VIDEO: Stop Depression & Anxiety with Spiritualism

how spiritualism stops depression and anxiety

Learn how Spiritualism, as a philosophy for living, is the key to loving yourself thorough depression and anxiety so you get unstuck.

I confess: Everyday I struggle with anxiety and depression that manifests as self-sabotage, procrastination, overthinking and overeating.

I’ve heard is said that we teach what we need most to learn.

Today we look at what I’ve learned while teaching countless others Spiritualism, meditation and the Psychic & Healing Arts.

At Spirit360 Fellowship, our mission is to help you SEE FOR YOURSELF if Spiritualism, as a philosophy for living, is the right path for your Spiritual Journey this lifetime.

GET YOUR INVITE at to join us for a live, online Spiritualist Church Service to SEE FOR YOURSELF…

Be forewarned, Spirit360 Fellowship is NOT your GrandMa’s Bible Based Spiritualist Church.

And TS Hall, @theStoicMedium is NOT your typical Spiritualist Minister.

GET YOUR INVITE to SEE FOR YOURSELF if Spiritualism is the right path for your spiritual journey this lifetime.

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