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♾️ Spirituality and Practice — State Changes

Making 2023 Your Best Year Ever

In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in th0e busyness of daily life and lose touch with our spiritual selves. But what if I told you there’s a way to bridge the gap between spirituality and real-life results

By Consciously Choosing to Unleash Your Inner Beast

Welcome to the world of spirituality and practice, where Rev.Terry guides us through the art of unleashing the beast within for a truly transformative experience.

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December 10, 2023

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♾️ Unleashing the Beast Within

Rev. Terry introduces us to the two-minute offense, a set of actions inspired by the world of American football. Just as a football team strategically uses these plays to maximize their chances of winning, we can apply the same principles to win the game of life.

You’re invited to make 2023 your best year ever and embrace these two-minute spirituality and practice drills .

♾️ Bridging the Gap Between Decision & Action

Spirituality often focuses on the realm of right thoughts and internal processes. However, Rev. Terry emphasizes translating those thoughts into the right actions and tangible results.

From affirmations to visualization, he guides us in creating actionable decisions aligned with our values and beliefs.

♾️ Striking a Power Pose

One powerful practice that Rev Terry suggests is striking a pose. Adopting a power pose like Wonder Woman or the Wakanda Forever salute can boost our energy and confidence, preparing ourselves to take inspired action.

From job interviews to facing challenges, these poses ground us in the present moment and help us express our desires with aliveness.

Spirituality and Practice inform our actions and striking a power pose inspire right action.

♾️ Oxygenate and Overcome

Our bodies rely on oxygen to support all of their biochemical processes. Rev Terry introduces two techniques for hyperoxygenation – Wim Hof breathing and holotropic breathing.

These practices oxygenate our bodies and cultivate a mental attitude that empowers us to navigate any situation.

By training ourselves to “Stop, Drop, and Know” our intuition on command, we become more prepared for action.

♾️ Ten-X and Thrive:

Rev. Terry encourages us to take our emotions and energy to the extreme. Whether it’s excitement or anger, allowing ourselves to feel ten times more intensifies our determination and presence in the moment.

By expanding the edges of our energy, we can access our instincts and intuition, shifting from being stuck to taking decisive action.

♾️ Embracing the Beast Within

Rev. Terry shares a personal story of how his practice of embracing the beast within led him to attract love and create meaningful change in his life.

By staying present in his body and allowing himself to experience raw emotions, he tapped into a new level of connection with his spirit, unleashing endless possibilities.

This practice empowers us to finish 2023 powerfully and prepares us to sprint into 2024 with purpose.

Spirituality and practice trains the beast to ethically do the heavy lifting so our Spirit’s Intent gets fulfilled.

♾️ Mind — BODY — Spirit

Rev. Terry guides us to unleash the beast within as we journey through the realm of spirituality and practice.

By bridging the gap between right thoughts and right actions, adopting power poses, hyper-oxygenating our bodies, and embracing the Power of heightened emotions, we can experience true transformation in our lives.

Let’s make this our best year ever by harnessing the immense potential within us.

May you embark on your spiritual journey with confidence and determination.

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