.
    • Spirit360 feels psychic development expands spiritual awareness.
  • The belief in spiritual healing and the power of energy.

Spirit360’s tribal truth is the source of these healing energies is our mind’s power. 

🫶 How to Explore Spiritualism

Developing a regular spiritual practice, such as meditation, psychic development, and energy healing, is the tried and true path to spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritualism offers a comprehensive view of who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going.

Learning to experience the world with your Spiritual Eyes wide open opens limitless possibilities in our three-dimensional world.

By developing your psychic and healing abilities, you start experiencing Spiritualism’s principles to see what history’s great spiritual teachers taught.

If you want to rediscover your spirit, the Spirit360 Way may be the right path. Learn to master these psychic and healing arts practices:

  • Stillness Meditation
  • Intuitive Knowing
  • ESP – Extra Sensory Perception
  • Mediumship – Spirit Communication
  • Energy Healing (one’s self and others)

Our Sunday Spiritualist Meetings offer Old Souls weekly connection, guidance, and instruction.

Sunday Services Resume May 19 at 9:00 AM, Pacific Time

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April’s Topic: NeuroSpirituality

the Spirit360 Fellowship gathers every Sunday at 7:30 & 10:30 AM, Pacific Time.