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January 29, 2023

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Resilience: Access to Power

The United State Marine Corps has a big problem. Their human assets (people) were not coping in the real world after being deployed in war zones.

The best solution to their “readiness” problem was to boost the resiliency of their employees through a program they call “Spiritual Fitness.”

Spiritual Fitness aims to:

 Living out spirituality in a personal, meaningful, and purposeful way. Remaining engaged in life’s meaning/purpose, hopeful about life/future, making sound moral decisions, engaged in meaningful relationships, able to forgive self and others, remaining respectful of others, and engaged in core values/beliefs.

This Spiritual Fitness Program is now widely available and, from what I can find, is managed and administered through the Marine Corps’ Chaplaincy program.

Learn how Spiritual Seeker’s can develop strength and resilience below our full service archive videos…

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Spiritual Strength and Resilience

While most spiritual seekers have never been trained as warriors displaying physical prowess and might, we display a different type of power. The power to love, accept and heal those we encounter in a chaotic world dominated by Religion, Superstition, Injustice, and Ignorance. Spiritually Speaking, strength and resilience are our ability to be present, mindfully aware, and connected with the reality of what’s so to our spiritual senses. And power is the time gap between an idea and material results. The greater your power, the shorter the time gap between the conceptualization and real-world outcome.

Fulfilling Your Spirit’s Intent

As a Spiritual Community, School, and Chapel, the idea of Spiritual Fitness is an ideal metaphor for the spiritual growth and development training we do in the Old Soul Academy. Our philosophy centers around Rediscovering and Fulfilling Your Spirit’s Intent. Therefore, our first mission is to rediscover our Spirit’s Intent, then pursue the fulfillment of our life’s purpose. To accomplish these requires resiliency, the ability to bounce back from setbacks and distractions to resume our Spiritually Informed Journey. I’ve discovered resiliency to be a natural outcome of the spiritual growth and development experienced by practitioners of the Spirit360 Way.

Spiritual EXCELeration!

Chinese Proverb: Fall 7 times, get up 8. Resiliency is the ability to get up, time after time until we’ve accomplished our intended outcome. Being Spiritual is accomplishing results without harming others or ourselves while exemplifying our values and beliefs through actions, thus displaying a level of Personal Excellence that is unbelievably attractive. The Spirit360 Way training intends to empower you to accomplish your desired outcomes while authentically exhibiting a level of character we call personal excellence. Because we accomplish this by fulfilling your Spirit’s Intent, we call this Spiritual EXCELeration. Spiritual EXCELeration is the shorted path to experience living life purposefully by learning to fail forward fast.

Resiliency Matters: Daily Renewal

Create every day to be New Year’s Day because it is the first day of the following year of your life. Too often, we get trapped in the delusion of the herd’s milestones, significant events, and celebrations. When in fact, each day can be a rebirth, a fresh start, a renewal. But only if we consciously allow it to be so. The best practice for accomplishing your desired outcomes with incredible velocity is creating your day informed by your Spirit’s Intent. Then complete your day with an after-action review (reconciling karma).

Resiliency as a Superpower

To constitute resiliency as a superpower requires training, practice, and competency. But your training is unique to you and informed by your intuitive knowing. We consciously decide:
  • Our values and ideals (what matters)
  • Boundaries (self love and protection)
  • Responses (scripted and practiced)
  • When to rebuke distractors.
  • An exit strategy and plan.
Grounded in knowing what matters, defined boundaries, and appropriately assertive responses, we can review each day to see where we experienced a loss of power and our next best step.

3Rs Mastery

The Spirit360 Way has a core competency we call the Three Rs: Right Meditation, Right Thought, and Right Action.  By right, we do not mean perfect. We mean appropriate in the sense that today, at this time, in these circumstances, this is the most appropriate action for me, determined by our intuitive knowing, after reconnecting with my Spirit self. With practice, the 3Rs become a real-time tool providing 360° Spiritual Awareness informing each decision and action in alignment with our Spirit’s Intent (personal excellence), creating an effortless fulfillment of purpose.

Strength and Resilience Takeaway:

Strength and Resiliency matters because it keeps you present to fulfill your Spirit’s Intent and Life’s Purpose.

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