Start Getting Healthy

start getting healthy

How to Start Getting Healthy

Get off Life’s Hamster Wheel

Re-examine everything in your life to see if your assumptions are still valid.

For me it was rediscovering Circadian Rhythms and recent scientific research proving how to optimize them for your health and wellness.

Sleep — A magic elixir for healing, recovering, and restoration.

Time Restricted Eating – Tap into you’re body’s natural cleansing ability.

Meditation — Access your mind/body connection to rediscover your spirit’s intent.

Movement — As animals, we are designed for motion.

Through periodic re-examination we expand our awareness to guide each of our next steps.

April 02, 2023

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June 2023: Health & Wellness Month

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During June, we dig deeply into the relationship Spirituality, Health & Wellness

Spirituality & Health + Wellness

DEFINITION   💯  What is Spiritual Healing? How it works? It’s limitations…

VIBRATIONS  😎  Working with Spiritual Healing Energy.

PRACTICES  🤟🏼  Spiritual Healing methods and practices.

MYTHS  🧞‍♂️  Spiritual Healing myths that keep you ill.

Join us Sundays in June  👍  We explore Spirituality, Health & Wellbeing.

June 11: Spiritual Fitness for Empaths

spiritual fitness - spirituality and health + wellness

Imagine connecting with a community of like minds and kindred spirits who have your back, support your ambitions, facilitate your progress, and celebrate your success…