Surviving Thanksgiving 2023 Edition

surviving thanksgiving 2023 + spiritual toxicity - stop attracting toxic people

♾️ A Guide to Staying Present and Aligned

Thanksgiving is a cherished American holiday that brings families and friends together to celebrate gratitude and enjoy delicious food.

However, only some look forward to this holiday season. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of “Surviving Thanksgiving 2023” and provide insights on how to stay present and aligned with your spirit’s intent during this annual occasion.

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November 19, 2023

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♾️ Surviving Thanksgiving 2023 Challenge

Many individuals have had profound experiences that have made it challenging to enjoy Thanksgiving.

From Rev Terry’s experiences teaching meditation, mediumship, healing and psychic arts, shares their connection to food and tribal memories around this holiday.

These memories serve as a starting point for understanding some people’s challenges during Thanksgiving.

♾️ The Empath's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Years ago, the author created the “Empath’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays,” a ritual and talk aimed at helping individuals navigate the emotional complexities that can arise during this time.

As empaths, HSPs, and intuitive feelers, hypervigilance and remaining must be in the foreground of our awareness is essential to Surviving Thanksgiving 2023.

♾️ Thanksgiving is the Perfect Annual Progress Report

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for self-evaluation and appraisal. Suppose past experiences or unresolved issues hinder your ability to be fully present during this holiday.

In that case, it serves as a yearly checkpoint to assess personal growth and alignment with your spirit’s intent.

♾️ It's Never About You

Rev Terry recounts a recent experience where they received criticism for undervaluing their self-worth. They initially reacted defensively but soon realized the criticism was not about them.

Instead, it projected the other person’s opinions and insecurities. This insight leads to the realization that their work is for their fulfillment and in service of others.

♾️ The Importance of Being Mindfully Present

The holiday season, including Thanksgiving, can serve as pop quizzes and annual exams for our progress. It tests our ability to stay present, even in challenging situations.

Remember the analogy of being rubber and resisting negativity, allowing it to bounce off while remaining fully engaged in the present moment.

♾️ Mastering Delusion-Free Self-Evaluation

Surviving Thanksgiving 2023, like every new moon and birthday, allows delusion-free self-evaluation, allowing us to see things as they are, detaching from negative or overly positive feelings, and focusing on what is important to us.

By catching moments of being un-present and re-aligning with our spirit’s intent, we integrate mindfulness into our lives and experience abundance, joy, and happiness.

♾️ Gratefully Stuffed — Happily Progressing

Surviving Thanksgiving 2023 goes beyond merely tolerating the holiday—it’s about staying present and aligned with your spirit’s intent.

By embracing self-evaluation, detaching from external judgments, and focusing on what brings you happiness, you can navigate this holiday season with grace and gratitude.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a time of unity, love, and appreciation.

By practicing mindfulness and staying true to yourself, you can make the most of this annual progress report and create a thriving life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let’s eat!

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