We Will See You Sunday

We’ll See You Sunday!

We’ve saved your seat for the Sunday Spirit360 Fellowship Service you’ve chosen to attend.

Check your email for a Zoom Confirmation of your reservation with the link and password for joining our Spirit360 Fellowship Service this Sunday.

We’ve saved your seat using your First Name and Spirit360 Account @USERNAME which will display during out Zoom Service. Example: My reservation would be made under Terry (@tshall). Our thinking being this will make it easier for us to make connections with others in our community.

If you prefer to display your identity differently during the service, Here’s how to change your Zoom name:

  • First: Enter the Zoom Meeting.
  • Second: Click on the “Participants” button in your Zoom window.
  • Third: Hover your name in the “Participants” list.
  • Forth: Click on the “Rename” option.

We open the Zoom Doors about 15 minutes prior to the service start time.

We have not received your RSVP for Sunday.

To join us, click the button for your preferred service and we will save you a seat.

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