After stillness meditation, we invite our Spirit Guides and Teachers into our Spiritualist Church Service. Then the lead medium shares a message for the highest and best good of the group (which includes you).

Today’s message is from Nathan the Spiritual Healing Teacher of TS Hall — the Stoic Medium… Enjoy:

How Spirituality Kills Creativity

spiritualist church service online - soccer superstarA Superstar is born

  • Jean was born a superstar | Big fish in Rocky Springs Mississippi
  • Bigger, stronger, quicker, and smarter | Dominated on the soccer field
  • Supernatural soccer abilities | His gifts were from God | Success effortless

The Dark Secret

  • By the 11th grade, Jean could only read at a 1st grade level
  • Soccer camp at Ole Miss | The camp instructors saw the truth
  • He could no longer pass | Creative avoidance | Inspired misdirection
  • Travis w/ a creole accent got Jean to see the truth

A Hard Look in the Mirror

  • Bull Durham | Crash Davis prepares “Nuke” LaLoosh for The Show.
  • Jean accepts what’s so. | Talent alone wouldn’t get him to the world cup
  • Taught the 3Rs | Meditation. Thinking. Action.
  • Learned Mental Conditioning was like physical conditioning.

Industry Prevails

  • Jean learned how to learn. | To do the work.
  • Genius is 1% inspiration + 99% perspiration.
  • When the letter arrived, Jean opened it and read he acceptance to university

Spirituality and spiritual development the is a process of becoming profoundly related to and accepting the reality of what’s so and accepting the truths about ourselves.

It’s also hard work and specifically applied effort most find worthwhile.

After the insights talk, a guided visualization is led… Today’s guided self healingi is “The Heal All Spa.”

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