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Psychic Horizons — Church of Natural Grace

Veteran’s Hall: 1105 Bancroft Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577

+1 (415) 307.9414


The Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds in San Leandro, California, is a welcoming spiritual community located in San Leandro, California.

At its core, the church believes in the continuity of life after physical death and the ability to communicate with those in spirit. Through this connection to the spirit world, the church aims to provide solace, healing, and spiritual growth to all who attend.

Each Sunday from 10:30am to noon, the church holds services that include insightful lectures, healing, and spirit greetings delivered through mediumship. These weekly gatherings offer an opportunity for members and visitors to come together in fellowship, learning, and openness to spiritual experiences.

A unique aspect of the Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds is its focus on mediumship as a way to deliver messages of love, comfort and guidance from those who have passed on.

Trained mediums use their gifts to forge connections between the earthly and spirit realms, allowing attendees to feel a continued bond with deceased loved ones.

In addition to Sunday services, the church likely offers other activities and events designed to promote spiritual development, healing, and community bonds, though specifics are not detailed on their website.

Overall, the Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds provides a sacred space for those drawn to spiritualism to experience spirit communication, expand their understanding of life after death, and find loving support from others on a similar path.

For anyone seeking an inclusive spiritual home that honors the eternal nature of the soul and the power of mediumship, this church may prove a compelling option worth exploring further.

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