Old Souls: How To Create A Spiritually Significant Lifetime

During Old Soul Month at Spirit360:

  1. We looked at In Trump v Dalai Lama and considered that we can’t judge a soul by it’s cover. We have to touch it’s vibration.
  2. We scratched the surface of why many old souls beautiful healers.
  3. We laid out a survival guide to help old souls make it in today’s chaotic world.
  4. Today, we look at making this incarnation a life of spiritual significance.

Old soul – a person whose spirit has previously incarnated at least 30 times or so. Generally speaking they are born with deeper understanding, insight & wisdom; they tend to separate from the herd; and they more easily become self-referential.

Fulfilling Your Purpose

  • Your Life Purpose Predefined by you. + Expressing love & happiness.
  • There is no inherent meaning to it other than what decide to add. Mostly inherited from your culture.

Fulfilling A Purpose

  • The key to Joy – Satisfaction – Fulfillment
  • Discovering The Unique You by knowing: Who? Why? Where?
  • Champion cause(s) that express your values and understanding.
  • Your choice can be the keystone in living a life filled with meaning.

A Spiritualist View of Sainthood

  • Typical Saints: Someone acknowledged as holy or virtuous and heaven bound.
  • Spiritual Saints: Someone who knows their next step and is never surprised.A Grand Master of the 3Rs.

Creating a life of spiritual significance – front and back of hand

  • Personally: by learning the lessons you set out for yourself, you make a quantum leap in personal spiritual perfection
    • think Buddha / a higher state of consciousness.
  • Globally: a paradigm shift in humanities’s greater consciousness
    • think Pope Francis + Mother Theresa.

If you discover the Unique You and unapologetically be that person. Your life this time around will be a Spiritually Significant Life.

Message from Tau Chuan Ling:

Guided Healing: Heal All by Acme

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