California: The Spiritualist Church of Revelation

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The Spiritualist Church of Revelation

200 W. Colorado Blvd.
Monrovia, CA 91016

+1 (626) 256-3403


Spiritualist Church of Revelation is an inclusive and diverse community that embraces spiritualism as a way of life. The church recognizes Infinite Intelligence as the source of all existence, and thus encourages its members to engage with nature and develop their spiritual abilities.

The church believes in the continuity of life and that the departed remain with us in spirit, able to communicate through psychic mediums.

At Spiritualist Church of Revelation, the community is active in promoting spiritual development, healing, and progressive social change. The church regularly offers various classes on developing psychic abilities, including Spiritual Mediumship, which is a popular course for those wishing to communicate with the spirit world directly.

The Morris Pratt Institute also provides home study courses for those who want to become certificated mediums or healers. Spiritual healing is also an essential part of the church’s worship, placing emphasis on the power of collective spiritual energy to promote healing.

The church also offers regular Sunday services, which begin at 11 am and are open to the public. These services consist of a healing service, followed by a topic presented by a guest speaker. There is also a message service where attendees can receive personal messages from the spirits.

The church also follows a set of Declaration of Principles, which seeks to bring people closer to their spiritual nature and improve their understanding of the world around them.

Spiritualist Church of Revelation is also located in the historic district of Old Town Monrovia, CA, making it an inviting and accessible space for local residents and those who wish to travel to the area.

The church recognizes its role in the broader community and encourages members to be active and engaged in social issues impacting the world today.

In summary, Spiritualist Church of Revelation is a vibrant and inclusive community that is committed to spiritual development, healing, and social activism.

Through their Sunday services, classes, and community programs, church members are encouraged to develop their spiritual abilities and expand their understanding of the spiritual world. With its historic location, the church offers a unique and inviting space for those looking for a welcoming and authentic spiritual community.

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