Texas: First Spiritualist Church of Houston

First Spiritualist Church of Houston
First Spiritualist Church of Houston
2115 Turner Drive Houston, TX 77093-6138
(713) 695-2550

The First Spiritualist Church of Houston is a spiritual community that provides an oasis for healing and enlightenment. The church is situated in Houston, Texas, and has been in operation for a significant number of years. The church’s core belief is the communication between this world and the spirit world, and they promote this belief through mediumship, prayer, and inspirational talks.

The church believes that the phenomena of nature, both physical and spiritual, are an expression of infinite intelligence. They affirm a correct understanding of such expression encourages a higher awakening of consciousness. In the pursuit of this goal, the church is committed to spiritual healing, meditation, and communicating with the spirit world.

The church organizes a Sunday service, Unfoldment Meditation Class, and private readings to aid members in their spiritual development. Mediums within the spirit world and mediums on earth facilitate the services for people that are in search of enlightenment and spiritual connection.

Additionally, the church has a healing list where individuals that require spiritual healing can be added, and their names will be read every Sunday during healing service. They also offer volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and other ways to get involved and support their mission.

The church maintains an up-to-date calendar of their events on their website, including the Wednesday Unfoldment Meditation class, which is available online via ZOOM. The church community also enjoys fellowship during a refreshment hour that follows after every service.

In conclusion, the First Spiritualist Church of Houston’s unique approach to spirituality centers on the belief of communication between this world and the spirit world. The church community offers a variety of activities, opportunities, and events to enrich spiritual development. It is an excellent place for individuals that are seeking spiritual connection and growth within a supportive and friendly community.

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