SPIRITUALISM: the Spirit360 Way

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy. We’re glad you found us, yet not at all surprised you did.

We are a community of like-minds and kindred spirits ( Old Souls, empaths, HSPs, intuitive feelers, and a few introverts).

Spirit360 Fellowship operates a non denominational spiritual church for seekers who don’t have anything near them.

In the Chapel, we practice and teach Spiritualism as a method for creating Spiritual Solutions to life’s problems.

Old Soul Academy is an online school for the Psychic and Healing Arts where we apply scientific methodology to spiritual growth development practices helping you experience directly what the Great Spiritual Masters taught, each in their own way.

We practice Spiritualism as a Philosophy for living, not a religion. We help you find spiritual answers by showing you how to find where they’re buried within your awareness.

That we may open our hearts to give and receive love freely.

That we may open our hearts to give and receive love freely.

We Ask You To Believe Nothing

Faith and Hope may have led you here.

Now that you’ve found us, we never ask you to accept anything we say at face value.

Once you have a direct spiritual experience, FAITH and HOPE are replaced with and inner knowing.

We ask you to See For Yourself if what we share feels right and rings true for you.

We trust you to keep your own counsel in the matters of Spirit.

It’s your ability to find and trust what rings true and feels right to you, that will set you free.

We offer is a simple spiritual framework of practices that help you objectively experience what we believe to be true (our Tribal Truths) so your can see for yourself if you want embrace these truths as your personal truth.

Our Tribal Truths (beliefs and precepts)

What is GOD?

Spirit360 Spiritualism holds there is an innate order, an infinite intelligence at work in the universe.

This intelligence has been present throughout all time and exists within all things and all beings.

Spiritual seekers are drawn to experience this intelligence directly, the experiencing of which advances us toward reaching individual, personal spiritual perfection, Nirvana.

Stated simply: We affirm “God Is

Are Heaven and Hell real?

We affirm the existence of heaven and hell as “here and now” experiences, states of mind brought about by our adherence to Spiritual Law.

When we honor and live in harmony with spiritual law we experience Heaven on Earth.

When we disregard or ignore spiritual law we experience a Hellish existence.

The concepts of Heaven and Hell being rewards and punishments doled out in the after-life are religious concepts created by man to control humanity.

Is there life after death?

We affirm life continues after the physical body dies.

After death, the individual continues in a state of pure consciousness (mind) embodied in a field of energy we call a Spirit Entity (angels).

While in Spirit form, our journey toward personal, individual spiritual perfection, Nirvana, continues.

It is during our time on the Spirit side that we set setup our next incarnation.

Is reincarnation real?

We affirm reincarnation is real and the mechanism for our spirit’s evolution from simple-to-complex before returning back to simple.

Reincarnation is a self-directed process of spiritual growth and progression as we expand our understanding of our place in the universe.

Can we communicate with spirits?

We affirm communication with discarnate Spirit Entities is possible and a learnable skill.

Most of us have experienced some form of spontaneous spirit communication during our lives.

Spirit360 Spiritualism practices and teaches mediumship.

Mediumship is the psychic skill of intentionally communicating with Spirit Entities.

It is our practice to train and develop mediums in verifiable ways that are undeniable and on-command thus avoiding delusion.

The path of delusion is dangerous and when can make the best of intentions villainous.

What is karma?

We affirm karma is causation (cause and effect) in effect only for your actions during this incarnation.

Karma is NOT retribution, punishment, justice, or vengeance. These karmic concepts are religious in origin, not Spiritual.

This spiritual concept of karma opens the door equally for good and bad karma.

We are responsible for our actions and their consequences.

Remember, so we sow, so shall we reap; AKA…

the Golden Rule.

What is the creation vs evolution debate?

At Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy, there is no creation vs evolution debate.

We affirm there is a general evolution (from simple-to-complex back to simple) at play in our universe.

Everything in the universe evolves from simple form to complex before returning to simple. This includes the living, non-living, and spiritual. 

Spirit360 Spiritualism embraces the objective truth of science as validated through scientific methodology.

As human animals we have 3-truths:

  • Personal truths that work for us individually.
  • Tribal truths that work within our communities.
  • Objective truths that work everywhere for everyone.

Creation and creationism are personal and tribal truths but not objectively true for everyone.

Evolution is objectively true and verifiable for anyone willing to open their eyes to see and examine the evidence without regard for their personal and tribal beliefs.

And so it is with your psychic and healing abilities. We teach the psychic and healing arts with simple practices based on scientific methodology that allow you to display undeniable evidence of your spiritual gifts in verifiable ways.

What are good and evil?

We affirm good and evil exist, but only in the physical realm, NOT in the Spirit Realm.

The case for our “Tribal Truth” is simple…

If true supernatural or metaphysical evil existed, it would have won the war long ago.

Again, Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy. We’re so glad you found us, yet not at all surprised you did.